How to 3D Scan an Object, Without a 3D Scanner

In this tutorial, industrial designer Eric Strebel shows you how to 3D scan an object, when you haven’t got a 3D scanner. Using a camera and photogrammetry–in Strebel’s case, Agisoft Metashape, as it runs on a Mac–you can get good results, provided you follow the preparation and photography tips shown here. From quickly salt-and-peppering the surface of the object to ensuring you’re taking the right kinds of photographs, Strebel’s tips should save you a load of time down the line.

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His basic process:

1. Object set-up

2. Camera set-up

3. Lighting set-up

4. Run the software

5. Fix holes in the mesh

6. Export the data

7. Import into your CAD package

Here’s the run-through:

Source: core77

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