Non-Americans Describe Their Genuine Reaction To What’s Going On In America Right Now

Let’s be honest, things in America have been pretty messed up lately. Political turmoil, social rights protests, and an embarrassingly bad response to the pandemic by both authorities and the public are just a few reasons why the situation in the country hasn’t been bearable.

However, is it really that bad? Maybe Americans are just blowing it out of proportion and being too hard on themselves? To find out, redditor IceCreamTacosPizza posted a question on the platform asking, “Non-Americans of Reddit, what is your genuine reaction to what’s going on in America right now?

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The post went viral immediately, and already has over 58,000 upvotes and 29,000 comments, painting a pretty good picture of what foreigners think about the US.


The US always appeared like an older, stronger brother – now it feels like this brother started using meth.


Being in the U.K. right now kind of feels like being a little boat that has broken down and everyone’s too busy being mad at the captain to fix anything. But then you look to the left and there’s a big cruise ship burning as it sinks with people fighting on every deck, and the captain’s throwing gasoline on everything, and you feel a little bit better about the s***** boat you’re in.


From Canada: Angry. Sad. Disappointed.

We used to think pretty highly of you, but now we just feel sorry for you. You are so divided we’re not sure how you can ever come together as a country again.

Your guns are out of control. Your racism is dividing you. Your politics are a disaster. Your healthcare system is a joke. Your pandemic is out of control and you will soon be in the depths of a depression, with more than 30m people without jobs. How do you feel so far?

Trump isn’t the cause of your problems, but he is the worst person and the worst solution you could ever hope for in that office, and is only making things worse. He is destroying you, and half of you actually support him. Don’t you know that he only cares about himself.

Wake up America!! Get rid of Trump. Get rid of all your guns. Give healthcare to everyone. Make black lives mean as much as white lives. Black Lives Matter Too.

We own a vacation home in California, so we have a personal connection to the US. But I honestly don’t know when we’ll ever see it again or even be able to cross the border.


Being an Italian and knowing roman history, I can say that in my opinion America is showing the classic symptoms of an empire in decline


It’s like watching Britney Spears go through that “shaved-head phase”


I used to really admire America. The last few years have changed that perception drastically. The blatantly corrupt politics seem to have the whole country in such a tight grip that from the outside it looks like a 3rd world country. Your president is lying constantly and obviously yet he has outspoken followers in the millions who just disregard his lies.

There seems to be no safety net for the average person at all and you seem to rely on luck to get through your life. “I hope I dont lose my job, if i do I am f*****,” “If I get sick i am f*****”, “Never mind the ambulance, I’ll call an Uber, I’d rather die than pick up the hospital bill,” “Oh s*** I had a kid, better start saving tens of thousands for college.”

Your police force is ridiculous. People with not even a high school diploma can become cops? Are you serious? Shooting people left and right.

Gun laws are out of control obviously.

Religion also. It plays such a huge role in your society to the point that it actually affects elections. In “the greatest country on earth” in 2020. It is insane.


Have you tried turning your country off and then on again?


I live in Germany. When I was younger, I always wanted to live in America. I thought it was great. Now, not even for a million dollars, I would never move there

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Honestly it’s borderline beyond comprehension. It constantly feels a little more like a poorly written soap opera than real life.


I knew there were lots of idiots, but the sheer quantity is mind blowing. And how so many Americans just can’t handle a view that’s different to their own or at least allow others to have a different view, is crazy.


You’re a country blessed with diverse land, money and democracy. But you have become your own worst enemy—healthy patriotism has turned into extreme nationalism and xenophobia, freedom has turned into anarchy. Also guns, like howww are they still a thing? Sad.


I’m a Canadian, living in Mexico since 2014. I seriously can’t wrap my head around it from either vantage point. It’s like watching a slow-motion car wreck – it’s horrifying and you know nothing good is going to come of it but it’s fascinating at the same time.


The first time I met a US libertarian, I was in the pub. He was a supposedly intelligent person arguing that “any form of taxation is robbery.” What a f****** idiot, I thought. Little did I realize how mainstream “libertarianism” is.

The Second Amendment is there to protect your precious democracy from tyrants. Ironic who the gun owners support the most.

Allowing the police to buy military surplus; what did you expect to happen?

Socialism is evil; but what about your fire service, police, army? Why do those things get special treatment? Why isn’t your healthcare on that list?

What saddens me the most is how the basics, such as universal healthcare and social support are so reviled by so many. Worst is that those who are the most vocal are probably not far from those who would benefit the most.


I live in the ***hole of the world Bosnia, Balkan. And it seems to me America just hit puberty.


For me I feel like nothing can surprise me now, I’m just like of course that’s happening now. I feel sorry for the sane people over there.


There isn’t a single thing that they can agree on, even basic human rights for people is a topic of discussion. There’s way too many idiots for a country that is so far developed


It looks like a collapse and I think I’m grieving, it’s like seeing a great teacher you used to adore slowly become an ***hole


With the economic divide larger than ever, I don’t believe the majority of Americans, who struggle to live decently, pay for healthcare and their kids education, still buy the freaking “american dream” BS.

The US has become one of these countries where if you start poor or in the wrong neighborhood or even because if your ethnicity, you’ll need to fight ten times harder than people like “rich white men”. I know there are example of successful people coming out of poverty on their own, and good for them, because they are the exception (not without merit!)

I come from a country where I could become a engineer spending only a few thousand euros for school, I get a lot of medical stuff covered if I need it, etc. Why wouldn’t everyone want that for everyone ?? Now that I’m making a living and paying taxes, I’m genuinely happy to pay taxes that will go fund this and other essential services.

TL;DR: I don’t understand why the people don’t all want affordable healthcare and education for everyone. This benefits the entire country and its economy in the long run.


Sadness. As a Norwegian I’ve never felt like the US is somewhere I would particularly like to live and work, but I’ve loved visiting and I have some really good friends over there. It looked like things were getting a bit better under Obama, but really the cracks were starting to show with the yearly government lockdowns. Now it’s at the point where I would be hesitant to visit even despite the pandemic. Last time (2014) there were guards with rifles in Dallas airport and it freaked me out. I can’t even imagine what it would be like now and whether I would feel safe around authority figures. As a white European highly educated female I would most likely be fine, but still. Just the fact that I feel like I have to consider this is crazy to me.


Confusion. It’s so bizarre, how is it possible? Followed by empathy. A tonne of empathy.


I can’t believe how Americans can politicise EVERYTHING?! Wearing masks, postal service and before these newer topics universal healthcare, free (or at least vastly cheaper) uni, higher taxation etc. are a reality in most developed countries, but in America it seems like you can just scream socialism and people are against everything. From my German point of view the two party system and electoral votes is seriously f**ked up and even the moderate democrats are pretty right-wing. Also, the recent handling of protesters and even the media, combined with Trump seemingly preparing the notion that the election will be rigged and he might not accept it, really feels like a third world country going back to a fascist regime. Although I don’t think that this will really happen, its just scary that it feels like a possibility.


You’re so polarised. If you’re a republican, democrats are evil Marxist trying to destroy America, and if you’re a democrat, republicans are evil fascists trying to destroy America. There’s an almost wartime mentality there of the enemy is evil and our leader can do no wrong(especially in republicans) that’s quite scary actually.


I used to be a fan of the USA.

At present for me it’s like watching your idol selfdestructing live on camera. Really sad to see this.


I genuinely feel sorry for you people.


Canadian here.

Like others have said, it’s really all beyond comprehension. To see a once great nation plunged into chaos and insanity, being ripped apart by a disease that is going unopposed, and is even supported by the country’s own President, and many citizens.

My country is going well all things considered, but I’m a bit scared that it’s going to make its way to us. We’re protected by a thin border and border patrol really. The American tidal wave could be disastrous to us if we let them through. We need to keep the borders closed for non-commercial travel.

I’m also a wee bit scared that they’ll export their stupid politicians and political radicalism to us, but that’s besides the point. Here in Canada, you see populist conservative Doug Ford working together with social democratic PM Trudeau to solve the virus issue in a unified effort. In general our politics is much more civil and calm. Meanwhile in America it’s protest and riot central, and the Federal government can’t even unify itself, Nevermind the nation, to deliver an effect response.

I really hope that long-term we won’t find ourselves emulating them in this area.


The writers of this season seem lazy..they’re just rehashing the previous BLM script, and throwing in the pandemic to mix it up and have really written themselves into a corner. I cant figure out who the protagonist is, because none of the characters are likeable. At least they’ve moved off of the school shooting theme this year. Trump is a poorly written villain, and they rely on his catch phrases too often. I think this will be the last season I watch.

The spin off season “The UK” showed promise, but they’re just copying the same tropes without any action. At least I know the Scots are the good guys in that one.


Brit who adored the US here. Spent 18 months living in Houston around 1998-2000. Travelled extensively and love the country and most of its people.

The US is in the darkest period I’ve known, and it is crumbling from the inside out. It’s not a recent thing, probably had its roots post WW2. The US realised it had the power and technology to rule the world to its own benefit and it went for it. The golden years of the 50, 60s and 70s have been followed by thinly disguised corporate and personal greed. All of this on top of a 2 tier difficult to crack race ceiling that in some states is allowed to persist unchecked.

The US is now in a pretty open rolling low level civil war, fuelled by a an idiot that the GOP is allowing to rule because they just want to cling to the status quo of the military industrial complex. Trump is an Emperor, with his princess and princes. Everyone with any insight or brains can see it, but there are a lot of supremely uninformed Americans in the Rust belt, the south and parts of the north who have been fed the line from Fox and Facebook that he is their saviour.

Most of the West is happy to let America sink, tired of Trump and the US’s decades of foreign policy meddling.

For Russia it’s an old game for them, easy and cheap social media manipulation which is not discouraged by the GOP.

For China they are cleaning up. It’ll be a fairly bloodless benign coup. They are the Super Power in waiting.

It saddens me greatly.


I keep wondering why the “richest” country in the world still doesn’t have national free health services.


from mexico, i would say to all the ignorant people (and karens) with all love

you are not a clown, you´re the entire circus


as a Millennial from Toronto, I grew up thinking America was awesome. I thought it would be cool to live in New York when I was older. The past 5 years have been such a s*** show, I am so thankful to be from Canada. I dont think its Trump that is the main problem (although hes a huge one.) Its his legion of supporters that feel the same way he does. They will not go away once he leaves office. The problem is more permanent than some realize. Its been sad to see the US deteriorate.


I’m from Afghanistan. This s**t don’t faze me


You’re so busy flinging s**t at each other you can’t see the mess you’ve made


I think Mexico is probably now in favour of that wall


“America amirite” replaced talking about the weather. Everyone is dumbfounded by what’s going on.

On the other hand it’s sad that we know more about US politics than local politics. People protest for BLM in Berlin, and nobody talks about other things going on elsewhere.


It honestly just looks like a reality show. It’s really how you’d expect a country like america to be.


It is a silly place, let’s not go there.


Laughing out of glee and pity. A lot of The Americans used to call the South East Asia backwards, not civilised for preferring to eat with our hands, the overall smugness on our admittedly slow progression with technology. They have mocked our traditions and cultural belief saying it was out of date. They have been patronising with us Aseans with trying to “civilised” us. Looking down on that fact that we are a third world country. Pretending to give our countries a platform to voice out our opinions and concern, while actually dismissing our voice on world matters as irrelevant and uneducated. Calling someone cultural appropriating on our behalf, when we are actually fine with it and encourage them to join in with our culture. Bringing your frankly out of date ideas on cultural appropriation and planting the idea of segregation on our younger generations. You lot bring more trouble than relief to the table.

Now… It seems like the Americans are not as civilised as they seem to potrayed. Your country are f**ked up beyond belief and pitiful. Your political states is the same as any third world country. Your health care is bad. Worse than any self respecting third world country. Your country racial tensions and segregation is bad. Your food while it tastes good, does help in bringing your obesity level up and your health down. The only good thing is your iPhone are upgrading.

Maybe they should have learned something from us instead of trying to bring us up to their standards. Maybe next time, the USA should stop being patronising and stop believing they are superior to anyone else. Maybe next time you can stop the behavior of ‘me first’ and start being kind. Maybe next time, be nice to people.


I (german) am probably as angry as most US citicens about the whole politicle clusterf*** that is unfolding right now. The uncounted people dying of various causes like racism, ignorance, politicle games and natural disasters are a terrible loss that could be prevented. But the US is only the most covered clusterf**k in the media, what China is doing to it’s minorities is as mindboggeling as all the other sh**. In short, I would like to watch some cartoons and forget about this whole mess but I learned in history class one must never do that!


I don’t wanna talk about Trump, but wow, the anti maskers piss me off. Like, dude, wear a f**king mask. How hard can it be?


From Canada: your country is having a serious detrimental effect on ours right now, because morons are importing your politics (left and right). It’s not your fault that we’re so easily influenced but it’s still frustrating.

Also, your country is going to burn after this election, regardless of the result. I honestly hope you avoid a civil war. I’ve family down there, and typically whatever happens to you heavily effects us. You guys are so polarized right now it’s insane. You’ve gone from slowly solving race problems to making them a billion times worse (and it’s spilling over here), anyone that doesn’t agree with you is either a Commie or a Nazi (depending on which side of the aisle you’re on)

It’s f**king insane. My admiration for America has seriously dwindled. I hope you come out of it. I want to admire Canada’s big brother again, not be scared of it.

And no I don’t blame trump. He’s a symptom, not the cause.


In the immortal words of Michael Bluth.

“Well I don’t know what I expected”


UK citizen. Waiting anxiously for our leaders to spot what is happening and say hold my beer.


Living in another s**thole country (Republic of Moldova, Eastern Europe) I can confirm that what happens in USA right now is what we are experiencing here for more than 30 years. Even before that, even before USSR, we were quite a polarized country (I can’t even call us a nation).

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