Megabots Unveil Eagle Prime

If you can recall, it was two years ago that the robot company Megabots challenged their Japanese counterparts to a battle between giant robots. The Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry accepted the challenge. The idea was to pit Megabots’ Mark 2 robot against the Suidobashi robot Kuratas. It was supposed to happen year ago, but was delayed, and Megabots built a new giant robot. This week, they unveiled the new model called Eagle Prime, which is about as American a name as you can get.

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Eagle Prime is the first MK3-class MegaBot from MegaBots, Inc. It weighs in at 12 tons, stands 16 feet tall, seats two, is powered by a 430 horsepower V8 LS3 engine, and costs a cool $2.5M. Cupholders come standard.

If and when the actual duel comes about, we will find out about it. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Source: neatorama

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