Meljac's Gorgeous Fixture Designs

For those of you working in environments design–or looking to trick your studio out with little details that will impress high-end clients–check out the work of this French fixtures company. They’ve been around since 1995, when company founder André Bousquet “took a chance on the previously non-existent market of luxury electrical switches and founded Meljac.” Today they manufacture a variety of buttons, levers, keypads, switches, doorbells, outlets and more:

Custom configurations and engravings are available as well.

With clients like Louis Vuitton, the NoMad Hotel, the Ritz, the Louvre and the freaking Chateau of Versailles, these are not fixtures you’re going to pitch to that lowly start-up that hired you to design their lousy rented office space; but if you land that gig to redesign Kanye’s foyer, Meljac should be your go-to.

Source: core77

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