“I Just Started Crying From The Embarrassment And Shock”: Teen Snaps At Dad Over Period Talk

Period shaming someone is not the way to go—parents should know better than to do that. Whether a woman uses pads, tampons, or cups is entirely up to her and her alone.

Redditor u/Comfortable_Plum234 turned to the AITA online community for advice after having a big row with her dad who insisted that she “grow up” and use tampons instead of pads. And all because the dog kept stealing the used pads from the bin. The internet was very supportive of the teenager. Check out the full story and everyone’s advice below.

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Bored Panda reached out to the author of the post via Reddit, and we’ll update the article as soon as we hear back from her.

It’s up to each woman to decide what menstruation products she feels most comfortable using

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A teenager turned to the net for support after sharing how her dad gave her some unsolicited advice about her periods

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The young woman got blamed for something that was completely not her fault

There were a few core issues that were plaguing redditor u/Comfortable_Plum234 at home. The first—and probably biggest—was that her dad appeared to tackle the entire situation about using pads in an insensitive way. Based on the author’s post on the AITA subreddit, the dad blamed his daughter instead of finding other ways to tackle a problem that had very little to do with her and more to do with the dog.

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The second issue is that the family’s dog is causing a lot of trouble at home by digging out the used pads from the trash and making a huge mess. One solution, which the family is now going to implement, is very straightforward: getting a bin with a lid.

However, it might also make sense if the family took the time to train their dog so it doesn’t go around poking its cute nose in the trash in the first place. There are plenty of free resources on the internet to help with this. Failing that, it might be worth investing in some classes with a professional dog trainer.

The third problem, which might not be apparent to everyone at first glance, is the fact that all the women in the family, apart from the OP, flush their tampons in the toilet. The result is that the dad seems to think that this is apparently ‘normal.’ It’s not.

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Even if she decides to use tampons in the future, they should never be flushed in the toilet

As Tampax points out, it’s vital that you do not flush tampons, ever. It’s bad for the plumbing, as well as for the environment. “Flushing tampons and other period-care products down the toilet can not only clog your pipes, but they can end up in rivers and oceans, harming the environment. Do your part and please don’t flush tampons,” Tampax urges women.

“Tampon disposal is pretty straightforward; instead of flushing it down the toilet, you can simply wrap your used tampon up in toilet paper or in the wrapper of your next tampon and bin it. Tampon applicators can be disposed of in the same way—both cardboard and plastic applicators. Just wrap it up and bin it.”

Taking this advice into account, switching from pads to tampons would not solve the issue with the dog at all. Proper training and bins and more parental support, however, would.

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It’s vital to remember to change tampons every 4 to 6 hours to prevent infection

According to ‘KidsHealth,’ many girls start out using pads. However, they may want to use tampons when doing sports or going swimming. Though tampons are easy to use, women need to learn how to put them in: there are clear directions on the box.

“Change to a new tampon at least every 4 to 6 hours. You can’t see it as you would with a pad, so be sure to remember when it’s time to change to prevent spotting and leaks on your underwear,” ‘KidsHealth’ reminds everyone.

Tampons cannot ‘get lost’. However, a vital thing to keep in mind is that if a tampon is left in for too long, it can potentially cause an infection. That’s why it’s so essential to change tampons every few hours.

“Symptoms of toxic shock syndrome are a high fever, vomiting or diarrhea, severe muscle aches, weakness, dizziness, or a rash that looks like a sunburn. If you use tampons and get any of these symptoms, take out the tampon and tell an adult immediately. Have someone take you to the nearest emergency department as soon as possible,” ‘KidsHealth’ warns.

Image credits: Polina Zimmerman (not the actual photo)

Many readers shared some great advice with the teen. Meanwhile, she opened up a bit more about what happened

Most internet users were on the young woman’s side. Here’s what they had to say

The author of the post later update her story a couple of times

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