Last Day to Order Before the 25th (and a Price Increase)

Dec. 13 is the last day place an order in our store and be reasonably assured that it will arrive before Christmas. We have almost everything in stock except for card scrapers. That is a Christmas Miracle after the last 20 months of uncertainty and shortages.

Now some unfortunate news: The price of steel has gone up twice since we introduced the Crucible Lump Hammers. And we are to the point where we either have to lower the quality (nope), discontinue the product (nope) or raise the price.

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The price will increase on Jan. 1, 2022. I’m not sure how much it will go up because we are waiting on a quote for our custom-turned and drawknifed handles. 

We don’t like to raise prices, but we also like staying in business. If you want to buy them at the current price, you have until Jan. 1.

— Christopher Schwarz


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