It’s A Card Deck And A Photography Resource At The Same Time!

The Photography Deck is a camera reference guide printed on a deck of playing cards. So not only can you play card games with your friends, you can also relearn some photography concepts as you play! Creator Eric Bohring organized the contents of the resource by sorting the concepts into each suit, as My Modern Met detailed: 

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To organize this resource, creator Eric Bohring assigned each suit its own category of information: spades represent camera basics; hearts are about composition; clubs tell you about technical aspects; and diamonds highlight shooting styles. This array of knowledge gets to the nitty-gritty of photography and discusses concrete topics like ISO and shutter speeds as well as more subjective aspects such as finding negative space or patterns in a composition. Each card highlights this information through custom artwork that is minimalist in style to let the tricks and tips shine.

The Photography Deck is now available for pre-order. There are a variety of deck designs available, including a variant that is extra waterproof and can withstand a day at the beach. Select your deck by visiting the deck’s Kickstarter page.

image via My Modern Met

Source: neatorama

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