Mom Uses Camera To Recreate How Her Kids View Their Toys

Kids have great imagination, and that’s something that I believe that all of us can agree upon. What could seem boring to us adults could be something fun, colorful, and exciting for them. This is what Justina witnessed firsthand on her kids — their ability to create visual images in their minds, as well as their ability to breathe life into their toys.

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So, I tried to capture those images with my camera and found the new perspective (quite literally, actually) of the situation and looked at the world in a way my kids do daily. It started as a fun game for me and my kids to create these little stories, by searching perfect locations. And so, the patch of land became a desert, young grass turned to the jungle, anthill for us looked like a battlefield. All the toys came to life.

Check out the beautiful photos of her “Secret Adventures of Toys” project over at Bored Panda.

(Image Credit: Justina/ Bored Panda)

Source: neatorama

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