Merry Xmas Milan

The Christmas tree of the Fiera Milano hospital is an artistic installation by Massimo Uberti.

“And everything is connected with all the others”, quoting Leonardo Da Vinci, is the title of the work installed in front of a Milanese institute that is one of the protagonists of the fight against Covid-19.

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Light as a symbol of hope is now the metaphor that unites the research of the artists of this Christmas 2020, as we have already seen in Florence with Marinella Senatore, in Venice with Fabrizio Plessi and at the MANN in Naples.Milan is no exception, where the artist Massimo Uberti (Brescia, 1966) creates a Christmas installation in front of the Fiera Milano Hospital, a more symbolic place than ever in this pandemic year, thanks to the support of the Fiera Milano Foundation.

The spruce, 7 meters high, is located at the entrance to gate 6 of the Fiera Milano hospital, between viale Scarampo and via Teodorico. Three hundred letters of the alphabet, made of mirrored material, decorate the Christmas tree, on the tip of which is placed a star inspired by one of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings on perpetual motion.Even the title of the installation is a Leonardo motto: And everything is connected with all the others, in fact, it represents the summary of the Renaissance genius’ vision of the world.

The work, conceived as a tribute to the city and to the health personnel involved in the Covid-19 emergency, also wants to be a warning of the fragility that the pandemic has uncovered: we respect ourselves and others, in short, and respect the planet. “This installation is Fondazione Fiera Milano’s thanks to those who come to Christmas by helping those most in need,” explained Enrico Pazzali, President of the Fiera Milano Foundation, which financed the work. “A small sign that gives light to those who go to the hospital every day to work but also to citizens. A kind of beacon to try to orient ourselves in this difficult moment ”.

“I imagined an alphabet of letters, to create new words to share and to imagine new visions, in a participatory and open dialogue with the City. During the day, the work is illuminated through the reflections of natural light, the flow of the colors of the sky and the landscape in a never the same color scheme, which becomes a kaleidoscope of new possibilities “, explains the artist Massimo Uberti.“When evening falls, the Leonardesque message reported in the neon sign, universally considered the first law of ecology, reminds us that only by respecting all the elements of nature and through the coexistence of diversity, man can look to the future”. And everything is connected with all the others will be visible until Thursday 7 January 2021. Then the fir will be brought back to the nursery in Brescia from which it comes, to guarantee it a second life.
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