If Fast Food Mascot Were Warriors & Other Neat Posts

🍔 What would fast food mascots look like if they were stars in their own action packed animated series? Illustrator Coran Kizer Stone or Kizerilla re-imagined your favorite fast food mascots as warriors. Who do you think would win? Keep in mind that Taco Bell won the Franchise Wars.

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🕹️ From kanji characters to playing card to video games: here’s the evolution of Nintendo logo.

🍽️ A plate found in a drawer fetched a whopping $1.7 million at auction. BRB checking our junk drawer!

🚗 Here’s how to save your car in a flood: put it in a giant waterproof Ziploc bag.

🦑 A cartoonist who never watched the Netflix series decided to draw Squid Game.

🚻 You’ll never guess who just walked out of the public restroom.

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