New Crucible Dividers, First Look

We’ve wanted to bring the Crucible dividers back into production and (here is the crazy part) actually not lose money in the process. The original dividers took entirely way too much time to polish. There was a lot of waste. And they were fussy to assemble.

With the help of mechanical designer Josh Cook (also a woodworker), we are now inching toward production. We have a working prototype. A hinge mechanism that is robust. And we are working with our machinist to streamline the production process to make the parts easy to mill and as inexpensive as possible.

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Still, these won’t be cheap. We are shooting for a retail of $100 to $120. 

There are lots of changes inside and out on the dividers. The surface finish is different. And the tension will be adjusted with a straight screwdriver. But they work just as well (in my opinion, and I use dividers every day at the bench).

I don’t have a timeline, yet. I hope we will have these in the store this summer, but that might be optimistic if we hit a snag.

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your patience.

— Christopher Schwarz


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