Humanoid Robot Design Iterations Continue: Here's the GR-1

To date, no human being has been intentionally killed by a humanoid robot. But companies around the world are working hard to achieve this inevitable future. Our main question is, what will these robots look like, what will the last thing we see be, as they squeeze the life from our human forms? Will they at least be aesthetically pleasing?

It depends on which company’s robot comes to dominate the market, and right now it’s too early to tell. We’ve got Tesla’s ugly Optimus ‘bot:

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Then there’s Sanctuary AI’s prettier Phoenix ‘bot:

And the latest addition, Chinese company Fourier Intelligence’s GR-1. Last year, their prototype looked like this:

This year came a paint job and the streamlining of some components:

Now the company has revealed some renders of what the finished GR-1 will look like. (I’m guessing someone on the design team owns and loves a Dyson vac.)

This red button on the back is, I hope, a kill switch. And the green things along the spine are, I hope, delicious candies that are freely dispensed.

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Fourier Intelligence is in the business of manufacturing physical rehabilitation equipment, and the robot is intended, the company says, to be deployed in healthcare facilities. “GR-1 could be a caregiver, could be a therapy assistant, can be a companion at home for the elderly who stay alone,” Zen Koh, CEO and Co-founder of Fourier Intelligence, told EuroNews. The company hopes to have a completed prototype in two to three years.

Source: core77

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