Industrial Design Duo Invent All-Terrain Wagon Towable by Hand, Bike or Car

Industrial designers Bryce Gibson and Kurt MacLaurin invented the Mule, an all-terrain wagon that can be pulled by hand, towed by a bicycle or mounted in the hitch receiver of a car.

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While it was initially designed for their own families to use while camping, beachgoing, cycling, adventuring, etc., Gibson and MacLaurin realized they were onto something and set up a company, Earth+Kin, to Kickstart production. (It succeeded wildly, landing $100K+ in pledges.)

Beefy 16″ pneumatic tires and a sturdy frame give it a 100-pound weight capacity. Volume-wise, it can swallow roughly 120 liters.

The “Kin” part of the company name has an obvious source. As for “Earth,” the Mule is made from aluminum (which is of course recyclable), 100% post-consumer recycled fabrics, and no plastic.

“Built with hardened 6000 series aircraft grade aluminum, zero single use plastic, and the desire to never hear ‘Dad can you fix this?’ again. This thing is a beast. It has no moving parts (well, wheel bearings and wheels), interchangeable and removable roll bars, 100% recycled GRS Certified fabrics and surprising attention to detail. When a $.05 plastic nub would suffice, EARTH+KIN opted for an exponentially more expensive custom CNC’d aluminum attachment point that can be replaced if needed.”

And it breaks down for storage:

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Their old Kickstarter video is the only one I could find that shows the Mule in action:

The Mule runs $200.

Source: core77

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