Industrial Design Students from Munich U. Create a Portable Pizza Oven

Having completed Germany’s rigorous craft apprenticeship process, Nicolas Prinz is now pursuing a degree in Industrial Design from the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Teutonic tolerances. From Prinz’s final exam for his apprenticeship

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We came across this Pizza Canister 1.0, a jerry-can-based portable pizza oven Prinz worked on with fellow students Manuel Kronfeldner, Lukas Bolesch and Manuel Lippmann:

“Made from a petrol can, you can take it with you anywhere. But the taste shouldn’t be neglected. The characteristic of a pizza is a crispy base and that it has to go quickly. For this you need a high temperature and a stone slab.

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“The temperature of the pizza canister is reached by the flames reaching the underside of the pizza stone and being deflected from there to the rear area. Then it goes on into the upper chamber, over the pizza and through the fireplace outside. The stone slab is optimally heated and a pizza delicacy is created.”

Source: core77

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