International Sloth Day Exists And Here Are Cute Sloth Photos To Celebrate It

Sloths are, without a doubt, animals surrounded by mystique and wonder. How could one exist in such a slow tempo when everything around us is so fast-paced? So slow, actually, that you start growing cancer-curing algae and fungi in your fur? I, for one, would love to be as efficient, as relaxed, and as crucial for our environment as the adorable sloth is! And us, the Bored Panda collective, aren’t the only ones so enamored with sloths – there’s even an International Sloth Day dedicated to them, and it’s today!

We love ourselves a momentous day, and there’s no better one to celebrate than Sloth Day. That’s why we are dedicating this list to everything about these heart-achingly cute sloths – you’ll find a myriad of adorable sloth pictures and some interesting facts here! And if that isn’t enough to honor this day, you can always visit The Sloth Conservation Foundation and donate to them or even adopt your own adorable sloth! 

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So, scroll down below, check out the photos, and read more about sloths. Don’t forget to vote for these cute animals and share this article with your sloth-loving friends!

#1 Ohh My Baby

Image credits: ohhdemgirls

#2 Ecuadorian Police Officers Rescue A Sloth Clinging To A Pole And Attempting To Cross A Busy Highway

Image credits: Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador

#3 These Two Brazilian Firemen Rescued A Pretty Fabulous Sloth

Image credits: Décimo Primeiro Gb Pmesp

Labeled as the world’s laziest animal for decades, sloths are far from simple! We’ve found some facts on The Sloth Conservation Foundation page written by leading sloth expert Rebecca Cliffe, and have decided to share them with you – so keep on reading. 

First of all, the sloths of our day have evolved from giant ground sloths; the tallest of them was around 6 meters high. Suddenly not so cute and innocent, huh? There’s also evidence suggesting that several sloth species lived underwater and fed on seagrass. Maybe that’s why, to this day, sloths are excellent swimmers? 

#4 Looks Like A Baby Sloth, Acts Like A Baby Sloth, But It’s Actually Fully Grown Pigmy Sloth

Image credits: taunyalombardi

#5 Mervin The Two Toed Sloth Fell Asleep While Eating His Cauliflower

Image credits: Reic

#6 My Father In Law Holding A Sloth

Image credits: goodlyearth

No human could defeat a sloth in an arm-wrestling match – though seemingly feeble, sloths are actually three times stronger than an average person! Moreover, thanks to a highly specialized muscle arrangement, sloths can withstand the force of a jaguar that’s set out to rip it out of a tree. And, due to their ability to lock certain tendons, sloths can hang onto branches without wasting any energy. This locking mechanism is so powerful that sloths might be left hanging onto the tree even after their death.

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#7 Sloth Hug

Image credits: hootersbutwithcats

#8 Texas Aquarium Shows A Sloth To The Dolphins

Image credits: Floridadinosaurs

#9 Sleepy Baby Sloth

Image credits: Slotholas_Cage

Sloths have notoriously bad vision – they see poorly in dim light and are completely blind when it’s bright! However, these adorable tree-climbers compensate for it with an excellent sense of smell and a top-notch spatial memory. It is thought that their lousy eyesight adds to their slowness, and it only makes sense when you think of it; nobody in their right might would scurry through branches without clearly seeing what’s in front of them!

#10 My Life Is Pretty Much Complete Now

Image credits: bakedfish

#11 My Little Cousin Holding A Smiling Sloth

Image credits: Alecohe

#12 Tucked In And Ready To Sleep

Image credits: Dancing_Cthulhu

Fights between two male sloths most often end with the losing party falling out of a tree. No worries, though!  A sloth’s unique physique is designed to withstand falls from up to 100 feet without sustaining any injuries. That’s like jumping off a ten-story building and casually walking away upon landing. And though scientists have managed to find out this exotic detail about a sloth’s life, nobody really knows their exact lifespan. Considering that sloths don’t do well in captivity, but the oldest zoo-kept sloth is around 50 years old, experts think that they live much longer in the wilderness. It once again proves that a slow-paced and relaxed way of life is the key to longevity. At least, I believe so.

#13 Had A Sloth Over Yesterday Thanks To Flying Fox Conservation In Chicago

Image credits: kevinallen

#14 This Is A Baby Sloth In A Tea Cup

Image credits: Sam Trull

#15 Some Family Time

Image credits: jannapanda

If you’d like to read even more about our beloved cute sloths, don’t forget to visit The Sloth Conservation Foundation – its founder, Rebecca Cliffe, is the leading expert on everything about sloths, and her knowledge is invaluable. Just be warned that you might accidentally end up adopting a sloth!

#16 Here’s A Picture Of Two Baby Sloths Cuddling I Thought You All Needed

Image credits: carobrun

#17 Peekaboo

Image credits: thegrayman

#18 One Of The Best, Most Memorable Days Of My Life. My Niece Planned A Surprise Date For Me To Spend With My Spirit Animal. Meet Perry And Her Brand New Baby. I Didn’t Wash My Face For A Week

Image credits: Micheleneil70

#19 So, There I Was, Driving Down The Road And Suddenly – Sloth

Image credits:

#20 A Child And His Sloth Hanging Out On The Amazon

Image credits: unicorneddonkeys

#21 A Happy Baby Sloth

Image credits: OreoOreo

#22 Curious Guy I Met At An Animal Shelter In Costa Rica

Image credits: 1educatedhorses1

#23 While Driving Along A Mountain Road In Costa Rica A Wild Sloth Appears With A Surprise

Image credits: rednaxlea

#24 What A Cute Little Pancake

Image credits:

#25 I’m A Ballerina

Image credits: VTskier47

#26 Cute Baby Sloth

Image credits:

#27 My Sister Works For A Wildlife Reserve And Took A Picture Of This Happy Sleeping Sloth

Image credits: PigBeanis

#28 Baby Sloth

Image credits: crioce

#29 My Friend Saves A Sloth From The Middle Of The Road

Image credits: OhManThisIsAwkward

#30 Yeah I’m Hanging Out On The Ground, So What?

Image credits: thegrayman

#31 Spa Day

Image credits: chuwieelgalan

#32 Another Baby Sloth

Image credits: IAmTheGodDamnDoctor

#33 Ridiculously Photogenic Baby Sloth

Image credits: mikepacas

#34 When You Wake Up Hangry

Image credits: sloth_lovely_lovely

#35 Dad With A Sloth, Super Jealous

Image credits: Venti_PCP_Latte

#36 A Sloth And His Bear

Image credits: The Sloth Institute Of Costa Rica

#37 Halloween Season Is Here

Image credits: toucanrescueranch

#38 He Learns At A Slower Pace Than The Rest Of His Classmates

Image credits: squinn2014

#39 Good Morning

Image credits: PlastarHero

#40 If Looks Could Kill

Image credits: Casey_Slothfreed

#41 Look At This, Just Look At It

Image credits: Turtley

#42 Sleepy Head

Image credits: a9nubrxh3pk4gri

#43 Me And My Sloth

Image credits: PostModernPost

#44 The Best Use For Wine Glasses

Image credits: snowfey

#45 Painted By Leonardo DiCaprio

Image credits: cutee.sloths

#46 Me And The Bois

Image credits: chuwieelgalan

#47 What You Got There?

Image credits: chuwieelgalan

#48 Go That Way

Image credits: iseepotato

#49 Morning Stretches

Image credits: obscurelypopular

#50 Sloths Upside Down, Astronauts

Image credits: murderkill

#51 Sloth Photobomb

Image credits: SnazzPizzazz

#52 Always Take Time To Stop And Smell The Flowers, Then Maybe Eat Them

Image credits: pnewell

#53 It’s Log, Log, Log! Everyone Loves A Log

Image credits:

#54 How Many Baby Sloths Can You Spot?

Image credits: nereipach0

#55 How’s It Hanging?

Image credits: Marit90

#56 Happy Birthday

Image credits: chuwieelgalan

#57 CC The Sloth (From Staten Island Zoo) Getting Ready For The Today Show

Image credits: uncannybuzzard

#58 I Got To Meet Slow-Moe Today

Image credits: CaptainSketchy

#59 No No, Retake The Picture

Image credits: chuwieelgalan

#60 Orphan Baby Sloths Cling Together

Image credits: sloth_lovely_lovely

#61 Look At This Baby Drinking

Image credits: Anadyne

#62 Sloth Taking A Selfie? Don’t Mind If I Do

Image credits: smittenweedkitten

#63 Hey Man Pull Over, I Need Some Doritos

Image credits: Tomm0509

#64 A Proud Mama

Image credits: blumbleee

#65 When Baby Sloths Are In Captivity, They Have To Be In Incubators

Image credits: Musicmantobes

#66 Sloth In A Bowl

Image credits: Musicmantobes

#67 If You Know What I Mean

Image credits: orcat

#68 A Buddy And I Were Getting Stoned On Some Random Beach Beach In Costa Rica When This Guy Unexpectedly Descended From The Trees To See What We Were Up To, He Insisted On A Selfie

Image credits: Feodorp

#69 It’s Morning Already?

Image credits:

#70 Just A Comfy Baby Sloth In A Box

Image credits: rockemsockembassbots

#71 I Helped This Girl Cross The Street

Image credits:

#72 Just A Happy Sloth

Image credits: Musicmantobes

#73 That Bowl Cut Tho

Image credits: saguitto

#74 Sloth Kisses

Image credits: catiekv

#75 Have You Ever Seen An Albino Sloth?

Image credits: bella_mur

#76 This Is A Basket Full Of Cuteness

Image credits: carpwrist

#77 Sleepy Sloths Suck Their Thumbs

Image credits: pnewell

#78 Teeny Tiny Baby Sloth

Image credits: m0rris0n_hotel

#79 If This Is One Of The Seven Deadly Sins

Image credits: Boosaucerus

#80 My Husband Made A New Friend

Image credits: gonemutts

#81 I Let A Sloth Take A Selfie On My Phone In The Amazon

Image credits: cheeyoon

#82 Sloths Are Adorable

Image credits:

#83 I’m Here For The Glorious Sloth Karma

Image credits: hellogoodbye69

#84 The Best Part Of A Trip

Image credits: batmanlovessloths

#85 New Baby Marshmallow At The Sloth Sanctuary

Image credits:

#86 S L O W B L E P

Image credits: pnewell

#87 Hey There

Image credits: Beznet

#88 Spotted This Little Guy In The Bushes On My Last Day In Costa Rica

Image credits: Nessa0071

#89 I Fulfilled One Of My Life Dreams This Summer

Image credits: brindlelindy

#90 Is This The Line For Hibiscus Flowers?

Image credits: pnewell


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