Kubota Glass: Special Eyeglasses That Can Cure Myopia

This month Japanese startup Kubota Pharmaceutical began selling Kubota Glass, special eyeglasses that they say can actually cure myopia.

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Axial myopia, i.e. shortsightedness, occurs when a person spends too much time focusing on nearby items. Over time this actually changes the shape of the eyeball, making it too long front-to-back; that in turn throws off the landing point of light coming through the lens, creating a refractive error. Left untreated, the condition can deteriorate to the point of blindness.

Kubota Pharmaceutical’s eyeglasses contain an array of nanoprojectors on their lenses. These project light at your retina in a specific pattern to actually induce short-distance blurring, which forces the wearer to look further afield. Used over time, KP says, this action allows the eyeball to return to its normal shape and restores one’s vision to normal.

What’s not clear is how long you’re meant to wear the glasses for; all the time, or for a few hours a day, in a sort of eye-training session. (Apologies but I’m going off of machine-translated Japanese press releases here.)

In any case, the company says they’re offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee (i.e. full refund if they don’t work) on the glasses—which is good, as they cost $5,700. And it appears they haven’t yet nailed mass manufacture; though the glasses went on sale this month in Japan, there were only 20 pairs produced. Here’s to hoping they iron out the kinks.

via SoraNews24

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