Materiom: Open-Source Recipes for How to Make Your Own Raw Materials Out of Natural Ingredients

“For billions of years, plants and animals have evolved to make materials with a particular set of ingredients that other organisms know how to source, use, breakdown, and use again. It’s time we took notes.”

So writes Materiom, a free online resource that enables everyone to make their own raw materials, as long as you can follow a recipe and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. “Materiom provides open source recipes and data on materials made from abundant sources of natural ingredients, like agricultural waste. By making this knowledge open, we accelerate materials development and lower barriers to entry in materials markets around the world. We work with companies, cities and communities to support the development of local biomaterial supply chains that nourish local ecologies and economies.”

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Some examples of listed recipes:

Avocado Pit Bioplastic

Japanese Knotweed (Leaf) Bioplastic

Eggshell Paste for 3D Printing

Red Clay Cornstarch Leather

Walnut Shell & Potato Starch Composite

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Here’s Materiom’s mission:


Check out their full library (and contribute if you can!) here.

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