Lamello Cabineo Knock-Down Cabinet Fittings

Lamello just announced the Cabineo, a press-in fitting for connecting butt joints in CNC cut cabinet boxes. A plastic insert containing an integral metal cap screw, it can be installed in the shop and used to assemble the boxes at remote locations. There’s no need to ship separate fasteners or parts because it’s all there in the fitting.

The Cabineo is press fit into three overlapping holes; the joint is assembled by screwing into the 5mm hole in the adjoining piece.

Unlike some KD fittings, which require equipment capable of horizontal drilling, the holes for the Cabineo are made in a single plane—three overlapping 15mm holes in the top or bottom and a single 5mm hole in the side panel. The 5mm hole could be a shelf pin hole so it’s easy to retrofit fixed shelves into already assembled cabinets.

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The cap screw is accessed with a ball end hex driver because it can drive from a skew angle.

The fitting is similar to a pocket screw in the sense that the fastener is driven from an angle into the adjoining piece. But you wouldn’t use pocket screws in production cabinet boxes because they leave visible holes and do not hold well in particle board. The cap screw in the Cabineo is optimized for holding in that material. A screwdriver (a ball end hex driver) is all that’s needed to assemble the joint. The fitting is flanged to hide the edge of the holes and can be covered with a snap-in cap.

Cabineo fittings will make their debut in July 2017 at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

Source: core77

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