New “Germ Repellent” Business Class Suite

This latest private airline suite concept will be a dream come true for germaphobes, or for people who would like a very clean suite.The concept called ‘Pure Skies’ was created by UK design consultancy PriestmanGoode. The company improved hygiene and personal space by harnessing UVC light and heat cleaning, as Dmarge detailed: 

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“We’ve introduced UVC light and heat cleaning, in combination with photochromic and thermochromic inks in the materials and finishes,” the company wrote. “As the heat from cleaning reacts with the inks, a message of reassurance appears on seats, helping alleviate passenger anxiety about hygiene during boarding.”

“The pandemic will have a lasting impact on passenger expectations. Pure Skies is a complete review of both Economy and Business Class cabins.”

“Our vision takes into account development times, airline requirements for revenue streams, increased passenger concerns around hygiene and personal space and green recovery incentives,” PriestmanGoode added.

image via Dmarge

Source: neatorama

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