#MetKids—How to draw with an Eraser

Follow along with Brandon, age 9, and learn how to use your eraser to draw.


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–paper towel


1.Take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Place your pencil in your palm to grip it, and hold your elbow out to the side. Then start rubbing the side of the point of the pencil across the page to make broad strokes.
2. Cover the entire page with the graphite. You can go over your marks in the opposite direction to make the background even darker.
3. Rub the background with a paper towel, making small circles to blend the background.
4. Using your eraser, create highlights by erasing away parts of the background. You can create shapes with these highlights.
5. When your eraser becomes covered in graphite and no longer erases, rub it on a separate sheet of scrap paper to remove the graphite.
6. If you make a mistake when you are drawing with your eraser, use the tip of the pencil to fill in the area you want to redraw and blend again with a paper towel.
7. After you erase to make the shapes in your picture, you can use the tip of the pencil to reinforce the shapes or add in details.


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