“Not How Girls Work:” 58 Very Stupid Things Men Have Said About Women And Their Bodies (New Pics)

Some men do like to think that they know women better than they do themselves. Call it asshole syndrome or whatever, really, it doesn’t change how shockingly dumb some of their theories about women really are.

Like, women’s unnatural hair colors are warning signals to stay away, or that periods are telling you to hurry up and get pregnant. And while I’d like to know what kind of bad science fiction books they’re reading, this subreddit r/NotHowGirlsWork gives them a proper treatment in what they deserve: being put in their place and told to cut their BS statements!

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Today, we selected some of the best of the worst posts shared on the subreddit, and be sure to check out our previous posts here and here after you’re done reading this one.

#1 I Know It Doesn’t Belong Here But After So Many Misogynist Memes I Finally Found A Good One, So I Really Wanted To Share It With You Guys

Image credits: Impressive-Gate3074

#2 Wahmen Can’t Sculpt Like Da Menz Can

Image credits: ChaosSpiraling

#3 Stay Away From Girls With Bright Unnatural Hair Colors

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 Kind Of Like Going To Work For Free Coffee. But Not

Image credits: 888_traveller

#5 Well, At Least He Doesn’t Think Women Are Cows

Image credits: lelawes

#6 They Had Me In The First Half

Image credits: ethanclsn

#7 I-

Image credits: MayMayLarue

#8 I Really Needed To Share This. Victim Blaming Has Gone So Far, People Had To Put The Clothes Of The Victims In Am Exhibition. There Is Also A Little Girl’s Dress On Wall, Which Is Really Disturbing

Image credits: Impressive-Gate3074

#9 How Can He Get That Idea From This Description?

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Image credits: Jkbabble

#10 Yea Ladies! Turn Off Your Cramps Before You Get To Work… Gosh

Image credits: Tking179

#11 Vomited In My Mouth A Bit Reading This

Image credits: ChulaOmba

#12 Forget Sex Education, Even Basic Education Failed This Person

Image credits: IndianBolshevik

#13 News Flash: S**ts Wear Vans Because S**ts!

Image credits: saddleshoes

#14 More Milk = More Boobs

Image credits: serialkillersuccubus

#15 I Love Being Reduced To My Finest Qualities!

Image credits: alepko5

#16 Excuse Me While I Go Scream In A Pillow

Image credits: Xand3rban

#17 The Poster A Group Of Protestors Put Up At My College

Image credits: TruckDriverBob

#18 I Hope No Woman Has To Interact With This Person In Real Life

Image credits: kimberhenry

#19 Ah Yes, A Womens Hairology Expert Over Here

Image credits: MRDomus

#20 It’s That Easy

Image credits: pockcheese

#21 Seen On R/Niceguys

Image credits: bughugzz

#22 If There Is Sub Named Nothowlesbians Work It Would Be More Fitting But

Image credits: t00ryaa

#23 This Person Gets Their Ideas Of Women Exclusively From Slumber Party Scenes Written By Men

Image credits: Gredgin_

#24 They Are Just Trying To Turn Themselves Into A Victim At This Point

Image credits: EmancipationOfMe

#25 Yes!! Exactly This

Image credits: Gamerfaith

#26 Women Should Not Be Financially Independent.

Image credits: TouchAppropriate4502

#27 Omg. So Relatable

Image credits: The_OwO_Is_Comin

#28 Because All Girls Decorate Their Pcs Like This

Image credits: depechemonse

#29 “I Have Warrants”

Image credits: _gschaftlhuaba

#30 I Dont Think This Person Has Ever Talked To A Woman Before

Image credits: vamp-venom

#31 “Women Would Only Last Minutes Without Men”

Image credits: glhw

#32 Found On Another Sub, Women Only Like Harry Potter And Twilight Apparently

Image credits: Serious_Papaya8615

#33 I Can’t Believe I Found This

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 Apparently All Women Only Use ? For Manipulation

Image credits: WrittenRougeur

#35 I- I Don’t Even Know Where To Start With This One

Image credits: confusedwillshaper

#36 These Manipulative Assholes Are So Obsessed With Pitting Women Against Each Other Just So They Can Demonize Us Instead Of Blaming Themselves

Image credits: ChaosSpiraling

#37 Buddy, I Dont Think Thats How This Works.

Image credits: dragon_mom98

#38 It’s Depressing To See How Men Think Like This

Image credits: vemisfire

#39 So Like…most Girls Then.

Image credits: alreadytryingmybest

#40 Uhm I Don’t Think This Is How It Works…

Image credits: vladimirepooptin

#41 Because We Can’t Be Trusted ?

Image credits: Nyani_sokwe

#42 I Remember Seeing This As A Kid And Being Super Uncomfortable. Saw It Again And Nothing Has Changed About How I Feel.

Image credits: Squirtlewithahat

#43 I Guess Feminism Is Against Nature

Image credits: lolaisnthere

#44 Are You Kidding Me?

Image credits: mudgrinder

#45 Wow Dude Just Wow

Image credits: Yeetus-DeletusOwO

#46 Apparently Y’all Be Manhunting 24/7 Lol

Image credits: Boring_Psycho

#47 Til No Women Have Jobs. Top Tier Comedy From R/Memes.

Image credits: maximumrideforever

#48 Girls Just Made Up Chemistry ?‍♀️

Image credits: moonpuppies

#49 Why The Hell Do I Have To Keep Posting On Here?

Image credits: Bisismad

#50 Why The Catty Woman Stereotype Needs To Be Eliminated Immediately: Exhibit A

Image credits: calypsocoin

#51 If You Listen In Healt Class, You Don’t Need Sanitary Products

Image credits: FluffilyChipmunk

#52 On A Post About Bisexual Girls…

Image credits: Hot_Photograph5227

#53 Counterpoint: We Just Wear Whatever We Feel Like Wearing

Image credits: littlecoffeefairy

#54 Women Have No Friends Only Associates

Image credits: JumpCareless321

#55 Hypocrisy.

Image credits: chongyunsPopsicle

#56 Saw This On One Of The Main Boards ?

Image credits: TheScarfBastard

#57 Saw This On R/Memes

Image credits: directioner4ever2000

#58 Why Can’t We Be More Like Men? /S

Image credits: Odd-Remote-7523

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