If You’re Feeling Down, These 131 Wholesome Pics Might Lift You Up (New Pics)

These days, many of us have fallen into misery. It’s easy to feel lost amid the worldwide return to normal, frozen economy, and realization that the pandemic has inevitably become the new normal. No wonder the sales of plants, self-help books, and bikes have reached record highs as we’re all looking for some sort of emotional shelter.

So to all our fellow anxious souls, we have prepared a real wholesome band-aid, a strictly uplifting and positive story compiled by Bored Panda. Scroll down through the much-needed boost of positivity below, and be sure to share the post with a friend who feels like being tucked in under a warm blanket.

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#1 My 96-Year-Old Grandmother Recently Started Watching The Simpsons. She Drew These

Image credits: ffviiac

#2 Sad And Beautiful At The Same Time

Image credits: Longwood01

#3 This Guy Was Standing Alongside Highway 90 In Biloxi, MS

Image credits: nalonrae

#4 This Is Tiernan McCready. He Saw 3 Males Grab An 18-Year-Old Girl And Try To Get Her In Their Van. He Reacted Instantly, Led The Girl To Safety And Told His Mother To Ring The Police

This is what a hero looks like.

Image credits: Police Derry City & Strabane

#5 This Lovely Gentleman Came In Today To Learn How To Curl His Wife’s Hair

His wife is unable to curl her own hair and often burns herself, so he stepped up to the plate and learned how to curl her hair. We had the pleasure of teaching him! We taught him how to do volume curls on short hair, how to protect her skin from being burned and we even taught him to put on her mascara.

Image credits: Hair Design By Britney

#6 Back In 2000, Kevin Hines Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge Due To Mental Illnesses. He Miraculously Survived. Now He Is A Suicide Prevention Speaker

Image credits: Nazo5

#7 I Rescued A Stray Cat In My Neighborhood. At Night His Brother Would Come To Visit Him. I Really Had No Other Options

Image credits: JDeebs

#8 So Happy For Them Both

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Image credits: LorenzoTheCat

#9 Heartwarming

Image credits: KeNtLuN

#10 Meet John Amanam, He Is A Skilled Craftsman From Nigeria, Who Is Paving The Way In Prosthetics For Darker Skin Tones

Image credits: Blacksregion

#11 From Offender To Doctor. One Of My Oldest Friends Just Earned His Doctorate Of Education May 2021

After several years in prison from a young age he’s been helping incarcerated and former incarcerated people for years, currently a re entry specialist. Never too late to take a different path!

Image credits: msmegan99

#12 I’m Four Years Free From Heroin Addiction Today! Top Picture Was During Active Addiction, Bottom Pic Is Me Now With My 2-Year-Old Son. We Do Recover

Image credits: beannnssss

#13 Love You, NYC

Image credits: AlexLJanin

#14 I Told My Sister If She Graduated With Honors I Would Wear A Matching Dress To Her Graduation. She Said The Thought Of Seeing Me In A Dress Was Her Motivation. Worth It To Me

Image credits: frekkenstein

#15 With A Smile

Image credits: KFILE

#16 My Dog Adopted 2 Abandoned Kittens. She’s About To Give Birth And Is Breast-Feeding Them

Image credits: Separate-Fan-6242

#17 A Week After I Got Engaged, I Found Out I Had Cancer. A Month Ago I Was Able To Try On Wedding Dresses For The First Time, The Day I Wasn’t Sure Would Ever Come For Me

I’m so thankful for modern medicine.

Image credits: kenmarie93

#18 That Time I Became A Mother In Antarctica

Image credits: mummabia

#19 After Kobe’s Final Game, He Was Inspired To Start Working Out And Ended Up Losing 170 Lbs

Image credits: huertaweightgoals

#20 Despite Adversity, Showing She Cares About The Planet

Nadia Sparks, a 13-year-old student from Norwich, got juice thrown at her face, was chased and punched, even shown a knife by schoolmates only for picking up litter on her way to school and was named “Trash Girl.”

Undeterred of all the bullying, she has picked up thousands of liters of garbage since she started her project, much of which has been recycled. After her story went viral, she became an ambassador for the WWF and has won international recognition & awards.

Image credits: teamtrashgirl

#21 Stranger Saves Girl’s Life

Image credits: ninjavspirate01

#22 50 And Finally Got My Masters. Super Stoked I Am

Image credits: TheJonnieP

#23 Local Museum Posts Image Of A 1965 School Desk Inscribed With “Benny & Linda”. Benny Responds In Comments

Image credits: klpack11

#24 This Tiny Fox Has Been Visiting Our Garden Every Day And Wants To Be Friends

Image credits: Badders00

#25 I Noticed A Pigeon At My Workplace That Hadn’t Moved All Day And Saw That He Was Covered In Sticky Grease And Gravel, So I Took Him Home With Me And Cleaned Him All Up

After that, I released him back to his family the next morning. He was super chill with the whole thing, I named him Elmer. 10/10 experience.

Image credits: bezksiezyca

#26 Sir Patrick Stewart With A 1-Week-Old Puppy

Image credits: SirPatStew

#27 Wholesome Fatherhood

Image credits: AndyKimNJ

#28 The Moment You Realize Grandpa Has Been Practicing Pokemon Cards And Kind Of Knows His Stuff

Image credits: disconaldo

#29 I Told My Dog My Father Would Come Over To Visit In A While. My Dog Adores My Father And Patiently Waited Till He Was There

Image credits: DutchieWen

#30 This Kitten Followed Me Home Like 8 Blocks And Then After That, She Broke Into My House Back In July Of 2019. I Wasn’t Even Mad I Decided To Keep Her And I Named Her Shadow

Her name is Shadow because she always sneaks up on people. She’s such an awesome friend to me.

Image credits: prince_mir97

#31 Got My Moderna Vaccine. When I Got Home I Noticed The Perfect Placement By The Pharmacist. Got Us Both With One Shot

Image credits: apey1010

#32 Two Years Ago, My Husband And I Celebrated Our Wedding In Ireland. Happy Pride Month

Image credits: BostonCompSci

#33 My Wife Had Her Last Treatment Of Radiation Today

Image credits: Puxatonie

#34 Julie, The Savior Of Towers

Image credits: dog_rates

#35 Chemo. Surgery. Radiation. Done

The plaque says in honor of a doctor who started the tradition (forgot the name) and “Today’s your graduation and it’s for a good cause. Give the bell a good ring and receive your applause.” Sending love to anyone struggling. Therapy helps.

Image credits: isfearitself

#36 She Fell Asleep In My Palm As We Were Cleaning Out The Kit Nest Today

Image credits: need4s33d

#37 After Almost Exactly 1 And A Half Years I Have Lost 150 Lbs And I Couldn’t Be Happier. I Still Have A Bit To Go Before I Get To Where I Want To Be

Image credits: EndlessColor

#38 My Son Carlisle, He’s 18 And A College Graduate. They Said He’d End Up In A Group Home For Autism

Image credits: ratsafari

#39 Meer Seconds After She Said Yes

Image credits: beast1267

#40 My Lyft Driver Made Sure I Was Able To Feel The Nice Cool AC

Image credits: girl_with_the_porn

#41 Got My First Shot (Moderna) Ever After Moving Out From Antivaxxer Parents

Image credits: Magalb

#42 “Bad Day? Take A Pinwheel”

Image credits: dEsIgN_dWeEb

#43 365 Days Of Recovery

Image credits: megtheegg4

#44 Kind Duck Returns Boy’s Flip-Flop That Fell Down The Hill

Image credits: Myla Aguila

#45 What Anti-Homeless Architecture Should Look Like

Image credits: CBSLA

#46 Locals Protects Stray Dog From Dogcatchers

Image credits: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

#47 Awesome Uber Driver

Image credits: milkieway_

#48 Cancer/Ovary-Free! At Least I Got A Cake

Image credits: tunnelsnakefool

#49 My Husband And Cat Share A Birthday Week

Image credits: HelpfulPhotograph185

#50 My Sister And Her Son Were Both Shot In Their Home A Few Weeks Ago. Today, My Mother Received This Card From The First Responder

My sister didn’t make it, but my nephew was saved from the shooter in time to make a full recovery. 

Image credits: Cadence_828

#51 An Updated Picture Of My Little Man Who Was Still Baking In The Oven While I Was Going Through Chemo For The Breast Cancer! He’s So Handsome

Image credits: sevas_tra_08

#52 1 Year Sober From Alcohol. I Never Thought I’d Be Able To Post This. But Here It Is! Life Isn’t Perfect, But It Is So Much Better

Image credits: Rjm1230

#53 Murphy Likes To Hug My Pregnant Tum. The Baby Was Going Crazy, So I Think He Or She Can Feel The Purring Vibrations

Image credits: Transplantyourlove_

#54 The Way My Fiancé And Her Dog Say Goodbye To Me

Image credits: tamilindian

#55 My Grandma Made This Card For Her Friend Who Had Knee Replacement Surgery

Image credits: n3wdayn3wleaf

#56 Wildland Firefighter Here. I’ll Hold The Line Through Smoke And Fire. And If I Lose Everything, I’ll Just Continue To Live In A Tent And Carry A Chainsaw Up Burning Hills

This is who the hedges are up against. Bring it.

Image credits: Printem

#57 My Foster Dog Had Never Been Indoors Before. This Is Her First Nap, On A Bed, In A Home

Sundae was taken from a dog hoarding situation — one man had 16 dogs (and a deceased dog’s body) in his backyard. The dogs had access only to a junk-filled backyard and a garage for shelter.

We’ve had her for about a week and you would never know that she’s never been an indoor dog before. She’s totally potty trained, incredibly gentle and she’s very polite indoors. She loves to sleep as close as possible to me in bed — I think she’s just making up for 8ish years of zero affection.

Image credits: mugglequeen

#58 My Handsome Old Golden Retriever/Border Collie Man (11-Year-Old) Taking A Subway Ride With Me. The Best Friend I Could Ever Wish For

Image credits: 7chalices

#59 My Good Boy Is Officially Cancer Free

Image credits: Ne0n_Galaxy

#60 Anytime Someone Asks To Adopt The Pups Separately I Send Them This Picture

Image credits: the-dogtor-is-in

#61 I Grew Up With Abusive, Drug Addicted Parents. Today Is My First Mother’s Day And I Gotta Say, I’m Killing It

Image credits: missespanda

#62 My Great Grandma Turned 101 Today

Image credits: TrueDunkMaster

#63 I’m 41 And Just Earned My Degree

Image credits: squiggyfm

#64 We All Have To Deal With Ungrateful Customers And Attitudes They Bring But It Is Nice To See That There Are Still Customers Out There That Know We Are People, Too

Image credits: jcat47

#65 My Dad Passed Away 2 Days Ago And Was Inseparable From His Cat. He Refuses To Leave This Spot Where He Can See The Driveway. I Think He’s Waiting For My Dad To Get Home

Image credits: octokit

#66 Bought My First House! Close Tomorrow Morning. Needs Some Work But I Couldn’t Be Happier

Image credits: dovetailfw

#67 I Just Had Lunch With An Iranian Friend Who Is Workplace Neighbor. Just Two Immigrants Sharing Their Food And Culture Over Lunch

We had Iranian lunch and I paid for it and he promised to take me out for biryani this week to return the favor.  

Image credits: Barnixel

#68 Game Of Thrones Saw My Ygritte Cosplay And Sent Me A Gift Box For The 10 Year Anniversary

Image credits: thesarcasticginger

#69 My Mom Died Of Covid On June 8th. I Found Her Writing On The Back Page Of This Blank Book I Gave Her Years Ago

Image credits: spudgrrl

#70 My Dad Meeting His First Granddogger

Image credits: RufustheCorgi

#71 Years Of Research, Writing, Rewriting, And Editing In 368 Pages. Feels Good

Image credits: KidCharlem

#72 Saved This Adorable Baby Opossum From My Dog. Look At That Face

Image credits: thunderheart26

#73 My Surgery Patient Was Cold So The Only Logical Solution Was To Warm Her Up While I Did My Medical Records. She’s Doing Great

Image credits: meowpal33

#74 At 32 And At That Beginning Of A Global Pandemic, Breast Cancer Took Over My Life. A Few Weeks Ago, At 33, I Was Able To Say, “Not Today Cancer.” Officially Cancer Free

Image credits: dasushisush

#75 A Year And A Half-Ish After I Was Adopted. Me And My Mom

Image credits: Fern_2808

#76 This Cat From My Neighborhood Always Protects His Little Dog Friend And I Thought This Picture Can Brighten Up Someone’s Day

Image credits: natisan5

#77 I Work At A Children’s Hospital And We Were Donated This Gaming Station

I’ve never heard of “Gamers Outreach” but they just helped make some kids’ hospital stay a little more bearable, and I think that’s awesome!

Image credits: SupaButt

#78 That Memory Alone Is Worth More Than $900

Image credits: LittleGodess777

#79 Robert Wang, Inventor Of The Instant Pot Reads Every Review Of His Product

When one customer commented that it would be nice if it could make yogurt, he created a new model that could do that, then sent the reviewer the new model as a thank you. He still reads every review.

Image credits: Robert Wang

#80 Sister Visits Brother A Lot, They Can’t Use The Stairs So She Sits In Her Car And He Sits On The Balcony And They Chat

Image credits: gangbangkang

#81 We Had My Nephew For The Night, He Fell Asleep On The Sofa So Bruce Made Sure He Was Safe

Image credits: xkeshhh

#82 Bought My First Ever House Today

Image credits: matt_the_dayman

#83 After Having 3 Tumors Removed And Biopsied We Got The Call Today, Our Boy Does Not Have Cancer

Image credits: diggeo

#84 Been Incredibly Lucky To Purchase A House Recently And Just Set Up The Internet And Playstation

Image credits: Bikelyf

#85 Calf In The Checkout Line

Image credits: rasta4eye

#86 A Large Work I Recently Finished. Glad To Share It With You All

Image credits: wagnerkuroiwa

#87 Down 50+ Lbs And Feeling Confident For The First Time In My Life At 38

Image credits: TheMattyIrish

#88 My 90-Year-Old Grandma Got An 18-Year-Old Cat. They’re Both Quite Happy

Image credits: Bender427

#89 Snapped This Pic Of This Huge Cool Pitbull And His Pooh Bear While I Was Out Running Errands This Morning. So Adorable

Image credits: anders1318

#90 Thoughtful Flowers On Regents Canal For A Very Good Boy

Image credits: AdamLukePaul

#91 Mocha And My Son Just Coexisting. That Is All

Image credits: djbrain86

#92 Akali Was Returned To The Shelter By Her First Adopter, But Now I Have A Best Friend

Image credits: voodlesnoodles

#93 My Autistic Son Wanting And Seeking Out Love And Affection. It’s A Big Deal In Our World

Image credits: HamSlam5858

#94 Went On Visiting My 93-Year-Old Grandma Today. Took A Picture While I Was Leaving

Image credits: inininho

#95 Some Images Require No Title, Just A Smile

Image credits: CountrymanR60

#96 Last Year I Owned 0 Cats And Was Allergic To Them. Covid Hit, And Everything Locked Down. I Met A Stray Cat Who Told Her Friends. Now This Is My Life

Image credits: OuterSunsetsSurfer

#97 Snuck My Dog Into The Photo Booth At The Mall To Get These Done For Her 16th Birthday! Birthday Boy, Taco

Image credits: NittinMeena

#98 Bird Professor

Image credits: NorthernSprw

#99 Someone Knitted A Spring Hat For My Local Postbox

Image credits: wayofthegenttickle

#100 I Graduated From College Yesterday! I Was Nervous But Proud That I Completed It! Next Stop, Graduate School

It was my first graduation I have ever been to or apart of. I was homeschooled for majority of my life.

Image credits: david_batman

#101 This Is Super Wholesome

Image credits: kpez_saysTO

#102 LIRR Conductor Reunites Customer With $107k Worth Of Missing Jewelry Left On Train

Our Conductor, Jonathan Yellowday, is a GEM! He found and returned 36 engagement rings worth $107,000 left on a train by a local jeweler. He was commended for his honesty and heroism at Penn Station by LIRR President Phil Eng & MTA Board Member/SMART Vice General Chair Vincent Tessitore. 36 happy couples will have Jonathan to thank in their wedding speeches.

Image credits: mtalirr

#103 I Just Bought A 2019 Jeep Cherokee For Myself To Celebrate 7 Years In Recovery From A Heroin Addiction

Image credits: TangerineTragedies

#104 This Is My Son Charlie. We Just Got The News That He Beat Cancer! Way To Go Charlie

Image credits: Gorf75

#105 I Can Finally Celebrate My One Year For Being Clean From Self-Harm

What a journey it has been. It has been one of the absolute hardest years of my life mentally, and I still really have no idea how I pulled through without falling for the temptation to go back to my old habits. When I put on the first bead, it seemed so stupid. It was just a tiny little bead, on a long string… But then it grew, day by day. My progress was so visible, and that was important to me.

As the months passed by, the thought of sliping became harder and harder, because I had some so far, you know? Often, the very thought of having to start over, was the only thing keeping me from going back.

Image credits: GroundedSkyCreature

#106 Romeo Is Going To His Forever Home Today. He Is A Part Of The 130 Cats Rescued From A Hoarder. Hopefully We Can Get The Others Into Homes Too

Image credits: MissCrazyLady

#107 We’ve Been Playing Apex Together For Nearly Two Years, Living On Opposites Sides Of The Country. Tonight We Finally Got To Meet! Who Said Gaming Is Anti-Social?

Image credits: Silverslade1

#108 Vaxxed And Finally Hanging With My Bff Again. She’s Beautiful

Image credits: babytaybae

#109 Happy!

Image credits: GerryMcBride

#110 Happy 100th, Daddio

Image credits: hanedoh

#111 I Introduced My 65 Year-Old Dad To Minecraft A Few Years Ago. I’m Back Home Visiting And He Said He Wanted To “Show Me Something.”

He then brings this posterboard with a pieced-together map he created encompassing the world he was playing/exploring

Image credits: DarthScotticus

#112 My Partner Got Her Citizenship Today And My Puppy Wanted To Suport Her

Image credits: itsmorningstilldrunk

#113 F U Cancer

Image credits: Dresta

#114 The First Time My Sons Been In A Toy Store Since The Pandemic Hit Last Year. Rioted Like It Was Toilet Paper

Image credits: somegirlfromsask

#115 Never Thought I’d Be Able To Use My Hand Again. Shout Out To The Surgeon And Therapist

Image credits: MarkMayzArt

#116 Last Spring I Converted Our Front Lawn To A Vegetable Garden. Today We Opened A Little Community Seed Library To Encourage Neighbors To Get Growing, Too

Image credits: Mumster

#117 My Dad Who Has Alzheimer’s Just Got His First Hole In One! So Happy For Him

Image credits: mtthw_hnry

#118 Lost My First Born, Madelynn Delores Due To SIDS. Meet My Rainbow Baby: Hudson Albert

Image credits: joey_r00

#119 This Is One Of My Dad’s Art Students, Gabe. This Was Done By Charcoal. He’s 16 Years Old

Image credits: deraudawg

#120 Me With My Bob Ross Inspired Painting. From A Class With Bob’s Son Steve

Image credits: tutusdaddy23

#121 My Favorite Picture Of Me And My Girlfriend At Prom

Image credits: Ronan501

#122 Girl On This Train Has Been Makin Eyes At Me The Whole Ride

Image credits: jlucbouchard

#123 This Crab Will Definitely Defeat Depression

Image credits: Hogan698

#124 I Can Nom?

We think they’re a perfect match for him. We’ve been fortunate that we can be picky about which homes get them, so confident these dogs are going to have a good life!

Image credits: tinkerplayersolderpi

#125 I Was Just Looking For Some New Bracelets And The Reviews Got To Me Man

Image credits: violinfiddleman

#126 For My 50th Birthday, I Published My First Book. You’re Never Too Old To Reach Your Dreams

Image credits: No_Im_Random_Coffee

#127 This Little Fella Was Born This Morning

Image credits: gloworm62

#128 I Made A Bird Friend Yesterday

Image credits: discreet_baker

#129 Planted These Tulips After A Bad Day (In The Cold) And I Told Myself As I Dug That Spring Would Come And They’d Bloom And Things Would Be Better. I Was Right! Thanks Former Self

Image credits: HomeFin

#130 I Designed This Dress That My Mother Made For My Junior Recital Performance Yesterday

Image credits: Kojineko

#131 Wholesome

Image credits: rdias002

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