Nordstrom's New $4,575 Winter Coat

If it’s worth nearly $4600 for you to be super-fashionable this winter, Nordstrom is selling this lovely Oversize Down Cape Coat from designer Rick Owens. The puffy quilted down jacket will reach your knees, but the “cape” is two narrow sleeves that drag the ground behind you. These sleeves have an opening you use for your arms that doesn’t quite cover your elbow. Even on a tall model in six-inch heels, they drag the ground. How would you keep them clean? Easy- anyone who can spend this much on a coat that doesn’t cover your arms can hire someone to carry that cape behind you. Or stay inside. Otherwise, it’s dry-clean only. The reviews at the product site are a hoot, and the comments at Fark include images of various pop culture characters (aliens and robots) that have super long arms and could use this coat. It’s also reminiscent of the wavy-arm guy outside your local car dealer. -via Fark

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Source: neatorama

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