Industrial Design Student Work: A Drone Lifeguard

This Pelican concept is by Or Reizberg, an Industrial Design student at Israel’s Bezalel Academy of Arts. The aim is to multiply lifeguard manpower by having a drone that can quickly identify and reach a drowning person. It then deploys an auto-inflating flotation device, as a stopgap until a human lifeguard can get there.

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“What will rescue services look like in the future? Pelican is an autonomous marine rescue system that expands the rescue network at sea. Pelican automatically detects distress situations at sea, notifies rescue forces, and sends a drone. The drone positions itself above the drowning person, and drops a flotation device from a life capsule. The device inflates upon contact with the water, marks the location of the incident, and allows the drowning person to float until the rescue forces arrive.”

Reizberg even made a demo movie:

Source: core77

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