Modern Scandinavian Bentwood Furniture: The Lavitta Line

In designing this Lavitta line, Finnish designers Timo Mikkonen and Antti Rouhunkoski wanted to pay homage to Scandinavia’s tradition of all-wooden furniture while infusing it with something new. Rather than going with solid wood, the duo opted to work with veneered and molded plywood, which allowed for new forms; legs could flow upwards to morph into the seat or backrest, as seen in these chairs and lounge chairs from the series.

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The accompanying bar stools also have the legs flowing into the seat, though a joint was required in order to have the individual pieces still be practically manufacturable. As there is no way to hide these joints, the duo opted to instead draw attention to them, going with a sort of parabolic scarf joint.

They round the series out with tables and benches, which for me lose the DNA of the stools and chairs a bit, but are still attractive in their own right.

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The Lavitta line is in production by Mikkonen and Rouhunkoski’s own brand, Poiat Furniture.

Source: core77

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