Lost Dog Goes To His Vet To Ask For Help Getting Back Home

Even though dogs are known for their keen sense of smell and can sniff their way out of any situation, they can sometimes get lost too. It seems that it ain’t always as easy as putting your nose to work, so what is a dog to do if he gets lost? Well, of course sniffing their way to any other familiar place and finding help there.

This is exactly what happened with Khiew Ngern, a four-month-old pup who wandered off away from its owner and subsequently got lost. But, being the smart little doggie that he is, he decided to trace his footsteps back to a more familiar place—the vet.

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Meet Khiew Ngern, the pupper who wandered off and couldn’t find his way back home, so he went with plan B

Image credits: Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

Meet Khiew Ngern, the four-month-old mixed black bull terrier pup from Bangkok, Thailand, who managed to get himself lost one day.

As it turns out, his owner lets Khiew and her other dogs roam free while she works at the Bai Mai Kitchen restaurant. It was exactly then that the curious doggie took off and lost his way back, inevitably spending over 6 hours wandering the streets of Bangkok until he got a clever idea.

Plan B was a bit of an unorthodox choice for dogs—Khiew traced his footsteps to his vet!

Image credits: Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

While he couldn’t find his way back home or to the restaurant, Khiew instead went to another location that has become very familiar to him over his short lifetime—his veterinary clinic. You see, Khiew has been a regular at this clinic—being a four-month-old pupper, he’s been going there frequently to get his scheduled vaccine shots.

Most dogs would tend to avoid places like the vet. Khiew, however, knew he’d get help there, so he sniffed his way to the Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic and started trying to get the attention of the various vets there.

Having been lost in Bangkok for over 6 hours, he sniffed his way to his vet who he knew will help

Image credits: Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

Security footage shows Khiew scratching and barking at the clinic’s windows and glass door, sniffing around the premises and sitting in wait until any of the professionals notice. And that they did—one of the members of staff, the doctor’s assistant, took notice of the doggo and soon let him in when he recognized the dog as Khiew.

The dog was a bit reluctant to enter at first, but was otherwise happy to be let inside and cared for. It didn’t take long for the staff to contact Khiew’s owners and to let them know that Khiew had found his way to the clinic. The owner soon got to the clinic and was reunited with her adorable puppy.

The vet’s assistant recognized Khiew, let him in, and soon called the owner, as seen in the security camera footage that was shared on Facebook

The clinic shared the story on their Facebook page with pictures and the video of Khiew knocking on their door. And it took off, making headlines throughout the internet.

Apart from the story being picked up by a number of media news outlets and receiving much attention there, the video also managed to get over 580,000 views on Facebook with more than 16,000 reactions, thousands of shares and comments.

Khiew was soon reunited with his owner

Image credits: Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

What are your thoughts on this? Would your dog go to the vet, or do they have another plan B spot to go to if they get lost? Let us know in the comment section below!

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