How to Get Alerted When we Restock

Since we started this company 15 years ago, customers have asked us to start waiting lists for products, especially when they go out of stock.

Maintaining waiting lists is a lot of work, and we would rather plow our time into making new books, tools and workwear. But after much research we have added a function to our store that is the next best thing.

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When a product goes out of stock, our store’s software now adds a button that says: Notify Me. Click on the button, enter your email and you are done. The minute that we restock that product, you will receive an email notification.

Some good things to know.

  • You will not get any follow-up, nagging emails. We hate that crap.
  • Your email will not go on a marketing list or be sold or given away. We hate that crap even more.
  • Your email will not even go into our database of customers. After the email is sent, your address is deleted. Gone. 
  • This function is expensive for us to use. Let’s hope it makes everyone happy. Or at least not grumpy.

If we can make this function work financially, my hope is that we can use it to notify customers when a new book or tool comes out. Say we announce on the blog that “The Stick Chair Journal” has gone to press. We plan to set up a page with a “Notify Me” button. So as soon as the book is released, you will get an email about it.

That will, I hope, reduce the number of blog entries I write about restocking.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. We are working hard to get those chair templates back in stock. We can’t get 1/8” Baltic ply to save our lives. But we have a solution in the works.


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