Our Favorite (Clever and Useful) Designs from 2018

Here are the most clever designs we’ve come across in the past twelve months. These are just as outside-the-box as our favorite weird/unusual designs from 2018, but have the added benefit of being extremely practical.

Clever Contraption Makes Your Washing Machine Vibration-Free and Silent

The Magic Creeper: A Mechanic’s Creeper With No Wheels

Gala Systems’ Clever Spiralift Design Turns Columns Flat to Create Disappearing Auditorium Seating

Hideaway Solutions’ Brilliant Fold-Out Kitchen Stairs

These New Eyeglasses Can Change Focus from Far to Near at the Touch of a Button

British Company Designs and Builds Staircases That Transform Into Wheelchair Lifts

Safety Hoist: A Ladder That Carries the Heavy Stuff for You

A Roof Window That Transforms Into a Balcony in Seconds

A Sliding, Spinning Refrigerator Tray for Easy Access

Brilliant Design for a Gas Can: The SureCan

Simple, Clever Object That Makes Washing Dogs Easy

Two Designs for Folding Bookstands, One Portable, One Desktop

A Kinetic Clock That Changes Shape with the Time

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Source: core77

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