People Are Having Birthday Parties In Quarantine And Here Are 30 Of The Funniest Pics

The coronavirus is a party pooper. People are trying to celebrate their birthdays, but social distancing won’t let them. No more hugs, no more kisses; all they get now are a few best wishes over the phone, and that’s it.

However, that doesn’t mean folks whose birthdays happened to correspond with the pandemic can’t treat themselves. Or cry about it. I mean, it’s their day, so they can do whatever the heck they want.

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Trying to make the most of it, people are sharing photos of how they’re spending this grand occasion under lockdown, and Bored Panda has compiled some of the funniest ones to commemorate them as well. Hip hip hooray.

#1 My Dad Found A Very Appropriate Card For My Cousin’s Birthday Today

Image credits: TheJackalope21

To all our Aries and Taurus readers who still want to have a fun get-together with friends and family, you can still do it. But in the virtual space. Create a Google Hangout, a Skype conference call, WhatsApp, Zoom, and FaceTime can also help to date with as many people as you wish. The best part is that they can still sing “Happy Birthday” to you and nobody will interfere with you blowing the candles. Remember, interaction is what gets us through social distancing, and we have all the tools to enjoy it.

For this year’s cake, prepare something homemade if you can’t order anything. What’s that, you don’t have any eggs or flour? You can find plenty of unique recipes on the internet.

#2 For My Daughter’s 12th Birthday I Got Her A Dog And Took Her Camping And Fishing. Not Something I’ve Ever Done Alone

Image credits: LizInMS

You can have a good birthday party all by yourself, too. Little Jacey Rudd did. Well, kinda. The Texas girl was supposed to bowl and play arcade games as well as visit Legoland, but her party plans were canceled amid social distancing guidelines put in place for the coronavirus quarantine.

So, Jacey and her older sister decided to gather some dolls and have a blast with them instead. The girls and their new ‘friends’ ate a cake their mom picked up from the grocery store, and her grandmother cooked chicken. “[We also] let her spray the Lysol cans to show her how to clean,” mom Brittany Bush-Rudd told The New York Post. “She was so excited to hold the can like an adult.”

“It really made our whole family realize that life is about the small stuff,” Bush-Rudd added. “Everything we did wasn’t much, but she liked it anyway. A kid is thanking you for Lysol and a doll!”

#3 This Cake My Family Made Me For My Birthday

Image credits: ToasterTech

#4 It’s My Birthday Today, And My State Is Going Into Lockdown. So I Figured I’d Throw A Party

Image credits: Brak23

#5 Ms. Kathryn Was Still Able To Celebrate Her 93rd Birthday With Her Family Even During The Quarantine

Her family and friends came to celebrate outside Westbury Medical Care and Rehab today and even in quarantine, made it so special for her.

Image credits: Westbury Medical Care and Rehab

#6 Entire Neighbrohood Came Together To Wish One Kid A Happy Birthday Despite Not Being Allowed To Have Parties

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Image credits: twogoodius

#7 My Wife’s Birthday Party Was Canceled Due To The Virus So We Made A Birthday Blanket Fort At Home Instead. No Real Candles Here, Just LED Ones

Image credits: sillysandhouse

#8 My Self-Isolated Birthday Party

Image credits: Starannosc

#9 It’s My BF’s Birthday, We Can’t Have Friends Over. Don’t Think He Approves Of Our Substitute Guests

Image credits: Michellehas2ls

#10 Shout Out To My Sister For Singing Happy Birthday To Me While I’m Self Quarantined. Here’s To 28

Image credits: oversharewithfamily

#11 I Have To Self Quarantine, But My Grandparents Still Came Over For A Birthday Celebration. Grandpa Gave Me A “Hug” Using Our 6 Ft Stick To Keep A Safe Distance

Image credits: bemphador

#12 My SO Refused To Let Me Have A Cake-Less Birthday While Under Quarantine, So He Learned How To Make One For Me. He’s A Keeper

Image credits: wellsee2

#13 My Nephew Had A Social Distancing 15th Birthday Party

Image credits: PaulyPickles

#14 Dorothy Didn’t Let Social Distancing Stop Her From Celebrating Her 92nd Birthday With Her Loved Ones. Happy Birthday, Dorothy

Image credits: aperioncare

#15 My Daughter Feeding My Brother A Cupcake During His Virtual Birthday Party

Image credits: awesomom

#16 Today It Was Our Teammate’s Birthday. The Company Decided To Send Her A Cake And Gather Everyone To Sing “Happy Birthday”

Image credits: dancingshiningv

#17 My Brother’s Birthday During The Lockdown

Image credits: ulyssespre

#18 Can’t Celebrate My Birthday IRL Because Of The Quarantine, So Shed Some Happy Tears When I Turned On My Game This Morning And My Villagers Threw Me A Party

Image credits: ChunkyPupper

#19 I Couldn’t Go Out For My Birthday Today, So I Bedazzled The Living Room And Got Real Extra

Image credits: sunmellie

#20 Grandma’s On Lockdown For Coronavirus So We Surprised Her To Sing Happy Birthday. She’s 96

Image credits: salmonpilot

#21 Honk, It’s Renée’s Birthday!

Image credits: alinepadfieldcoaching

#22 My Friend Received A Coronavirus Birthday Cake

Image credits: Wizzmer

#23 Thank You For Surprising Me With A 6 Ft Distance Birthday Cake And Flowers

Image credits: melikajan

#24 This Is A College Student Who Was Evacuated From Wuhan And Is In Quarantine. But In Turkey Quarantine Does Not Prevent Us From Celebrating A Birthday

Image credits: starbuckwhatchahear

#25 My Sister’s Birthday Is On Wednesday So I Made Her A Quarantine Card

Image credits: daniunicorn

#26 Birthday Drink With My Sister

Image credits: partythumb

#27 Despite All That’s Going On, I Still Have The Gift Of Life And For That I’m Very, Very Grateful

Image credits: nickname_is_nikki

#28 84-Year-Old Greatgrandpa Singing Happy Birthday To 5-Year-Old Grandgrandchild

Image credits: psyentstwo

#29 B-Day Party In The Age Of Covid-19

Image credits: BassMonster808

#30 Birthdays. Covid-19 Style

Image credits: 80runs


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