Pareidolia in the Cleveland Browns Logo

This is the logo for the Cleveland Browns football team. It is a football helmet; everyone can see that. But if you cropped it in a certain way, as Fox Sports did for the Christmas Day game against Green Bay, you lose that context and it looks like something else.

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No, you weren’t the only one who saw it. Far from it. It’s definitely a bunny rabbit, but people are split on whether it is pushing a shopping cart or using a walker. The difference may have to do with one’s experience with such devices. This is a prime example of pareidolia, when we see a familiar pattern in an image that is not necessarily there. In the Browns’ logo, the cropping took away the most important element of a helmet- it’s head shape. The helmet being the same color as the background doesn’t help. What was left was a jumble that our brains needed to make sense of. See more of these Tweets at Design Taxi. -via Digg

(Top image credit: Erik Drost)

Source: neatorama

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