Live A Meaningful Life By Writing Your Eulogy

This sounds depressing, but hear me out. If you start thinking about your death, it can help you reverse engineer your life and create a plan. New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller, the man behind this morbid advice, told Inc that “if you start with the end in mind, then you can reverse engineer your life in such a way that you keep putting something on the plot to try to get to that place.”

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This, according to the writer, is the key to a more meaningful life. Planning your life creates a better story. Writing a eulogy is like willing yourself to live your life a certain way, which leads you to be more intentional about what you do each day. “It’s helped me so much in terms of basic practicality, to help me know what my story’s about so that I can actually get it done–or, at least die trying,” Miller further explained. “The other thing has been even more beneficial. By processing my own death and thinking about it a little every day, it has increased two things: a sense of urgency in my life to get things done. And it’s been the number one tool in my life to give me the gift of presence.”

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