Man Walks Out Of Meal Over Sister-In-Law’s Racist Remark About His Cooking Which Leads To Huge Family Divide

Don’t mess with chefs. Not only because they are in direct contact with your food and you are effectively risking ingesting something that they may or may not meddle with, but also because they have a pointy kitchen utensil in their hand.

But no, this isn’t about that—no food poisoning or kitchen cutlery were used in the making of this story. This is a story that started with a question of am I wrong for calling my sister in law a racist after she compared my cooking to “making kung pao chicken”? and it ended in a literal family feud.

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You don’t mess with the cook. You just don’t. Or else you end up in a family feud

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Reddit user u/throwaway23235982353 recently went to r/AmITheA-hole to ask if he was wrong to call his sister-in-law a racist after she compared his cooking to making kung pao chicken. In context, it sounds much worse, so let’s break it down.

Throwaway is a professional chef and was preparing food for the family. Now, his wife’s sister was also a chef, and a bit of a braggart who’d often criticize him when it comes to food.

No matter what he did, he’d always hear some iteration of “you should actually do X like this…” or other forms of relentless critique. He tried to be patient for the greater good, but patience wore thin one day.

This Reddit user ended up starting a literal war in his family for not putting up with his sister-in-law’s bullpies

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He was getting some food done, and at one point the sister-in-law spouted out yet another one of her comments, effectively saying he was doing it wrong. Not wanting to take it anymore, he asked her to stop criticizing his cooking—he’s a chef, after all—to which she replied “making Kung Pao chicken at some Chinese restaurant doesn’t count.”

Following a short dead silence and a very brief “what’s wrong with you” exchange, Throwaway left. This also sparked a huge fight between multiple family members, with the extended family somehow finding out about this.

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Despite all of this, Throwaway’s wife begged him to apologize, seemingly for the greater good, but he refused and that’s where his question arose: was he wrong here?

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Well, it gets better. The Reddit user provided some updates on what happened later as it was happening. His sister-in-law got into trouble at work and blamed Throwaway for it. Why? A coworker heard her rant about this incident and reported it to management.

Oh wait, there’s more. Wife’s cousin found this Reddit post and shared it on the sister-in-law’s Facebook wall, asking if this was her and many of her friends starting to shame her.

OH WAIT, there’s more! At this point, Throwaway was considering that this might have gotten a bit out of hand, and now was the time to maybe remove the post. Well, the father-in-law butted in, pouring more gas into the fire that is this family feud, in response to which the Reddit user decided to keep the post up.

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OH WAIT. The fourth, biggest, and last update. Wife gets a call from the sister, who continues to be racist and blames her husband for getting demoted at work (cause everyone there knew about her at this point), to which the wife responded with some more swears and was now fully on Throwaway’s side.

The mother-in-law also had some beef with the father after she found out about his little comment to Throwaway, which led to even more screaming. And lastly, that post on Facebook effectively became a verbal war zone.

All in all, the whole family as well as extended family and friends are now at each other’s throats, which the Reddit user referred to as “nuclear” in terms of its size and scope, also sharing a GIF of James Norrington from the Pirates of the Caribbean calmly walking as his ship turns to rubble in the most violent way.

A perfect depiction of what’s going on in Throwaway’s family right now.

“Me right now”

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Anywho, the story was very well received by the AITA community, garnering nearly 39,000 upvotes and receiving a whopping 580+ Reddit awards in just two days’ time. Needless to say, the AITA democratic community ruled that he’s not the bad guy here, far from it.

You’re welcome to read through all of the comments that succeeded the post here, but before you go, let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below!

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