“My HUSBAND Got A Thank You Card For ‘Sharing’ Me With The Hospital”: Nurse’s Infuriating Thank You Card Goes Viral Online

We all want to be appreciated for doing well at work. It feels nice to know that you make an impact on others and that someone is noticing how much effort you put into the small details. But as I always like to say, “Actions speak louder than words.” And what would be even better than a verbal or written expression of gratitude would be a raise or monetary bonus, extra vacation days, better benefits, etc. I’m not too picky.

One nurse, however, recently shared on the Antiwork subreddit that she received a thank you note from her employer… That wasn’t for her. After being forced to work overtime since the onset of covid, all hospital employees have become absolute heros (but let’s be honest, they were even before this). Yet somehow, this boss did not know how to properly thank their overworked (and likely underpaid) staff. Below, you can read the infuriating note yourself, as well as some of the comments heated readers have left, and let us know what you think of this situation. Then, if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article calling out delusional employers, check out this story next.

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This nurse recently shared an infuriating note her employer wrote to her husband

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Some readers had similar stories to share in the comments

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Nurses have never had it easy. Working grueling hours, having overnight shifts regularly, helping people who often cannot or will not thank them, and being expected to have it all together all the time. Especially since the pandemic began, nurses have been overworked, underpaid and completely drained. They absolutely all deserve bonuses, vacations, thank you notes, and raises, but sadly, most of them are just expected to work overtime without complaining and without being given any extra incentives. And somehow, even though the woman who posted this card is the one who has been in the hospital for over 40 hours a week treating patients who desperately need help, her husband still receives credit.

The nurse also clarified some details in the comments

The idea that men receive credit for doing the bare minimum while women are expected to juggle everything perfectly without acknowledgement is not new. Fathers are often applauded or praised for going grocery shopping with their children, being a stay-at-home parent, doing most of the cooking and/or cleaning in a household, or doing activities with their kids like taking them to the park. Moms, on the other hand, are expected to do all of these things, so they don’t get a pat on the back when they manage to work a full-time job and manage their household. The double standards when it comes to parenting are still alive and well, unfortunately, and this employer certainly perpetuated the idea that no matter what the wife does, her husband is still working harder, making more sacrifices and making decisions for her. The assumption that he has to ‘share’ her, rather than the woman having her own free will, is just absurd.

Being away from your family for over 40 hours a week is not easy for anyone, however, the employer did not owe the husband a thank you while his wife was working grueling hours. And if the nurse’s boss actually wanted to make her feel appreciated, they could do so with a raise, a bonus, a paid vacation, or anything else that would incentivize her to keep working there. We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation down below. Would you have blown up at your employer after receiving this note? Because I think this nurse had every reason to.  

Other readers expressed their utter disdain for the note

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