New Veneer Cone Laminating Method Promises "Endless Possibilities" for Furniture Design

A Scandinavian company called Clever Cone has patented a new, proprietary way to laminate veneer cones. Their special technique, the company says, “facilitates an endless range of possibilities.”

For one thing, a table leg would no longer need to be turned. They can apparently wring enough strength out of veneers to produce an arrangement like this:

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Note that the foot features a cork insert, obviating the need to add non-marring pads to the legs.

Less material is used overall.

The company is also thinking far beyond mere table legs:

“Clever Cone provides a new perspective of product development. It allows designers and manufacturers to develop products and components that previously were either too complex or expensive to produce. Whether it’s furniture, accessories, lighting or architecture. If it’s about replacing existing parts or developing completely new products, the Clever Cone can be applied wherever needed.

“The process of laminating enables an endless specter of cross-sections – geometric, organic, symmetric and asymmetric shapes. Depending on needs and desired looks, the cones can be pressed on demand to achieve the purpose of your project.”

I had hoped to catch some glimpse of their process, but they’re keeping it tightly under wraps. You can, however, contact them here.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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