‘Juicy Lucy’ Works with Tenons

A wedged through-tenon after the gelled glue has been removed.

In 2018, I shared this trick that David Savage used to improve dovetail joints. He called it “Juicy Lucy,” and it involves flooding the exterior of a joint with extra hide glue to swell the fibers and improve the joint cosmetically.

We continue to use his trick with dovetails with great success. And at some point I started using it with the wedged through-tenons on my chairs. Here’s how I do it. 

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Applying glue around all show surfaces of the joint before wedging.

After I glue the joint and assemble it (but before wedging), I paint a thick coat of glue around the show surface of the joint. Then I paint glue on the wedge and knock it in place.

Once the glue has gelled, I remove the excess with a dry rag and let the joint continue to set up overnight.

I’ve been real happy with the results.

— Christopher Schwarz

What the glued tenon looks like just before wedging.

Source: lostartpress.com

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