MISC Studio Creates Relationships Between People + Space

MISC Studio Creates Relationships Between People + Space

Based in Seoul, South Korea, MISC Studio is helmed by an artist and a designer exploring the relationship between people and space. Their end goal is to create interaction beyond language, through visuals alone. Today we’re sharing their latest, a furniture retrospective on traditional Korean culture that’s been modernized. An accompanying modern dance performance – the Living Performance Project – focuses on the emotions formed by the perception of the Klassiker lounge chair and SEOULBAN side table they’ve created. The viewer is then immersed in the furniture and its design.

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brown chair

MISC Studio’s Klassiker is a lounge chair inspired by the traditional Korean A-frame carrier: ji-gae. Klassiker is designed to support weight with a simple system, the tension of the extended front and rear legs, along with the stability of oval-shaped wooden support, create a perfect balance. The A-frame structure on the back of the Klassiker is designed to be durable and express the classical ji-gae structure.


ji-gae (Korean A-frame) is a traditional Korean carrier used to efficiently transport heavy objects through weight distribution.

brown chair sideview

brown chair backview

person standing between a chair and ji-gae

black chair side profile

detail of chair back

brown side table

The SEOULBAN side table reinterprets a Korean dining table used since 37 A.D. through today. Functionality is improved with the more compact size, its simplicity marks the old days of Seoul. Inspired by Susunjeondo, an old map portraying Hanyang (old Seoul) during the Joseon Dynasty, SEOULBAN puts forth a modernized dining table linked to traditional furniture. The boundary of Seoul is marked with a heavy squared wooden top with curved edges. Molding details around the table’s base signify the eight castle gates that surrounded Seoul.

map of Hanyang

Susunjeondo is an old map that portrays Hanyang (old Seoul).

black side table

brown side table

detail black side table

person walking across row of side tables

To learn more about MISC Studio, visit misc.kr.

Source: design-milk

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