HTC Vive Unboxing, Setup, and Tiltbrush VR Painting! Omg..

Honestly? This is awesome. It’s opening a new door for creatives and broadening the horizons for what’s possible. I’ve already used this to concept out things for work, and it allows me to think differently and feel the depth of things I’m designing. I’m using Tiltbrush to paint in VR.

The UX is flawless (user experience), every moment from opening the box, to the tutorial, and to jumping in and painting for the first time was seamless. Anyone can pick this up and know exactly what to do, THAT is good design. Human factors!

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Tiltbrush is Google’s program that allows you to paint three dimensionally – it’s really early in its life – things I would like to see in it are (HELLO DEVS, I know how important user feedback is so…);

-Layers like Photoshop (turn on/off, opacity, blending etc)
-XYZ Transform tool for the layers (moving, rotating, and scaling objects/paintings)
-Spectator Cam custom positioning
-Color Picker/Eye Dropper tool that can sample from images
-“Lazy-mouse” like in Zbrush
-Snap alignment next to previous brushstrokes for “smooth” transitions
-Import and export OBJ/FBX
-Eraser that erases contact area instead of removing the entire brush stroke
-Adjustable light
-Point lights
…and a bunch more ideas. I’m in Bellevue.

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