More New Tools on the Way

GoDrilla bodies.

While our printing plants were idled or working with extreme staff shortages, we worked on new Crucible tools to keep us busy. Next week we will release the Crucible GoDrilla, a bit extender that locks tight with zero wobble. 

What’s a GoDrilla? Read this

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We have the parts for 500 on hand and will start assembling them on Monday. We’ll also be able to calculate the retail price next week now that we have all the manufacturing costs in hand.

GoDrilla Nuts.

I have been using the heck out of the GoDrilla for months and am completely satisfied.

We’re also starting production on Crucible Center Squares (what, no money-esque name?), which are useful for marking the centers of round and octagonal parts. We are going to make two sizes. The first one is a small guy in steel we are calling Little Rudy™ (no, it’s not really trademarked). 

We are also working on a larger, fancier one. Details on that to come soon.

And in about three weeks, we should have some new books in the warehouse. I cannot wait.

— Christopher Schwarz

Little Rudy™


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