Man Confesses 3.5 Y.O. Secret After Blowing Up On Wife Over Her Outfit, Divorce Commences

Finally being comfortable in one’s body is cause to celebrate, particularly after long, hard years of work. But unfortunately, entitlement, jealousy, and spite can poison the best events as one woman learned the hard way.

A netizen shared her surprise when her husband had a visceral, negative reaction to her “Barbiecore” outfits, causing him to fully skip their date. She was so shocked by his behavior that she turned to the internet for advice. But his outburst was just the tip of the iceberg it turned out, as she later shared a particularly devastating update to the entire saga.

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Getting dressed up for a date night is a pretty normal thing to do

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But one woman ended up getting yelled at by her husband who hated everything she put on

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Jealousy is often irrational and unwarranted but can still create a lot of relationship tension

Given the couple’s past, both OP and the readers were quite justified in their confusion at the husband’s behavior. They go from being about to walk out the door to him throwing a hissy fit over every outfit his very accommodating wife was attempting to wear. More shrewd readers already noticed how it almost looked like he was going out of his way to sabotage the entire event, as, suddenly, he couldn’t even show her an acceptable outfit to wear. This creates some sort of bizarre universe where this man is married to a woman for around four years and vehemently hates all of her clothes. It would be absurd if true, so, reasonably, many commenters suggested that something else was going on.

Ultimately, even before OP shared an update to the story (which can be found below,) many readers pointed to the idea of jealousy as the main cause of the husband’s bizarre actions. However, this story doesn’t really fit classic definitions of jealousy, as those normally have three components, the partner, the other, the jealous partner, and a third party that is perceived as a rival by the jealous individual. As OP notes, there isn’t really a specific man her husband appears afraid of, particularly when they are going out together to pretty “safe” locations. Now, objective reality isn’t always necessary when it comes to passionate emotions like jealousy, unfortunately, there are all sorts of examples of controlling partners who see rivals everywhere, often a result of a poor self-image.

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The husband’s behavior might point to deeper relational issues

Regardless, the jealous partner will often display very controlling and even aggressive behavior, exactly like OP’s husband who thought an outfit he didn’t like could somehow justify yelling at his wife. The jealous individual believes that these actions are somehow reasonable, as it’s for the good of both parties and thereby good for the relationship. One does not have to be an expert to see just how ridiculous this behavior is, particularly when the couple hasn’t even exited the house yet. It’s also a pretty effective tell that this man feels that any and all attention his wife might “generate” will make him look bad. If he has any shred of self-confidence, he might not see every possible man as a rival.

OP’s question about if she was in the wrong for “changing her clothes” multiple times misses the mark, as her husband’s outburst appears to just be waiting to happen. If it wasn’t her dress now, it would be something else later. This incident and the following update point to much more serious relationship issues below the surface. Of course, like any manipulative partner, he convinced her that his actions were a response to something she did. So even if he comes around to apologizing for “blowing up,” he can still maintain that it was an external trigger and not some unresolved psychological issue he has.

The other “smoking gun” so to speak, is mentioned by OP herself, that her husband has never tried to control her outfit up until this moment when it suddenly became a do-or-die situation. If jealousy is the explanation, this still doesn’t justify his actions at any level. There is always the possibility that he didn’t want to go with her and was seeking any excuse to get out of the situation. Regardless, he has some explaining to do, and OP, nor anyone else, should write this off as acceptable behavior.

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OP shared some more details in the comments

Most readers thought she was absolutely not at fault and gave her some suggestions for how to proceed

Later OP shared a devastating update

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Commenters expressed their shock and disdain at the husband’s actions

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