Norsk Etikett Branding by Studio Oker

Check out this timeless new visual identity of Norsk Etikett.

Located in Stavanger, Norway, Studio Oker is a design firm working with brands at the intersection of technology and culture. They have been commissioned to create a new brand identity for Norsk Etikett, a family-owned supplier of self-adhesive labels with headquarters and production in Sandnes, Norway.

The client asked for a new brand identity and a website in order to reflect their position as a specialist printer with an ambition to remain at the top of their business.

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Studio Oker came up with a visual experience that has a timeless look drawing inspiration from labels in motion—being printed, cut, or pasted on a product. Both logo and corporate font (Bw Gradual) are based on contrasting soft and hard elements, giving the design its distinctive style. Below you can see a few images. Feel free to take a look at Studio Oker’s website or follow them on Behance for more.

All images © by Studio Oker. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring work from around the world in the Graphic Design and Branding categories.

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