#MetKids—Create a Flip Book

Follow along with Krishna, age 12, and learn how to create and animate a flip book.


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–sticky notepad
–pencil or pen


1. Start with a blank stack of sticky notes. You might want to split one notepad into thirds, so you end up with three smaller stacks to make more than one flip book.
2. Wrap tape around the sticky end of one of the stacks to prevent it from breaking apart when you draw in it.
3. Start on the last sticky note and draw a picture on the bottom half of the page. If your drawing is too close to the top, where the notes stick together, you might not see it when you thumb the flip book at the end.
4. Flip to the next sticky note (the second-to-last one in the stack) and see how your first drawing shows through the paper.
5. Trace the still parts of the picture, the ones you don’t want to move in the animation.
6. Change the parts of your drawing that you do want to animate, or move.
7. Flip to the next page. Repeat tracing the still parts and changing the parts that you are animating.
8. As you fill the notepad from back to front, animate the movements little by little, page by page. You can flip your notepad (from back to front) to check your progress and see if you want to make changes.
9. Once you finish your series of drawings or fill the entire notepad, use your thumb to flip the pages from back to front to watch your animation.


#MetKids is a digital feature made for, with, and by kids!

About #MetKids

#MetKids Contributor: Krishna

Inspired by “Northeaster” by Winslow Homer.

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