Magical Rainbow Pics That People Happened To Capture (197 Pics)

The rainbow is known to be one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature. It’s a pretty short occurrence that happens when sunlight hits water droplets, explaining why this usually happens after a good rain. Maybe because of its quite rare and short occurrence, people seem to never miss a chance to capture the moment they see a rainbow for an artsy picture. This time, some folks online decided to share their beautiful and colorful rainbow pictures. Some of the shot taken look magical, making others believe that maybe all the legends about the rainbow are true.

Which one of these pictures do you find the most interesting? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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#1 Presenting Rainbow Doggo. She Holy

Image credits: wholesim

#2 This Red Only Rainbow I Saw At Midnight In Finland

Image credits: junn0

Being an optical illusion, a rainbow can be seen in various places depending on where the sun is shining as well as where the person is standing. This is why there is a great variety of pictures that show a rainbow not only in the sky but falling through the window on various items, creating an aesthetically pleasing view. Because of its color spectrum that consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, a rainbow is very often used as an eye-catching symbol that draws people’s attention.

#3 Bought A Window Prism, Immediately Discovered Treasure At The End Of The Rainbow

Image credits: icantspeakesperanto

#4 The Sun Hit This Freshly-Paved Tarmac Just Right And Made A Real-Life Rainbow Road Through Polarized Lenses

Image credits: kenziemonsterrawr

#5 Spotted A Rainbow Cloud From My Balcony. Not As Beautiful As Aurora But Pretty Rare To See Such Phenomena In India

Image credits: Readingislove

#6 Went To Take A Picture Of The Rainbow And Lightning Struck At The Same Time

Image credits: jerm1323

One of the most well-known examples of a rainbow being used as a meaningful symbol is the LGBT pride flag. Their now six-colored flag was created by Gilbert Baker who was an American artist and gay rights activist. The idea behind a multi-color flag represents the celebration of everyone being different by their gender, race, and age, and despite these differences, standing together. At first, the flag had 8 colors, each having a different meaning. The history reveals the explanation of these meanings: “At the top was hot pink, which represented sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow signifying sunlight, green for nature, turquoise to represent art, indigo for harmony, and finally violet at the bottom for spirit.”

#7 Rainbow Shield Activated

Image credits: kosuzu7954

#8 Taste The Rainbow

Image credits: UpliftMofoPlan

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#9 Left My Christmas Lights Up. Laziness Paid Off For Once

Image credits: nieman23

What are some other symbols and interpretations involving rainbows that we should know about? This phenomenon is also used in art, literature, and religion, explaining the rainbow as a link between the earth and heaven. It usually has a positive connotation as it is associated with the sun and light. The rainbow has become an inspiration for many artists who love to create romanticized pictures adding an element of a rainbow.

Does this phenomenon also have a special meaning to you? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

#10 This Rainbow Coming Out Of Our Dumpster

Image credits: NuWuX

#11 The Intensity Of This Rainbow Refracted Through My Aquarium

Image credits: kabadisha

#12 The Way My Silhouette Appears Within This Circular Rainbow

Image credits: Riotgarments

#13 Cube In A Rainbow

Image credits: Twingamer25

#14 This Perfect Rainbow In My School’s Science Hall

Image credits: rocketpop546

#15 This Is A Fire Rainbow My Family Spotted Over The Carolinas, A Rare Event That Only Lasted A Few Moments And Is Absolutely Stunning

Image credits: kylarlee

#16 I Saw The End Of The Rainbow Today

Image credits: toastforscience

#17 Had A Perfect Prism Rainbow Projected On Our Office Floor

Image credits: migrainekit

#18 Me And My Girlfriend Were Walking In The Woods The Other Week And Saw A Rainbow Pool For The First Time

Image credits: brentenross

#19 The Reflection From My Window Decal Makes My Toilet Look Like A Quest Item In A Video Game

Image credits: DanielInternets

#20 My Son’s Dog With A Prism Refraction On Its Tongue

Image credits: daviddensc

#21 The Sun On My Window Made A Rainbow That’s Split In Half By My Chair Leg

Image credits: RichardMcLuvin

#22 Found The End Of A Rainbow Today

Image credits: qbert13mk

#23 My Sweet Boy In A Rainbow

Image credits: Fierce_Brosnan_

#24 Rainbow Kitty

Image credits: Miraster

#25 Rainbow Lake In The Middle Of The Forest

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#26 Real Life Nyan Cat

Image credits: KENDRICK–LLAMA

#27 Rainbow From The Window Lines Up Perfect On Stove

Image credits: CloneCaptainRex501

#28 A Perfectly Circular Rainbow Made By My Door’s Peephole During Sunset

Image credits: TheGoogleist

#29 Rainbow Bird

Image credits:

#30 2020 Is So Messed Up, Even The Rainbows Can’t Get It Right

Image credits: chyken

#31 My 16 Year Old Boy Woke Up In A Rainbow

Image credits: digitallandfill

#32 Rainbow In Front Of My House Looks Like Another Planet

Image credits: NewBeerNewMe

#33 The Sky This Morning Looked Like A Rainbow Gradient

Image credits: jalyndai

#34 The Sun Is At The Right Angle To Make A Rainbow In My Faucet

Image credits: ItsyaboyAstro

#35 Rainbow And A Dog

Image credits: danorm

#36 The Light Passing Through The Prisms On My Front Door Made My Dog Look Like David Bowie

Image credits: TimSPC

#37 My Husband Took A Picture Of Me As I Said Farewell To 40, And Somehow I Was Gifted My Own Rainbow

Image credits: shell_raiser

#38 The Sunlight Through A Window Turned My Cheese Into A Chunk Of Rainbow

Image credits: beetlecakes

#39 This Rainbow Walkway At The Miami International Airport

Image credits: Daraso

#40 A Friend In South Africa Captured This Adorable Penguin Hangin Out With A Double Rainbow

Image credits: Wingopf

#41 Quadruple Rainbow

Image credits: Faith_SC

#42 Mo Fell Asleep In The Sun And His Water Dish Gave Him Rainbow Feathers

Image credits: hugitoutguys

#43 A Vibrant And Clear Spectrum Of Colors Refracting Through My Apparently Prismatic Window Onto My Arm

Image credits: SubZro432

#44 The Stained Glass Sun Roof At A Tiny Church In Texas

Image credits: FN543826

#45 My Christmas Lights Refracting Through My Glass Of Water

Image credits: BeeOhCee

#46 After Every Storm, There Is A Rainbow

Image credits: cbythesea11

#47 My Puppy Shoots Rainbows From The Rear

Image credits: GimmeTheDangSauce

#48 A Double Rainbow Perfectly Over A Hill

Image credits: Magikarppine

#49 This Rainbow Around The Airplane’s Shadow

Image credits: smasxer

#50 Rainbow Boye

Image credits: thatgoldendog

#51 My Kitten Stopped To Stand In A Rainbow Today

Image credits: Petflixandchillpills

#52 This Spectrum Reflected Off The Dining Room Window Through A Chair Back

Image credits: skiboy53

#53 The Way The Red Portion Of The Spectrum Is Separated From The Rest In This Random Hotel Shower When The Sunlight Comes In

Image credits: Electronic-Lake-6954

#54 The Reflection Of My Make-Up Bag Looks Like A Nebula

Image credits: michaeljacksonsalive

#55 Coolest Rainbow I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: leggybeachbum

#56 Today I Got The Luckiest Shot Of My Girl, The Rainbow Halo Suits Her

Image credits: erreavecmoi

#57 This Perfectly Defined Rainbow That Shows Up On The Wall Every Sunny Day

Image credits: takedown1555

#58 This Sliding Door Forms A Nice Rainbow When Closed

Image credits: Backpane

#59 Australian Rainbow Lattice Sunstone

Image credits: Piscator629

#60 This Guy Popped Out Of An Alley In NYC And Asked My Girlfriend And I If We Wanted To See A Rainbow. So We Said Yeah

Image credits: MonkeyIslandic

#61 My Coffee Made A Rainbow Color Steam Roll

Image credits: Hal20xx

#62 This Rainbow Hit My Light Switches Perfectly

Image credits: tuh8888

#63 Rainbow Cat

Image credits: Radish00

#64 The Colorful Reflections From People’s Shirts On My Airplane

Image credits: WhatIsTeleport

#65 This Clean Color Spectrum On My Floor Right Now

Image credits: memecomperator

#66 The Peephole Of My Apartment Door Operates As A Prism

Image credits: TheRealSmoofy

#67 An Actual Full Rainbow And The Shadow Of My Plane

Image credits: durkluf

#68 Lightning Striking A Rainbow, This Moment Caught On My Mom’s Cell Phone

Image credits: foslforever

#69 Sunlight Was Dispersed And Reflected By The Building Facing Mine, Then Passed Through My Blinds And Ended Up On My Floor

Image credits: VinSkeemz

#70 A Section Of My Fish Tank Broke Yesterday, Causing A Corner Of My House To Be Lit Up By Rainbow Colors

Image credits: actualmarc

#71 The Refraction Rainbow From My Glass Shower Door Lined Up Perfectly With The Water Stream In My Sink

Image credits: NeonChurch

#72 Rainbow At Night Caused By A Full Moon, It’s A Moonbow

Image credits: Bishopdan11

#73 Certain Times Of The Year The Sun Hits A Street Sign Outside My Window And Casts A Rainbow In My Dinning Room

Image credits: nuckingfuts73

#74 When You Stop To Take A Picture Of A Rainbow And It Ends Up Being Epic

Image credits: Dwn_Wth_Vwls

#75 I Caught A Pic Of Lightning Bouncing Off A Double Rainbow

Image credits: DJ-C-Gill

#76 A Rainbow Hit My Sink At Just The Right Angle

Image credits: TheSilliest

#77 Rainbow Clouds

Image credits: nomandao

#78 Today I Caught The Rainbow In My Cat’s Ear

Image credits: cplowry11

#79 Rainbow Reflection

Image credits: lil-moonbeam

#80 Unique Moment From Last Year. Me On Top Of The Mountain Segla, Northern Norway. 360 Degree Rainbow With A Beautiful Shadow Cast

Image credits: Piano_Frenzy

#81 Light Shining Through Glass Door Created A Rainbow

Image credits: Beardgardens

#82 Got To Play With A Pixel Stick Tonight And The Batteries Ran Out And Created This Glitched Rainbow

Image credits: EventHorizonSurfer

#83 Saw A Triple Rainbow In Oswego, NY Tonight

Image credits: smk_274

#84 La Sagrada Familia In Barcelona May Just Be The Most Beautiful Building I’ve Ever Stepped Foot In

Image credits: Keepa1

#85 My Dog Farts Rainbows

Image credits: cassieve

#86 Light Reflects Through A Prism In My House And Hits My Cat

Image credits: guy-in-the-comments

#87 Birth Of A Rainbow (As Seen From A Plane Above The Jersey Shore)

Image credits: EssEssSee

#88 The Morning Sun Made A Prism Through My Fish Tank And Onto My Toast

Image credits: Mayanwolfe

#89 The Way The Light Refracted Across This Pond On My Walk Today

Image credits: youngmanhood

#90 Found A Rainbow Cloud Today

Image credits: th3e_unf0rg1ving

#91 This Garlic Was Hit By Refracted Sunlight Inside The Pan, Coloring Each Clove. Aka Rainbow Garlic

Image credits: leonardoipe

#92 The Shadow Of My Plane Formed A Rainbow Around It

Image credits: emcdeezy22

#93 The Way The Railing’s Shadow Divided Up The Colours Of The Rainbow Reflection On My Stairs

Image credits: kandtwedding

#94 The Light Hit My Thor Poster Just Right And Have Him A Rainbow Glowing Hammer

Image credits: tragedybunny

#95 I Could Only See This Rainbow With My Polarized Sunglasses On

Image credits:

#96 Rainbow Chroma

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#97 The Screen Door Made The Refracted Light Into Dots Of Color

Image credits: Emayarkay

#98 My Cat Had A Rainbow Shining Into One Of Her Eyes That Changed The Color Of Her Eye

Image credits: cday119

#99 The Door Into My Work Casts A Solid Rainbow For A Few Minutes In The Mornings

Image credits: NickLoss_

#100 The Way This Rainbow Lines Up With The Railing Shadows

Image credits: ryanm1992

#101 Can We Just Appreciate How Pretty Chica Is In The Rainbow Light

Image credits: KylieWolf06

#102 My Girlfriend Took This Yesterday In Boston. Brightest Rainbow I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Ihavenoshins

#103 Perfect Rainbow Over Manhattan I Took From My Apartment

Image credits: cbarney

#104 An Interesting Rainbow Effect Before Sunset In My Town

Image credits: keinmehrkasse

#105 During The Sunset Our Apartment Is Filled With Rainbows

Image credits: thewhitestuff

#106 For The Past Week Or So The Sun Has Refracted Through My Fish Tank To Create A Beautiful Rainbow On The Floor

Image credits: polyoxyethylene

#107 I Don’t Know How This Was Possible Or What The Chances Are But My Dad Took This Picture Of A Rainbow And This Bird Flew Perfectly Aligned

Image credits: MrAragorn

#108 Rainbow Cloud On A Dry Sunny Day

Image credits: kayslayer42

#109 My Wife Caught This Stunning Picture Of Dovah This Morning, Bathed In Rainbow Light Coming Through The Fish Tank

Image credits: galacticbettafish

#110 Cloud Shark Drooling A Rainbow

Image credits: capomatrice

#111 The Light Casted A Rainbow Onto This Drink

Image credits: frosty892

#112 A Rainbow Holds Back The Bad Weather

Image credits: PandaDrew

#113 Witnessed An Iridescent Pileus Cap Aka A Rainbow Cloud For The First Time Today

Image credits:

#114 Two Years Ago I Found The End Of The Rainbow

Image credits: BrokenMasterpiece

#115 A Rainbow Shows Up On My Daughter’s Ceiling Midday, Every Day

Image credits: EyeCaved

#116 An Extremely Rare Rainbow

Image credits: _enrique

#117 Fairy Cat

Image credits: fayebird_17

#118 June Is Looking So Beautiful And Downright Regal Covered In Rainbows!

Image credits: hemleva

#119 I Was Able To Capture The Hancock & Sears (Willis) Tower Being Struck By Lightning Simultaneously Along With A Full Rainbow

Image credits: shadyomg

#120 My Sister Was Sitting In Some Refracted Light, So I Made Her Stare At It

Image credits: sprohi

#121 The Prism In My Windowsill Changed The Color Of My Betta Fish

Image credits: jbthree1

#122 Rainbow Cloud I Saw Today

Image credits: hannaxgrace

#123 These Rainbows Made By The Sun Reflecting Off Of My Aluminum Blinds In The Morning

Image credits: alloftheabove12

#124 This Tiny Rainbow That Begins And Ends In My Front Yard

Image credits: kaboomboomer

#125 My Cat Standing Directly In A Rainbow

Image credits: Annemabriee

#126 Triple Rainbow Over Portage Lake In The Small Town Of Onekama, Mi Yesterday

Image credits: jalleng

#127 Saw This Quintuple Rainbow While Driving Through Oregon

Image credits: domesticatedom

#128 There Was A Rainbow On My Shower Floor Yesterday

Image credits: GimpyTreat

#129 This Little Rainbows Stripes Lined Up Perfectly With The Carpet

Image credits: reddit18274

#130 This Cloud I Saw Had A Little Bit Of Rainbow In It

Image credits: ForrestParques

#131 Lightning Struck The Second I Took A Picture Of A Double Rainbow

Image credits: BBBxWest

#132 The Sun Lines Up With My Door Viewer In The Summer Time And Creates This Little Rainbow

Image credits: Mehovoric

#133 I Found The End Of The Rainbow

Image credits: barmano

#134 Just Happened To See A Rainbow On Rainbow Blvd

Image credits: WKBX

#135 A Double Rainbow Coming Out Of A Rainbow Colored Truck On The Autobahn

Image credits: TheColourblindCamel

#136 The Sun Was Setting At Just The Right Angle To Create A Rainbow On My Keyboard

Image credits: herrerarausaure

#137 My Dog Was Sitting In A Rainbow Reflection

Image credits: woofycat321

#138 I Installed A Prism On My Window And Now My Favorite Plant Corner Looks Surreal

Image credits: mvartan

#139 My Aquarium Formed A Prism, And Sunlight Hit This Sieve Of Raspberries

Image credits: superdan267

#140 My Aquarium Created A Prism And Sunlight Hit This Steaming Pot Of Rice

Image credits: superdan267

#141 The Shadow Dividing The Rainbow

Image credits: maddbot

#142 My Fish Tank Creating A Rainbow Of Colour On Each Spindle

Image credits: Kyledidntdoit

#143 Once Per Day The Sun Is Reflected Off A Street Sign Just At The Right Angle So That I Have My Own Private Rainbow

Image credits: marsovec

#144 The End Of The Rainbow Just Appeared In Our Backyard

Image credits: dpu80

#145 Rainbow Created By A Glass Door

Image credits: GianlBel00

#146 This Rainbow Thing Coming Through The Window At My Office This Morning

Image credits: ojaxx

#147 Ran Out Of Work To Snag This Pic Of A Double Rainbow

Image credits: Zacadamianut

#148 Rainbow Over My Back Porch

Image credits: kbhavoc

#149 My First Ever Complete Rainbow From My Balcony Yesterday

Image credits: bwjunkie6

#150 The Refraction Of Light Coming From My Turtle’s Tank

Image credits: Al5xrocks

#151 A Perfect Prism Of Light Came Into My Room When The Blinds Were Closed

Image credits: IcyDye

#152 The Sun Shining On This Glass Panels Edge Created A Very Sharp Prism

Image credits: JebbeK

#153 The Way The Rainbow Hits The Keyboard

Image credits: vNila

#154 The Way The Rainbow Lines Up With My Wife’s Jacket

Image credits: Purp_Skurp_349

#155 The Way Light Breaks Into A Rainbow On The Edge Of The Glass

Image credits: Formulka

#156 Rainbow Kitty!

Image credits: madflak

#157 A Section Of My Fish Tank Broke Yesterday, Causing A Corner Of My House To Be Lit Up By Rainbow Colors. My Cat Bailey Decided To Sit In That Corner And Became….rainbow Cat.

Image credits: actualmarc

#158 I Found A Rainbow When I Was Looking Down

Image credits:

#159 A Tornado Sucking Up A Rainbow

Image credits: Barnopottamous

#160 My Rainbow Boa’s Fresh Skin

Image credits: roshima85

#161 So There Was A Rainbow At The Beach Today

Image credits: TurtlesFuegoBacon

#162 Rainbow Dog

Image credits: husky_pandakuh

#163 Rainbow Clouds

Image credits: helenatarkort1

#164 Rainbow Pup

Image credits: oscarweimaraner

#165 The Pot Of Gold

Image credits: leo.minisausage

#166 Mummy Said There Is Something On My Face

Image credits: albusvsthemuggles

#167 Rainbow Dog

Image credits: bullyfisher

#168 Rainbow Dog

Image credits: theadventuresofwinniethebeagle

#169 #rainbowcat

Image credits: peterschristine3

#170 Alfie The Rainbow Cat

Image credits: LeeannH11236917

#171 Salvador Powering Up. Rainbow Recharge

Image credits: the_popoki_posse

#172 Pwetty Colors

Image credits: mayathekitten21

#173 Good Morning…

Image credits: 5yyjcats

#174 Wonderful Shot

Image credits:

#175 A Rainbow Appeared On My Way Home From Work Last Night. I Took The Long Way Home So I Could Photograph It.

Image credits: kindaladylike

#176 An Extremely Rare Rainbow-Colored Pileus Iridescent Cloud Over Ethiopia.

Image credits:

#177 Rainbow-Colored Clouds

Image credits: cgtnofficial

#178 Circle Rainbow

Image credits: tomashavelphoto

#179 Fire Rainbow

Image credits: netmarchewka

#180 Rainbow Meets Sunset

Image credits: beverlycpalmer

#181 A Tornado And A Rainbow In The Same Shot

Image credits: GabrielTheSinner

#182 A Fire Rainbow Cloud In The Shape Of A Tornado

Image credits: uniquenewfork

#183 #outsideisthebestside #firerainbow #irisation

Image credits: surfmama7123

#184 Was This The End Of A Rainbow?

Image credits: afiah.hafiz

#185 Sometimes It’s Worth Getting Wet

Image credits: takenby_t

#186 Rainbows During Your Cut And Blow-Dry Just Puts A Smile On Your Face

Image credits: stonehairhove

#187 A Rainbow Encircling The Sun At Shikra Cinnamon

Image credits: shikra_cinnamon

#188 End Of Rainbow

Image credits: domi_firebird

#189 This Unusual Rainbow Was Spotted Over Mackay Yesterday

Image credits: Mackay Eungella Chalet

#190 Sunset Rainbow

Image credits: angelak108

#191 Sunset Clouds

Image credits: photobanco

#192 I Love The Beautiful Reflection

Image credits: burnsphoto8599

#193 Glorious

Image credits:

#194 Strange Rainbow

Image credits: silviabellettini

#195 Rainbow Prism

Image credits: pixie.ashley_song

#196 The Valley Of The Moon, Ojai, California With Lightening And A Rainbow Side By Side

Image credits: mystictreasury

#197 A Freaking Double Rainbow Circle

Image credits: shuttersweet


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