Nebo's Funky Hinged Omni 2K Work Light

Unlike flashlights, portable work lights have no agreed-upon form factor, making it a fun sector to watch as the designers essentially invent new forms. Here’s an unusual one from Nebo, the Texas-based manufacturer that brought us that collapsible bucket/lantern.

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The Omni 2K is a hinged 2,000-lumen multidirectional work light with magnetic handles.

Each of the two lights can be pointed in different directions.

The lighting is dimmable, and can also be switched to red, for preserving one’s night sight.

The USB-C-rechargeable device also serves as a power bank.

The product photos actually do a poor job of telling the object’s “story,” and I found the product video better for illustrating use cases:

The Omni 2K retails for $55.

Source: core77

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