In This Online Group, People Are Sharing 130 Posts About Management Being Jerks And It’s Just Evil

It’s no secret that getting along with management people is not always a given, but rather a gift.
They often put too much pressure on the backs of already stressed employees, making it a perfectly toxic workplace environment to brew and prosper. And in some more extreme cases, it gets passive-aggressive, to say the least.

The corner of Reddit known by the name which screams sarcasm, Thanks Management, is a safe space to talk about hard things. According to the subreddit’s description, it’s a place made for “Showcasing notices from imperious middle managers, owners, landlords, school administrators, mean bosses, and overall pedants. Bonus points for misspellings, exclamation marks, threats over petty bullshit.”

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And they mean it. From evil posters put up in the staff room as if nothing happened to the implementation of very questionable tools that are supposed to boost productivity at the expense of people, these are some take-notes-kids examples of how not to run your business.

#1 This Is Just Sad

Image credits: churrundo

#2 From Best Buy’s Training

Image credits: TerraTorment

#3 Op Was Fired For Not Showing Up To Work On 5 Hours Of Notice At 3:30am

Image credits: TerraTorment

#4 Snitch On Your Server, 25% Off Your Bill And Saliva In Your Drink

Image credits: CityBuildingWitch

#5 Landlord Cites Old Testament In Increasing Rent

Image credits: TerraTorment

#6 Is Your Car Too Old? Well You’re Fired Since A Responsible Person Would Own A Luxury Vehicle

Image credits: TerraTorment

#7 Eye See What They Think Of Management

Image credits: lepeachez

#8 Extra Meta… Thanks Consumers

Image credits: Corvo117

#9 Feel The Love

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Image credits: jimbochimbo

#10 The Battle Of Fonts

Image credits: toastmousefish

#11 Thanks Management

Image credits: TheFranklin52

#12 This Is For Keith. Stop The Squirrel Crime

Image credits: thatbigturnip

#13 Old But Gold

Image credits: switchum

#14 Tilted Bathroom Break

Image credits: DaveVescio

#15 A Basic Human Need Is Not Allowed For Cashiers

Image credits: Juno_Girl

#16 When Management Turns A Nice Gesture Into An Insult

Image credits: TerraTorment

#17 Local Job Posting Looking For Server

Image credits: Adaen84

#18 Even Now, A Reminder Is Needed In The Break Room

Image credits: paypalmecashpls

#19 Thanks Debbie…

Image credits: emil_

#20 Gym Management. Have Fun With This One

Image credits:

#21 I Guess They Had One Too Many?

Image credits: kharnivore_

#22 Gentle Reminder From Management

Image credits:

#23 I Appreciate The Assistance

Image credits: toastmousefish

#24 Old Mate Number 11 Saving Me From Having To S*** On Op’s Desk

Image credits: Franklet

#25 Jesus=germs (Be Afraid)

Image credits: toastmousefish

#26 Got Ya!

Image credits:

#27 We’re All Finally Saved

Image credits: FiftyOne151

#28 A Greedy Boss Makes The Worst Sign

Image credits: Moss_Piglet_

#29 I Would Like One Small Cup Please. No Corn

Image credits: DerektheDev

#30 ,,surprise” Or “Mistake!

Image credits: officialmondoria

#31 Thanks, Management!

Image credits: bishurang

#32 At A Middle School I Recently Visited

Image credits: cryptoshack

#33 This Seems Appropriate For The Sub:

Image credits: mrredbeardman

#34 Candy Is Not Jerkin’ Around

Image credits: Electronical34

#35 Cook The Landlord Instead

Image credits: TerraTorment

#36 Stolen From Twitter

Image credits: RQD2-

#37 You Can’t Bag Groceries If You’re Dead

Image credits: TerraTorment

#38 Really Thank You Management

Image credits: wanko2011

#39 2 Hour Minimum Parking

Image credits: CityBuildingWitch

#40 Anti-Picnic Picnic Benches

Image credits: Leftoversalm0n

#41 Standing Is Not An Option

Image credits: SureCoating

#42 Smell Check?

Image credits: TerraTorment

#43 Whoops

Image credits: cayoe

#44 Nobody Is Allowed To Celebrate Labor Day

Image credits: Credit-Limit

#45 Osha Is On The Phone What Should I Tell Them

Image credits: kakapoopoopeepeeshir

#46 Not Refreshed With New Purchase

Image credits: Kespen

#47 You Have Exceeded The Maximum Number Of Eye Movements Student. Teacher Is A Control Freak On Students Taking Test At Home

Image credits: TerraTorment

#48 I Hope It’s Not Pointed At The ‘Right’ Direction

Image credits:

#49 Being An Asshole To People Trying To Get Out Of The Cold

Image credits: TerraTorment

#50 I Was On A Road Trip Today And Stopped At A Restaurant To Use The Bathroom. Chaos Ensued

Image credits: thelematelethon

#51 From My Cold Dead Hands!

Image credits: CityBuildingWitch

#52 Damn No More Group Crying And Screaming

Image credits: Specter-N7

#53 At The Optometrist’s Office….

Image credits: renduh

#54 Won’t Sell Guns To Terrorists Or Democrats

Image credits: TerraTorment

#55 I Just Wanted A Cup Of Coffee

Image credits: rcarey1988

#56 How Compassionate Of This Landlord

Image credits: TerraTorment

#57 Just A Fyi

Image credits: amackee

#58 It’s Almost Like We Live A System That Incentivizes A Never Ending Rat Race That Requires You To Abandon All Connection To Our Humanity

Image credits: TerraTorment

#59 At A Bar Somewhere

Image credits: TheIndividualChef

#60 When Some Else Is So Stupid You Just Can’t Help But Outdo Them

Image credits: MNJosh

#61 Everyone Welcome Except For Poor People

Image credits: TerraTorment

#62 “We Named Our Community After A Native Tribe That Was Forced Off Their Lands And Sent To Live In Oklahoma, Please Respect Our Property And Our Occupation Of This Land”

Image credits: TerraTorment

#63 Do Not Play Ac/Dc. Found On Fb And Thought It Belonged Here

Image credits: oshp0803

#64 Why Your Cashier Can’t Just Take No For An Answer

Image credits: TerraTorment

#65 Thanks For Satanizing

Image credits: morecatslesspeople

#66 Petulant Landlord

Image credits: TerraTorment

#67 Sell Those Cookies Or Else!!!

Image credits: TerraTorment

#68 Keep Doing It

Image credits: Vergal

#69 Thanks

Image credits: reginaldVince

#70 About Time Management Got It Right

Image credits: WasteBandicoot

#71 In Case You Missed It

Image credits: Gloryhole_butler

#72 Ahhh Yes. Thank You For Helping The Community

Image credits: Seandonjuan

#73 That’s A Bit Harsh!

Image credits: Live-Love-Lie

#74 Patio Closed

Image credits: DownloadsCars

#75 Thanks, I’ll Try Not To

Image credits: GAPE_MY_HOLE

#76 More Of My Boss Taking Hours Off Paychecks

Image credits: Daveylm2

#77 Seagulls

Image credits: CityBuildingWitch

#78 From The Facebook Group Of The Restaurant I Used To Work At

Image credits: BURNIE_BURNS_IS_GOD

#79 Masturbation Notice

Image credits: TerraTorment

#80 Sincerely, Disappointed

Image credits: ZaraNyhus

#81 Tables Are Apparently A Priviledge

Image credits: Dacno

#82 I Can Get Behind This: Make Gentrify Total Destroy, Rent Is A Fuck 410,757,864,530 Dead Landlords

Image credits: CityBuildingWitch

#83 The Legendary Bandit

Image credits: la_llave

#84 Management Fucked Up The Memorial Day Schedule So We Were Understaffed That Day Resulting In No One Being Allowed To Request Days Off

Image credits: parawhour

#85 Thanks, I Wasn’t Even Aware There Was A Town Called Osha

Image credits: BadGuySmasher

#86 Why Not!

Image credits:

#87 What Is Banana Thursday?!

Image credits: MelloYelloMarshmello

#88 Yeah

Image credits: Broadsider_

#89 Glad I Got My Face

Image credits: American_Avocet

#90 Gotta Love The Person Who Used 2 Sheets Of Paper To Make A “Go Green!” Sign

Image credits: mthomas720

#91 I’d Prefer We Didn’t, Actually

Image credits: Koo-Flaa

#92 When The Training Program Is A Red Flag On The Company’s Competence

Image credits: TerraTorment

#93 Thanks For The Annual £0.14 Bonus!

Image credits: emil_

#94 How Many Times Was It Used Incorrectly Before They Needed To Add The Sign?

Image credits: PaleZombie

#95 Usually Queens Aren’t This Overtly Religious

Image credits: TerraTorment

#96 “Get Your [things] Together, Abby!”

Image credits: johndecoded

#97 Sorry If This Has Been Posted Before

Image credits: OGEarthworm

#98 Good For Them, Bad For My Taco Bell Craving

Image credits: kahms

#99 Thanks For The Guide

Image credits: aroadcaptain

#100 Thanks Management For A Measured Corrective Action

Image credits: lepeachez

#101 Our Ortho Practice

Image credits: Sethurz

#102 Are You Dreaming?

Image credits: HotPinkLollyWimple

#103 Per Corporate Policy

Image credits: lepeachez

#104 No Soda For You!

Image credits: MikeV77

#105 But Where Is A Public Restroom? When Every Establishment Strictly Enforces Customers Only Policy And High Rents Have Pushed You On To The Streets…

Image credits: TerraTorment

#106 I Work In A Hospital

Image credits: music919

#107 Pokeman?

Image credits: TerraTorment

#108 Very Reassuring Hotel Room Find

Image credits: kflrj

#109 We Work At The Most Dangerous Liquor Store Downtown, And Majority Of The Staff Is Female Under 25. Management Was Getting Upset With Us For Not Taking Deliveries Out When There Were Only Two People Scheduled So They Wrote This Out Today

Image credits: suzo27

#110 Management Is Always Looking Out For Us

Image credits: toastmousefish

#111 No Cameras Allowed, Except For My Camera

Image credits: TerraTorment

#112 After Reading It Several Times, I Just Moved To A Different Gas Pump

Image credits:

#113 Big Lots Union Busting Propaganda

Image credits: TerraTorment

#114 Absolutely Right

Image credits: Dataeater

#115 You Are 1p Short

Image credits: CityBuildingWitch

#116 If You Can Go To The Doctor You Can Go To Work

Image credits: R__Daneel_Olivaw

#117 How Do I Know This Is Not A Trap?

Image credits: reginaldVince

#118 This Is Literally Wage Theft But Okay

Image credits: TerraTorment

#119 Alright Karen

Image credits: plotdavis

#120 Congrats On The Sign – Strong Effort!!!

Image credits: taggedman

#121 Extra You Name It

Image credits: rebecca91099

#122 Selfish

Image credits: ashmole_782

#123 Please Help Us Fight Climate Change By Turning Off The Gd Lights M’kay?

Image credits: himynameisjaked

#124 Periodt!

Image credits: imme267

#125 @ Taco Bell Drive Thru

Image credits: norwegianforrestcat

#126 We Just Recently Taught The General Manager At My Theatre What A Karen Was

Image credits: soap4dog

#127 A Sign I Can Only Assume Was Made By A Lizard Person

Image credits: YouJustDrankCEMENT

#128 Mr. Wang Has Had Enough

Image credits: lrb701

#129 Do They Think Homeless Folks Are Sleeping On The Sidewalk For Fun? Shelters Won’t Take Everyone. Does Protecting Inflated Property Values Justify Calling Homeless People Filth?

Image credits: TerraTorment

#130 My Property Values!!

Image credits: TerraTorment


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