Man Calls Out His Terrible Manager, She Becomes So Embarrassed And Stressed That She Quits

If you’ve ever had an awful manager at work, you may have spent some time during your shifts daydreaming about them quitting or being fired. If only they left, suddenly your work life would be all sunshine and rainbows!

But instead of waiting patiently for someone else to take action against his manager from hell, one man decided to take matters into his own hands. Below, you’ll find a story that was recently shared on the Petty Revenge subreddit detailing how this employee got the ball rolling in his former manager’s departure from the company.

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This man’s manager made a habit of disrespecting and taking advantage of her entire staff

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So he decided it was time for her to be held accountable for her actions

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Later, the employee added even more details about his former manager

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The vast majority of workers have experience with poor management

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In a perfect world, those in leadership positions at work would be experienced, respectful, understanding and have their staff’s best interests in mind. In reality, however, it’s incredibly common to have a toxic or simply incompetent manager. According to a 2022 survey, 84% of workers say they’ve had a bad boss before, and 43% report that they’ve even left a company due to poor leadership. In fact, an awful manager can be the sole reason someone decides to quit, as 59% of workers said they would have stayed at a job they left if they had been given the opportunity to work under someone else. 65% of these employees even say that they would take a new boss over a pay raise if given the chance. But sadly, over half of these dissatisfied workers never report their bad boss’ behavior to upper management, so the problems often go unaddressed.

When it comes to what makes a poor boss or manager, there are a wide variety of traits and behaviors that frustrate employees. But some of the most common, according to Kruse Control Inc., are lack of transparency with staff, not listening, dismissing ideas other than their own, ego and insecurity, lack of empathy, refusal to learn, poor communication, lack of guidance, lack of vision and strategy, assigning blame, inconsistency, possess poor people skills, failure to recognize contributions and reward good work, and being disrespectful.

Companies aren’t always willing to invest in properly training managers, and toxic behaviors often go unaddressed

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If there are so many awful managers out there wreaking havoc on workplaces, why don’t companies do something to address the problem? If you ask Alison Green, creator of Ask a Manager, most companies simply don’t value managers enough to invest in properly training them and ensuring that they’re doing the best jobs possible. Some managers have two-day courses in leadership if they’re lucky, while others are sometimes just thrown into their positions and left to wing it. But this can have detrimental impacts on a company’s success. 

“The quality of managers has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line – as well as on its ability to attract and retain great employees and to get the best results from them while they have them,” Green says. “Bad managers drive away good people, and hold teams back from achieving what they otherwise could.” It takes time, effort and resources to invest in managers, and many business owners aren’t willing to do it. If someone wants to be a great manager, they need mentors and to learn from those who already know the ropes. They have to be willing to listen and learn and have people they can seek advice from when challenges inevitably arise. But Green says that until management is viewed as a skill of its own and taught properly, the cycle of bad bosses and managers from hell is sure to continue.

Calling out toxic managers can be difficult, but it’s important for employees to speak up

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Dealing with a toxic manager can be intimidating for employees who are scared of losing their jobs or facing backlash from management. It’s estimated that 60% of workplace misconduct goes unreported due to fear of repercussions, embarrassment, and worries about how the situation will be perceived. But if we want changes to occur, we have to speak out against all unfair treatment at work, even if it’s not technically illegal. Throwing personal belongings in the trash makes employees feel unsafe and unvalued and can lead to additional stress in their lives. According to Claudia Guthrie at The Muse, it’s best to start small when calling out a toxic manager and then escalate the situation if necessary. You might try giving them feedback first about how they’re making employees feel, and attempt to understand, but not excuse, their behavior.

Try to make other connections at work or in your professional field that you can rely on aside from your manager, and make sure you prioritize self-care. Keeping a positive attitude or focusing on the upsides of your job (being friends with colleagues, excellent pay, etc.) can help keep you motivated. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from HR or join forces with colleagues who have the same concerns. And if you can’t get the toxic boss out of your workplace, it might be time to remove yourself from the situation for the sake of your own mental health.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments below, pandas. Then, if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article discussing toxic bosses, we recommend reading this one next!  

Readers applauded the man for his petty revenge and called out the manager for her behavior

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