Karen Neighbor Makes Plans For Her Guests To Park In This Woman’s Driveway Without Her Consent, Drama Ensues

We are quickly approaching the holiday season, pandas, and whatever you choose to celebrate, we hope you’re looking forward to it. And while you may be one of those pandas who shields your eyes from the holiday displays in stores and refuses to even mention the word Christmas until December 1st, sometimes these occasions require lots of planning ahead, including coordinating with relatives and friends who may be visiting from out of town.

There’s nothing better than gathering with all of your loved ones to share a delicious meal, exchange gifts, celebrate the year that has passed and ring in the new year with exciting goals and a desire to start fresh. However, if you’re dealing with drama with your neighbors at the same time, it might put a little damper on your holiday festivities. One homeowner recently shared on Reddit how their Karen neighbor has demanded to use her driveway during the week of Christmas this year, and she is not having it at all.

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Below, you can read the full story of this entitled Karen who definitely deserves to receive some coal in her stocking this year, and let us know in the comments how you feel about her lack of “holiday spirit”. Then if you’re looking to read another Bored Panda article featuring neighbor disputes over parking, you can find one right here!

After her neighbor demanded access to her driveway over the holidays, this homeowner went online to release her frustration

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Some neighborhoods are just not ideal for parking. The streets may be narrow, there may be too many cars to ever find a spot, or there might be plenty of “No Parking” signs posted all around. Having trouble finding parking is a challenge that many of us can empathize with, especially if we’ve lived in a large or crowded city before. (I would be embarrassed to admit how many parking tickets I received while living in Los Angeles…) But at the end of the day, finding a parking spot is your own responsibility. It is ridiculous to demand access to your neighbor’s property, especially when you plan to have visitors for nearly two weeks. Finding parking for her guests is that woman’s responsibility alone, not her neighbor’s, and she certainly has no right to be calling the police.

The homeowner who posted this story noted that she has already had to have her neighbor’s car towed multiple times, so I’m not sure what that woman expects to happen this time. She has been warned, and she has had to deal with towed vehicles before, so it is silly for her to expect a different outcome this time. Plus, it is likely that there are local businesses or public streets within a reasonable distance that these guests could park on. It might not be ideal to walk a few minutes in the winter when it’s cold and possibly snowy, but it definitely beats having to pick up (and pay for) a car that’s been towed.

As for the homeowner who wants to prevent these guests from parking on her property, it seems that the wisest decision would be to block off the driveway in some way. If the guests don’t have access to it, they will be forced to find somewhere else to go. And their host does not sound like she has listened to reason in the past, so she is not likely to stay out of the driveway if it’s open and available to her. Most neighbors would act like adults in this situation and find a solution that does not involve calling the police, having cars towed or getting into an argument with fellow residents. But sometimes it’s best to take matters into your own hands. Put up some chains, cones, sharp items that might pop a tire, whatever it takes, and hope for the best.

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time where we’re all feeling a little more generous, merry and cheerful. But that doesn’t mean we can act as entitled as we like and go demanding access to our neighbors’ property. We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation below. Have you ever had a dispute with a neighbor over parking? And if so, how did you end up resolving it? Then if you want to check out another Bored Panda article featuring winter parking drama, look no further than right here.    

Readers have responded in support of the homeowner, with many sharing their own recommendations for protecting the driveway

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