People Are Posting Photos Of Strange Cats Visiting Their Homes On This Facebook Group, And Here Are 160 Great New Pics

You’re babysitting someone’s kids, but their cat keeps staring at you. So you call the kids’ parents and ask them what’s up with their catto. They tell you to get the kids and run because they don’t have a cat! While nowhere near as dramatic as my take of a classic short horror story, a surprising number of people have had unknown cats mosey into their homes.

The ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Facebook group is the perfect place for people to share fun and funny photos of unfamiliar felines claiming dominion over their property. The community has grown 30k members since being founded in October 2016. But enough talk—time for some cat pics. That’s why you came here, isn’t it, dear Pandas? Get ready to scroll and remember to upvote your fave images. And be sure to check out Bored Panda’s newest interview with the founder of the group, Stevie Holcomb, below.

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Need some more photos of cats that totally aren’t yours? Check out Bored Panda’s previous article about the wholesome community right over here when you’re done petting all of the cats in this list.

#1 This Is My Patio And My Budgie, But Not My Cat

He showed up one spring hoping to mate with my two girl cats. But my girls are fixed and are permanently not in “the mood”. After breaking into my house, eating all the cat food and spraying, I looked into taking him to the Cats Home. They said he would most likely be put down as they felt he might not be easily adopted. So I decided to keep him. I buttered him up with food until I could pet him and booked him in with the vet to be neutered and microchiped. His name is Oskar and he’s been with us for 6 years.

Image credits: Roxe McCarthy

#2 Not My Cat Provided Me With 13 Not My Kittens This Year. She Is Now Not My Spayed Cat

Image credits: Linda Stearns

#3 My Kitchen, Not My Cat. My Older Cat Escorted Him In Through The Kitty Door And Walked Him Over To The Food Bowl!

Image credits: Pat Bathe

Founder Stevie was over the moon with joy that the “My House, Not My Cat” group reached over 30k members. According to her, the last time Bored Panda published an article about the page, there were around 20k members. A 50 percent increase is nothing to laugh at—it’s wonderful news.

Stevie said that every time that she logs into Facebook (that’s around once an hour), there are always one or two posts waiting for her to moderate. “With 7 admins and mods that’s quite a lot,” she said. Since Bored Panda’s last article about the Facebook group in July, the number of moderators and administrators has increased from 3 to 7 as the community has grown.

The founder also revealed to Bored Panda that the community has become more close-knit during the lockdown. “People love the group. There’s no way we could get rid of it. It’s amazing how many people get cat visitors.”

#4 My Husband. Not My Cat. She Wandered In And Became Miss Steal Yo Man. This Was Last Night. She’s Still Here Today…. I Don’t Think She Has Plans To Leave

Image credits: Brenda Evangelista

#5 3 Years Ago On Bonfire Night This Void Yelled Out From The Void Of My Damn Walls/Roof. My Wall Vent, Not My Cat

Image credits: Bethany Burnett

#6 My House. Not My Cat. It Only Took 10 Years, But One Of Our Long Term Ferals We Have Cared For Just Crawled Into My Lap. I’ve Never Felt More Honored

Image credits: Brigitte Baker

Stevie shared some of the group’s plans for 2021, too. She said that they’ll keep “moving along” like they have been. But before we ring in the New Year, she says there’s something pleasant waiting for all the members of the group: “We have a surprise for Christmas—a ‘gift’ from the admins and a special thread just for the members. We just hope more people get mystery cats!”

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Finally, the founder said that all posts either meet the criteria set out on the group page or they don’t. There’s rarely a gray area. “If they don’t, it’s usually because of rule 5 (has to be your experience, your house and not your cat) or rule 2 (no viral content, fundraising, etc.).”

#7 My Couch, Not My Cat. She Or He Is Since The Lockdown Every Day In Our House And Sometimes She Sleeps In Our Bed At Night. She Us So Kind And Love Her So Much

Image credits: Jacqueline Dante

#8 Doing Dishes And Glance Out The Window These Are Not My Cats

Image credits: Morgan Wilson

#9 This Is My Rabbits House, He Doesn’t Have A Cat

Image credits: Bobbi Barry

Stevie previously told Bored Panda that she founded the group after seeing meme after meme about cats in other people’s homes popping up all over the net. She thought they were brilliant. After a bit of research, she saw that nobody had created a group for cats that let themselves in through open windows and doggie doors, so she took charge and made one.

What’s more, Stevie recently posted that the number of submissions has increased to the point that they’ll have to be much more selective on what gets featured. So we can expect even higher-quality posts in the future.

Earlier, Stevie said that a lot of people have the misconception that strange cats won’t ever wander into their homes. But then life surprises them and there you go—they’ve got a feline to take a photo of and post to the ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Facebook page.

#10 My Neighbours Cat Arrives With A Meow At 7am And Stays The Whole Day Until Said Neighbour Texts Me At 5pm Asking For Her Cat Back

Image credits: Keiran Currah

#11 This Baby Kitty Was Not Our Cat

She followed my daughter home from the neighborhood store, walked right in the house and snuggled up. She pretended to be sweet, loving and cuddly. After one week of searching for her owner, we figured we would keep her. She must have used her spidey sense because she went from being a loving sweet kitty to a holy terror of a devil cat. She brings in at least one dead bird a day, body slams our other cats, smacks the dog, and will eat anything and everything you might leave on the counter. She has even jumped into the oven and we found her inside the refrigerator once. She wasn’t our cat, but she made sure she ended up being our cat.

Image credits: Jennifer Lee

#12 My House. My Porch. My Packages. Not My Cat. I Think This Is Part Of A New Program Through Amazon Prime… “Securikitteh”. Because Nobody Messes With My Packages. N O B O D Y

Image credits: Brigitte Baker

#13 My House, Not My Cat! She Silently Followed Me Through The Front Door, Then Jumped On The Sofa. Took Me By Complete Surprise. No Collar, So I Decided To Call Her Miss Pring, As She Made The Loudest “Prrringg” Noise To Get My Attention!

Image credits: Laura Litster

#14 So Sorry For Breaking The Rules (And This Will Be My Only Update I Promise)—i Posted A Few Weeks Ago About The Feral Family Of Six That Are Taking Over My House (But Not My Cats). Today I Caught The Ferals Knotted Up On My Car Sleeping. Two Jumped Down Immediately, But The Rest Took Enough Time Out Of Their Busy Day To Give Me The Stink Eye. When They Feel Brave Enough To Do That, I Think That’s When They Officially Become Your Cats

Image credits: Criss Miller Smith

#15 This Is My Mom In Her Kitchen. She Doesn’t Own A Cat

Image credits: Paula Leech

#16 This Is My House And This Is What Greets Me When I Open My Front Door. We Have 2 Cats And This Is Not One Of Them

Image credits: Emily Zagar

#17 My Kitchen Island, Not My B E B B Y.

My Roommate Was Taking The Trash Out And Heard Some ~screms~. She Found This B E B B Y By The Dumpster. She Is Veri Smol And Veri Cute. We Named Her Miso. The Vet Thinks Miso Is About 4 Weeks Old. We May Keep Her If The Other Cats Get Along With Her, But If Not We Have A New Home Lined Up. For Now We Are Raising Someone’s B E B B Y. This Is My Idea Of Child Support.

Image credits: Shelby Riley

#18 My House, Not My Cat. We Are Bookended By Farms So People Toss Their Unwanted Cats Here. The Cats Know I’m A Sucker For Kitty Snuggles

Image credits: Zarah Elizabeth Beishline

#19 This Is Our House. Not Our Cat

Some one dumped a little tabby cat outside our house. He was hiding under the car next to the road. Meowing very loud. Much to the horror my my other two older cats. I went out, got on my hands and knees and meowed back to the little kitten for 30 mins. He eventually came out and inside. He was so skinny. Gave him some mushed cat food and watered down milk. We went to bed thinking he would be gone out the cat door. 2 minutes later he was on the bed.

Image credits: Adam Gemmell

#20 My Cat Sam Eating, His Friend Robyn From Next Door, Patiently Waiting His Turn

Image credits: Lori Hilderman Barsi

#21 My House, Not My Cat (Or Sponge.) She Just Came Running Through The Garden And Into The House With This Thing In Her Mouth

Image credits: Jennie Huggins

#22 My Bed. Not My Cat

This is Tiger. He lives nearby me. He has humans, but they don’t take great care of him. He was attacked by an animal and developed an abscess on his head which I treated a few months ago, and he began spending more and more time bouncing between my porch and my neighbors’. Someone set out a bed for him. I began giving him wet food and flea treating him. Finally, I bit the bullet and got him combo tested to make sure he was safe to allow around my two cats— negative for everything. So…maybe he’s part-time my cat.

Image credits: Ashley Mie

#23 My House Not My Cat

I have cried for the last 3 days. I have never been a cat person. I grew apparently VERY attached to my not my cat. I have bought him cat toys and a giant kitty tower. He went missing 4 days ago. I have cried since day 2. I have kitty kittied and walked my property so many times. Yesterday I broke and sobbed just knowing something had ate him. I checked at 2 AM for the probably 20th time to see of he was home…nothing. This morning I cried again…my not my cat came home!!! He ate his food like he was starving and then chattered and meow at me like I never fed him. I see now how humans become cat slaves…there has to be a magical bond somewhere.

Image credits: Bobbi Jo Carter

#24 Again? I Do Not Own This Cat. I Do Not Know This Cat. I Do Not Know How This Cat Got In My House

Image credits: October23rd2077

#25 My House, My Couch, Not My Cat(S) – At The Time The Picture Was Taken

This very young stray started visiting our yard this summer. Her visits became occurring daily; it became obvious she was spending nights there, too. Then she gave birth to 4 kittens under the porch. Soon she moved them into the garage. Next she started bringing them onto the porch . . . then into the kitchen . . . . then one day I woke up from a nap, and there they all were. I don’t think they plan on leaving.

Image credits: Casey Nager

#26 This Is Definitely Not My Cat, Even Though She Really Really Acts Like It.

Olive is my neighbors cat who has a raspy smokers meow. We recently moved in and she made herself instantly at home by burgaling into our house through the windows and front door that I leave open through the day. We live tiny, so sometimes I will be facing one direction in my home, turn around and be greeted out of nowhere by a meow that sounds as if she just puffed on 20 packs of cigarettes.

Image credits: Tori Hanekom

#27 Not My Cat, Sleeping Under My Grill

Image credits: Holly Roseberry

#28 Stanley Update! To Recap, Stanley Was A Stray Who Would Visit The House To Be Fed. He Sometimes Would Appear On The Windowsill Or The Balcony.

Last week we found him in front of the house, something terrible had happened to him so we brought him to the vet. The vet had to remove his eye. He’s been recuperating in our spare room since. Yesterday I brought him back to the vet to have his stitches removed, get him neutered and updated on vaccines, deworming etc. The vet said he’s healing up really well and that he’s put on weight! He’s wearing a shirt because he kept licking the anti tick and flea meds on his nape (he doesn’t seem to mind at all, he’s walking around like he wears shirts everyday).

We have decided to keep him, he’ll never be allowed outside again. He’s such a sweet cat, he loooves belly rubs and doesn’t bite. Next step is to introduce him to our sassy tortie girl.

Please tell him how hambsome he looks 

Image credits: Rosie Coyne

#29 I Was Directed Here From Another Group. This Is Not My House, Its My Parents New Neighbors House. And This Is Definitely Not My Cat.

Image credits: Emily Partington

#30 My House Not My Cat. Unless Something Changes And His Owners Are Found, He Is Staying

Image credits: Ashley Louise

#31 My House’s Cat Bed, Not My Possum…

Image credits: Boyd Jones

#32 These Two Guys Are My Cat, Bubba’s, Friends. Including Brown Cat! (The Other One I Call Pip). But This Is His Crew. They’re Two Outside Stray Cats, Formed An Alliance W Mine And Have Been Patrolling The Hood Ever Since. Probably Longer Than I Realize

I saw Brown Cat around for two years before he finally got brave enough to get close to me. Pip wasn’t even fixed so I took care of that. I have had to do sooooo much for these hooligans but they’re part of Bubba’s crew so we look out for them.

Image credits: Morgan Sager

#33 My House, My Bed, Not My Cat! This Is Max, A Ginger Cat That Belongs To My Neighbor, And He Came By To Watch Some TV With Me

Image credits: Yael Gold

#34 My House, Not My Cat. I Could Hear Him, But Took Me A While To Find Him. This Is A Neighbour’s Cat George. You’ll Probably Be Seeing A Lot Of George

Image credits: Benjamin Todd

#35 My Deck.. Not My Cat And Kittens. We Keep This Large Carrier Outside For Our Tnr Cat Max. I’m So In Love With Them All Already

Image credits: Morgan Bednarek

#36 My House Not My Cat. Neighbor Peaches Shows Up Whenever A Box Opens Up. It’s Like Magic. Never Fails. Had To Delay Planting For A Few Hours

Image credits: Teri Gwin

#37 My Family, Our New House And Definitely Not Our Cat. It Is A Neighbourhood-Cat But Still Is Around When People Present, Former Owner Used To Feed Him And Now It Seems Our Responsibility

Image credits: Christopher Römer

#38 My Laptop, Not My Cat

She came to our house few weeks ago and then start comforting herself and following people in the house. Then this week, she start hijacking my laptop.

Image credits: Atik Ariyani

#39 My Wife And I Have One Cat, Named Ursula. She Lives In The House. Neither Of These Kitties Are Ursula

Shadow is by the fence. She lives with the neighbor but gallivants around the neighborhood. She has a little bell on her collar so we know when she’s coming. We call the other cat Thuggie Boi bc he’s got a clipped ear, so we know he’s been in the system. We think Thuggie lives at one of the houses behind us. I’ll put out a can of food in the early evening and they’ll come by and graze. I’m a cat dad through and through, so these cats aren’t mine, but they’re mine in my heart.

Image credits: Jeremy Streem

#40 My Cat Is Trying To Move His Friend In

Image credits: Rebecca Lavender

#41 Intruder Alert

He showed up now!!!! AND GUESS WHAT????? HE ALMOST TOUCHED ME, ALMOST!!! He was exploring the room next to my bed and I put my hand down really slow and he looked at it!!! He was like 2,5 inches away from my hand!!!! AND DIDN’T RUN AWAY! HE JUST LOOKED AT IT AND CONTINUED EXPLORING! ALSO!! HE WAS PLAYING WITH ARTEMIS!!! They were running around and playing, so cute!!! I placed another blanket on the couch for him to be extra cozy and warm at night I’m sooooo happy right now!!!!

Image credits: Paula Saicosque

#42 Sooo Last Night As I Was Walking To My Apartment From My Car This Little Cutie Meowed At Me And Was So Nice She Let Me Grab Her!

 We Live In An Apartment Complex Where They Drive Like Maniacs And She Was Just Laying In The Middle Of The Road! She Has A Collar And We Tried Calling The Number But It Is Disconnected. I Emailed Pictures To The Complex That Way They Can Try And See Who’s The Owners! So We Are Kitty Sitting Since Last Night! So My Apartment, Not My Kitty But I Wish She Was!!! Her Name Is Cali And She Is So Damn Sweet And Purry!!!

Image credits: Jessica M. Henriquez

#43 My House, Not My Cat

 Although Clearly She Thinks I’m Her Human. The Neighbours Cat, Honey, Stayed Over Last Night. I’ve Been Trying To Evict Her As She Is Quite The Murderer And My Garden Birds And Other Critters Are Suffering but Clearly All My Attempts To Return Her To Her True Mother Have Failed. At Least While She Is Indoors I Know She’s Not Out There Killing. She Has Already Brought Me Two Snakes This Week, Leaving Them On My Bedroom Floor. She’s Clearly Quite Taken With Me.

Image credits: Tamsyn Bouttell

#44 My House. My Lap. Not My Cat. Probably My Part Time Cat

Slightly late for our evening cocktails, Sir Pockets of Chonkington decided to knock at my open window tonight to pick me up for our date. I came out and boom. Lap kitty. A whole lot of lap kitty.

Image credits: Bea Guerrero

#45 My House, Not My Cat. Shes A Homeless Kitty And She Can Stay Safe In Our House During Halloween

Image credits: Maegan Toth

#46 Walked Into The Kitchen Last Night – My House, Definitely Not My Cat She Looked Completely Settled As If It’s Her Secret Nightly Nap Spot

Image credits: Chaja Girard

#47 My House Not My Cat

I found out recently that this cat I’ve been feeding 3 times a day is not a stray, but belongs to a neighbour at the end of our street. I was showing her random photos on my phone and she asked why I had so many of her cat. This cat is a six-dinner sid and I am a sucker

Image credits: Liz Lyons

#48 My House, Not My Cat

This handsome fella was clearly living in my house, without my knowledge for a while. My cat is a Turkish Van and has a very distinctive, deep and loud meow. I started hearing a different meow, for 10 days I thought I was going crazy. Then I spotted this… Which then progressed to joining me for petting. I took him to the vet. He is microchipped. He came from approx 10 miles away. Turns out the owners, told my vet, they rescued him from the shelter, he hides from them behind the washing machine, they don’t like him, and now don’t want him. So…. He’s now my cat and he loves my dogs as well as us.

Image credits: Rachael Stammers

#49 My Neighbor Tagged Me In This Post Yesterday To Let Me Know That Her Cat Was Outside My Front Door Waiting For Me To Bring Her Out A Sheba. Her Cat Will Hound Me Relentlessly For Food Even Though She Has All The Food Her Can Eat Right Next Door. I Love Hank So Much. (Yes, Hank Is A Girl!!)

Image credits: Sabrina Street

#50 His Is Not My Cat

She Followed My Cat Home One Day When She Was A Kitten, Chill Enough To Hang Around, Not Chill Enough For Pets. We Had A Hurricane Hit On The 16th, So She Sheltered In Our Garage With A Handful Of Other “Nmc’s.” Turns Out She Was Pregnant And Birthed A Single White Kitten During The Storm. Afterwards She Spirited It Away. Yesterday I Found Him Back In My Garage. I’m So Happy She Feels That This Is A Safe Space For Her Youngin.

Image credits: Kimberly Young Stearns

#51 My Kitchen, My Dogs, Not My Cat. Hank Lives Next Door And Waltzes In Whenever He Feels Like It, Especially When It’s Cold.

Image credits: Cathy Smith Asay

#52 My House, Not My Cat. In And Out Carrying In Groceries. Finally Done, Went Into The Living Room To Put My Feet Up. This Is Not My Cat

Image credits: Sharon Parrotte

#53 My House, My Wife, My Bed. Not My Cat

Image credits: James Cheney

#54 My Neighbor’s Cat, Paisley, Is A Cutie But Super Shy

Yesterday I heard a noise at my back door and there she was knocking on the glass with her little paw. I opened the door, but she walked away like she made a mistake. I shut the door and immediately she’s back, knocking again. This happened several times until she finally left.

Image credits: Jeanette Parker

#55 Our House, Not Our Cat, But We Just Had To Keep Him. Meet Biggy

That’s not his birth name, but he answers to it now. We saw this beautiful big-faced tabby hanging out in the backyard. It wasn’t long before he discovered he could come over for a meal. He took up residence on our back porch. Not two weeks later, we had to take him to the vet because he had a urinary blockage. They did a procedure andl kept him there two nights for observation. He ended up costing us $1000 altogether. After that, we decided to let him in. We paid enough for him, after all. Turned out to be the best cat we ever had. He’s very affectionate and loyal, and he gets along great with our three poodles. He goes outside to pee, just like a dog. And last week, when my wife took our dog, Collin, for a walk, Biggy followed right along. We expect soon he will start barking.

Image credits: Larry AndMarie Boehm

#56 My House Not My Cat

So I came home today and my husband says “Hey Beastly somehow escaped but the neighbour brought him home. I locked him in the bathroom because he got filthy”. I look into the kitchen and see Beastly sleeping on a chair “Beastly is in the kitchen” … … … This is not my cat.

Image credits: Renee McAllister

#57 My House, My Bed, Not My Cat

He technically belongs down the street, but has been sneaking in over here since before I moved in.

Image credits: Danielle Rowland

#58 Our Wheelchair, Not Our Cats

Ok so me and my child we went to the park today, it all started when my daughter wanted to sit on the bench for a bit, a little bit later a tiny kitten came out of the bushes and we were thrilled – obviously- so after playing with her a bit, the lil kitty decided to try out my daughter’s wheelchair which she thankfully found to be comfy, few minutes later her sister joined and in a minute or two we had their mommy (I think?) Joining the party. So the three settled in but then a fourth cat came out of the blue too and joined, so now we have a family of 4 adorable felines who decided this is gonna be their bed for the afternoon nap. honestly we felt like intruders so we had to remove all our stuff from the chair to make a space for the new owners and in the last pic, a huge crow joined us but only watching from a distance. Oh and I forgot to say, the two tiny kittens discovered my lap, my shoulder and my head eventually; so I can safely say that it was the best day ever.

Image credits: Meema Squidd

#59 My Cousin’s Cottage , Not Her Cat!

Image credits: Elena Sukhoparova

#60 Close To Midnight Five Years Ago, I Was Startled By The Pathetic Mewling Of An Unhappy Kitty

My husband and I went all over our house, opening cabinet and closet doors in an attempt to free whichever kitty of ours had managed to trap his or herself. According to the vet, kitty was malnourished and suffering from ringworm on her ears. She was so young that she still had her milk teeth. In order to treat the ringworm, we had to massage an ointment all over her ears AND let it set for 15 minutes before washing it off. All without her messing with it. This is when I learned she was so freaking tiny that I could plop her entire body into a Crown Royal bag, gently draw the string just over her shoulders, treat her ears, and keep her safe, snug, and still until it was time to wash off the goo and let her free. Five years, and a lot of love later, her fur grew back and she fluffed up, though she’s still rather diminutive for a full grown cat. Today, Not My Cat is now my beloved MoonShine.

Image credits: Marjorie McKinstry-Miller

#61 This Beautiful Girl Came With Our House. We Bought Our House Sight Unseen 2 Years Ago

We drove 2 days and when we got here we were exhausted. Brought in our mattresses and our animals. We left to get some food in us and when we came back we saw her just milling around. We live in a rural area so we thought she was some barn cat on the prowl. Couple days pass and we’ve all seen her here. I’ve set out food and water for the strays like I do at every home. Some lady pulls into the driveway and asked if we’ve seen a cat. We said yeah we have. She said it was hers but she didn’t want to move with her. Well my husband had fallen in love with her. I told the lady we’ll keep her cause she loves sitting outside with my husband. It took almost the 2 yrs but here she is in the house with minimal fighting with my inside only cats. Her name is Mac after Professor McGonagall. Hubby says she looks like the cat she changes into. So my house wasn’t my cat. She is now though.

Image credits: Sunshine Michener

#62 My House, My Husband, Not My Cat. She Used To Visit Our (Now Deceased) Kitty Vito. We Joked That She Was His Girlfriend, But Then They Started Fighting, So She Clearly Was His Wife. We Call Her Carmela. (Fans Of The Godfather Will Get This.) With Vito Gone, She Is Expanding Her Territory.

Image credits: Leslie Todd

#63 My Garage, Not My Cat…. Was Working In My Workshop Late Last Night, When I Opened The Door She Ran In. She’s A Random Neighborhood Cat And Will Usually Sleep In The Garage While I Work. I Always Have To Check “Her Pillow” Before I Leave And Lock Up For The Night.

Image credits: Maegan Toth

#64 Not My Cat But I Swear He Shows Up Just To Take Selfies.

Image credits: Chris Ferguson

#65 My House, My Nb, Not My Cat.. I Have Two Cats Who Exit And Enter Our House Through A Cat Flap With A Chip. The Cutie In The Pic Learned To Enter Our House By Pushing One Of My Cats Through The Cat Flap. I Just Love It

Image credits: shrat Yosef

#66 We Call Him Papa Kitty

He’s been fathering litters of feral cats in our community for years. And tonight I finally caught him. He’s staying in the garage for the night and then he’s off to the vet tomorrow for a little snip snip.

Image credits: Sunshine Zumwalt

#67 She Is Ours Now, But Originally She Wasn’t

She showed up at the neighbors, wouldn’t let anyone approach her and was in danger from their dogs. Neighbor asked if I could look and see if it was one we lost a few months back, not even close. She did however let me approach and let me pick her up, she hissed when anyone else came close. So I decided I’d take her home and would take her to see if she was chipped in the morning. My husband had requested loudly no new animals so I was going to have toleave her at the shelter. Next morning my mom called, a mass in her neck was possibly cancer, again. I called hubby who was at scout camp let him know what was going on and that I was out the door to drop off the cat who slept on me all night purring. He changed his mind and told me if no chip to bring her home, if my mom was sick, he felt I’d need this fur baby. At the shelter she hissed and yowled at everyone, until I held her again. No chip, two weeks later we got results mom was fine. But I got Berkeley. I needed her as much as she needed me. I had a stroke 4 months later and she has been a huge blessing.

Image credits: Elizabeth Roberts

#68 My House, Not My Cat(Yet)

She’s a semi feral I did TNR on about a month ago. She will come around for food and try to sneak inside the house on the occasion to play with my 2 cats, but she is still very fearful of my presence and doesn’t let anybody near her. I’ve been working with her for around 3 months and she has definitely improved in that time though so I’m hopeful! Someday we will be friends! I named her Margaret/Maggie and she knows her name lol so she’s basically mine right? Don’t mind the fact that I had to stand around the corner 20 feet away in order to get this photo without her running

Image credits: Frankie Lynn

#69 My House, My Dog, Not My Cat. My Neighbour’s Cat Has Been Visiting Us For 5 Years Now, And Has Whipped Two Dogs Into Shape.

My house, my dog, not my cat. My neighbour’s cat has been visiting us for 5 years now, and has whipped two dogs into shape.

Image credits: Kathleen Graville‎

#70 My Arm, My House, Not My Cat. We’ve Thrown Him Out About 40 Times Today. Turns Out He Just Wanted A Cuddle And A Sleep In My Arms.

Image credits: Nicola Banks

#71 My House, Not My Cat. Left The Back Door Open.

Image credits: Rosie Coyne

#72 Most People Have A Story About A “Not My Cat” Coming In And Stealing A Steak Or A Chicken. This “Not My Cat” Just Came In And Stole My….sweetcorn

Image credits: Sheree Bedford

#73 When You’ve Had The Doors Open Earlier In The Day To Air Out The House And Later Walk Past Your Sons Room To Find That You Now Have A Cat! My Sons Bed, Not My Cat!

Image credits: Em Kaboom

#74 My House, Not My Cat! This Boy Was At My Door Two Days Ago, He Has Made Himself Very Comfortable On My Daughters Bed!

Image credits: Kate Taylor

#75 My House, Not My Cat (Yet)

My fiance and I just moved into an apartment a few weeks ago and two days ago this guy came running up to us in the parking lot, meowing and ramming his head into us. He followed us inside and quickly made himself at home! He’s slept on my fiance’s feet both nights and is already using our other cat’s litter box (his is ordered and should be here today). Yesterday, he started scratching vigorously at my daughter’s bedroom door. We let him in her room and he went to a spot in the corner and kept sniffing around and crying. Then he napped on her bed for several hours. We believe he belonged to the previous tenants and was abandoned when they moved out. We took him to see if he’s chipped, which he’s not, and posted in a bunch of local Facebook groups. For now, he’s just kinda making himself at home. Hopefully he becomes our cat!

Image credits: Ean Hutchison

#76 My Yard, Not My Cat. We Must Pretend We Cannot See Her

Image credits: Emily Jo

#77 My Apartment, Not My Cat (At The Time!)

On April 20th I heard a meow outside my window, so I thought it might be a neighbors cat sitting on a windowsill. I started meowing back cause I’m a dork. Turns out it was a cat right outside our staircase! So I went outside to see and as soon as this little one saw me, she came right up to me. She was so affectionate from the beginning. My cat hated her so we had to keep them separate. We called in the police to make sure we found her home if she did have one. A couple days later we found out that no one came looking for her, so we took her! Meet MJ, the cat that absolutely chose us

Image credits: Abby May Rogish

#78 My Apartment, Not My Cat – Part 23: The Other Cat Again. What I Believe Is A Neighbour’s Cat Now Appears Daily, Has Claimed A Chair, Prefers When I Put The Television On For Her, Has Appeared On A Work Video Call, Wants To Play All The Time, And Beats Up The Feral Guy I’m Feeding (And Who Adores Her)

Image credits: Ivan Heneghan

#79 This Is Not My Cat. I Think I’ll Name Him Dwight?

Image credits: Morgan Wilson

#80 The Absolute Joy When A Very Nervous, Stray Outdoors #notmycat You’ve Been Feeding For 9 Months Suddenly And Unexpectedly Decides Trust You And Come Insid

Image credits: Sheree Bedford

#81 Um Ma’am??? This Is Not Your House?

My boyfriend and I are moving into our new house. We’ve been keeping the back door open to bring in furniture and in wanders this chönky görl like she owns the place. We bought the house new, so she couldn’t have been dumped. I asked the neighbors and no one has info. I immediately brought her to the vet to get up to date on shots and for a clean bill of health. We then hung out for the rest of the night and I got 0 unpacking done, much to the disapproval of my boyfriend. I’ve been calling her Pretty Kitty and she is now the Queen of my house. Did I just get adopted???

Image credits: Wynter Tremlett

#82 My Apartment, Not My Cat

My new blanket arrived. Large and fluffy and warm. Perfect for evenings under it, on my couch, watching movies. My neighbour’s cat came in. Saw the blanket. Ran for it. I tried to stop her. She threw herself into it, started making biscuits. She curled up and fell asleep, face buried in it. I don’t have a large, fluffy, warm blanket anymore. My neighbour’s cat does.

Image credits: Ivan Heneghan

#83 Dave Doesn’t Live Here. Dave Isn’t Our Cat. Dave Is Ginger And A Little Bit Fat. Dave Knows A Spicy Calzone Is Near. So Dave Attacks Food With No Fear

Image credits: Abi Broomfield

#84 I Have Named Him Sebastian

So we just moved into this house and we aren’t allowed pets so am missing my babies back at home sooooo much.. Boyfriend comes running upstairs like QUICK STACEY HURRY UP YOU NEED TO SEE THIS..

Image credits: Stacey Lawrence

#85 My Yard, Not My Cat

Image credits: Mary Anne Davies

#86 I Don’t Own A Cat

I do live on a ground floor flat. I did have my window wide open. I was eating soup. She did come in to investigate, and have a good old nosey around the place while making it very clear she had no interest in becoming my friend.

Image credits: Jeremy Bunnett

#87 My House, Not My Cat

I was recovering from major surgery about a year ago and couldn’t get out of bed without assistance. My home help nurse had gone to the chemist to get my scripts filled, and while she was gone I heard meowing INCESSANTLY from outside the front door. Had no idea whose cat or why, I figured it must be a siamese or other very vocal cat (I was wrong). Home help nurse came home and said btw I let your cat in, he was out the front. Ummmm, says I, we don’t have a cat!?!? He wandered in like he owned the place, and flopped down on the kitchen floor. Nurse helped me out of bed and I got this pic in case someone was looking for him, to post in local Facebook groups. What a beautiful ragdoll!

Image credits: Bec Asanroda

#88 My Garage, My Bug, Not My Cat

His name is Klaus. I have other names for him. He has a home. It’s about 20 feet away, on the other side of the fence. A couple of years ago he decided he wanted to be an outdoor cat. My husband would often be in the garage working on Stella (the Bug) and Klaus would come over to visit. We started calling him the Shop Cat. Then I fed him. You know how that goes. He doesn’t come in because my GSD views him as a food source. This morning I put out some recycling in the garage and opened the big garage door. 3 seconds later there was a meow on the other side of the door to the garage. Loud. And louder. And then banging on the door. I fed him and gave him fresh water. He brings me dead things. A lot. He loves me. He likes it when I pick him up and hold him straight on. He has no shame in his game. We refer to him as Notmycat. I have soooo many stories about him.

Image credits: Amy Thorpe Dahart

#89 My House, Not My Cat – We Sent A Note Home With This Friendly Kitty “Jeff” Who Always Hangs Out With Us. Also Her Name Is Not Jeff, It Is Shirley

My house, not my cat – We sent a note home with this friendly kitty “Jeff” who always hangs out with us. Also her name is not Jeff, it is Shirley

Image credits: Jade Dillon Bresler

#90 So 5 Years Ago ( July 7th) I Got A Text From My Husband Saying “No, Not Happening, Absolutely Not, Dont Even Think About It”

I was at work and very confused as he should have been halfway to work by that point. He was running late and as he opened the door to leave a kitten ran inside. I came home to our two adult male cats who brought a little kitten to me. I was shocked but instantly knew what my husband meant. He was not chipped, I posted him on all the sites and knocked on everydoor for 2 blocks each direction. Husband named him and refused to let him go to a rescue. My house, not my baby cat has yet to leave.

Image credits: Stephie Baugh

#91 My House, Didn’t Used To Be My Cat

My house, didn’t used to be my cat. This is Red. He wandered in to a motel room where we were staying while on a roadtrip. He got in the shower with my husband. We had no idea he was in the room until he was hanging next to the soap. I took cute photos (before smart phones so not sure where they are) and figured he would be on his way. I looked around outside for an owner. We were right next to the freeway so I was really concerned. I found his owner who couldn’t have cared less about him. She said if I thought he was so great I should just take him. He had a leash and was trained to pee at rest stops. He hopped in the car with us and happily rode for another 600 miles until we got home. He’s been my special guy for 15 years now

Image credits: Sarah Davis

#92 This Smart Boy Found Out That My Cat Comes Home Through The Window So I Guess He Gave It A Go Too

Image credits: Erica Scandella

#93 I Had Been Hearing Faint Meowing All Morning, But Figured It Was My Downstairs Neighbor’s Cat (I Live In An Upper Apartment)

Finally, I went to carry out the recyclables, and this orange boi tried to run INTO my apartment! I had to drop the bag of recyclables and catch him midway through my door. I deposited him on the sidewalk amid much protesting and he walked me to the recycling bins and back, and rolled over for some belly rubs. I saw his collar and decided to call his parent(s)— I’ve had a fur baby go missing before, so I just wanted to be sure he was supposed to be out. The man who answered the phone laughed when I said, “Hey, your cat just tried to get into my house, is he supposed to be out?” “Ah yeah that’s Tiger. He doesn’t have any sense of stranger danger. You can let him in if you want but he’ll probably try to sleep in your bed.” So Tiger and I hung out for a bit and then he went on his merry way. Always fun to meet new neighbors!!

Image credits: Ashley Mie

#94 My Fridge, Not My Cat

“Whats the butter in the fridge w ‘BROWN CAT on it?” That’s Brown Cats lick butter. “We’re gonna have to throw that away” No we’re not, let him live his life (I got your back Brown Cat)

Image credits: Morgan Sager

#95 My Front Door, Not My Cat

Luna realized a couple of years ago that I am a soft touch and wanders over for food when she’s in the mood. Until she got fixed a few weeks ago she was quite the party girl and I would have to feed her suitors too. They would hang back respectfully until she ate because Luna, though tiny, is also a thug.

Image credits: Lisa E. Moore

#96 Our Tent And Bed, Not Our Cats. I Woke Up With His Legs Under Me.

Image credits: Jaap Berens van der Steege

#97 My House,, Not My Cat. I Am So In Love With This Beauty. Mama Is The First “Community Cat” I Fed In My Neighborhood. It Has Been At Least A Year Now. She Comes To Visit Me For Treats And Scritches Every Day. Today She Let Me Pick Her Up For Kitty Snuggles. Today Is Good

Image credits: Paula Van Hise

#98 My House, Not My Cat (To The Right)

Elmer, our cat (to the left, the tabby) wanted to introduce his best friend. He brought him home begging us to let him in (although he has a house of his own). They have been best friends ever since. Last week, Elmer was hit by a car and did not make it… His best friend still comes around looking for him, devastated.

Image credits: Jenny Wärn

#99 My House, My Boyfriend, Not My Cat!

Rescued this cute pie 4 weeks ago. Found her bleeding in my doorstep… hip fracture, anemia and dehydration… probably hit by a car. Now, after intensive care and a couple of visits to the vet she is finally letting us pet her ♡ Hoping to find her a lovely family that will give her all the love she deserves! We call her Blue.

Image credits: Michelle Keller Kirschner

#100 My Garage Sale, Not My Cat…. Do I Just Put A Free Sticker On It?

Image credits: Kristan Anne

#101 This Is Not My Cat, Barney. I Should Like To Point Out, That Barney Has A Very Nice Mum, And A House With A Cat Flap, So There Is No Need For Him To Be Out In The Rain, But He Seems To Think A Soggy Coat And Big Eyes Combined With A Pitiful Meow, Might Get Him Extra Sympathy Points And Some Treats For His Already Chonky Belly

Image credits: Lindsay Cotterell

#102 Was Doing Laundry And Looked Up; Definitely Not My Cat

Image credits: Kia Rose

#103 My Camper, Not My Cat. We Were Having Breakfast At An Rv Park And We Were Surprised By A Furry Invader.

Image credits: Paula Sandusky-Wyatt

#104 Definitely My House….not My Cat But So Far You Couldn’t Tell Him That

Preface with we live on a 10 acre farm. Wife hears cries in the night at 11:30 last night. Commence late night search of property until this mewling rodent is located in a woodpile on the edge of the property (yes he’s that loud that we heard him from the other side of the property) Expected a feral nightmare…nope, totally chill snugglemonster. Last time a cat came into our lives this way my wife named him Nacho to remind me he’s Notcho cat (not your cat)…he was Nacho cat for 10 years. She named this one Freddie, I think her resolve is slipping although she still says he needs a different home

Image credits: Jim Thwaite

#105 Just Got Home From Work. That’s My Back Deck. Not My Kittens

Image credits: Anna Puckett

#106 Our Property. Definitely Not Our Bobcat

Image credits: Julia Oleinik

#107 Installed A Cat Door Recently Into Our New Home. Came In To This Confusing Scene. The Black Cat That Is Shamefully Running Off The Bed Is My Cat. However, The Cat Comfortably Lounged On The Bed Who Seems Undisturbed By My Entry Is Not My Cat

Image credits: Dana MacFarlane

#108 This Precious Baby Silver Torti Visits Us Every Morning. Her Name Tag Says Cali But We Renamed Her Baby Bok Choy. She Is Super Sweet And Wants To Rush The Door Every Time We Go Back Inside. Unfortunately We Can’t Since We Already Have Two Indoor Cats That Would Not Be Happy About It And That Minor Detail That She In Not Our Cat But We Do Cherish Our Time With Her When She Visits

Image credits: Kerry Cain

#109 My House Not My Cat! Who The Heck Is This?

Image credits: Aly Ramos

#110 My House, My Husband’s Chair, Not My Cat. He Lives A Few Houses Over And Chose Us As His Summer Holiday Resort… He Made Lockdown A Lot More Entertaining And Turned Two Hardcore Dog People Into Complete Cat Lovers!

Image credits: Giulia Moro

#111 My Cat Not My House!

Was coming home from work and saw this face in the window of one of my neighbors. That’s my cat living his best life in someone else’s home! They have a catdoor and we know he goes there during the day, they don’t mind him. And he comes back home every night.

Image credits: Janie Tellier

#112 My House, Not My Cat. He Comes To Visit To Share Scrambled Eggs With Me In The Mornings Now

Image credits: Ari Israel

#113 My House, Not My Kitty. I Came Home And My Kids Got A Kitten Apparently. My 3 Cats And Dog Aren’t Too Happy

Image credits: Lori Parker

#114 My Neighbours Cat Likes To Visit In The Evenings And Always Looks Very Annoyed That I Am Home

Image credits: Rhiannon Keef

#115 My House Not My Kittens

The stripey stray I’ve been feeding brought her kittens for shelter sometime idea how old they are just appeared overnight last night due to the terrible weather we had. ..tomo cats protection will be rang think she as 7 or 8 babies.

Image credits: Leah Marie Bonson

#116 My House….not My Cat. Town Crier Comes To My Window Every Morning Around 4 A.m. To Check In On Us

Image credits: Sonja Weet

#117 Meet Keeks

She hisses at small children, jumps in delivery drivers trucks and steals their Doritos, and chose to share my property with me. My house, not my cat.. my .. land mate? Other antics include: 1. Demanding nightly walks down the driveway or she’ll sit in my window and make the dogs bark. 2. Staring down woodchucks. 3. Hiding in flower beds and jumping out at me. 4. Diving and rolling in front of me while walking, then running away acting offended like I was going to touch her. 5. She comes when I call her. No pets yet. She’s smelled me several times, I’m not pushing or rushing her. But I have a feeling if I take a nap in my hammock I’ll wake up with a cat on me.

Image credits: Samantha Murphy‎

#118 My House, My Couch, Not My Sleeping Beauty. Looks Like My New Apartment Is A Kitty Hotspot Now And Honestly I’m Kind Of Loving It

Image credits: Anouk Boels

#119 My House Not My Cat. Since A Couple Months This Norwegian Forest Cat Decided We Are It’s Servants. The Cat Lives Somewhere In Our Street But Spent Most Of It’s Time With Us Now. And We Love It!

Image credits: Harold Lensen

#120 My Yard, Not My Cats. Don’t Know Where Momma Was This Time, But The Babies And Their Uncle Mister Whiskers Came To Tell Me That The Hamburgers I Fed Them This Morning Weren’t Good Enough, And They Are Hungry Again

Image credits: Emily Jo

#121 My House Not My Cat But I Think I’m Officially His Person. Waiting Patiently For Me To Let Him In, How Can I Say No?!

Image credits: Emily Daugherty

#122 My Cabin, Not My Cat…..not My Dog Either

We rented a cabin in Alaska for a month last summer. We were immediately visited by Olivia, the cat, and Maggie the dog. They made themselves at home so much that the owner gave me bags of their food, as they were with me more than her!! They were such sweethearts and made the stay even more enjoyable.

Image credits: Carol Coughlin

#123 Once Again, My House, My Husband, Not My Cat! Somehow I Think Percy Has Adopted Us! He Fell Off To Sleep That Way But He Did Go Home Before Midnight, Bless Him!!!

Image credits: Priscilla Rodrigues‎

#124 My House, My Chair, My Toy Gator….still Not My Cat

Image credits: Zarah Elizabeth Beishline

#125 Paddy, The Not My Cat Who Had Been Living In My Garden Since February

He spent 8 months running away from me but suddenly decided to come inside and he’s the loveliest soul. Well it’s been 4 weeks now and he was neutered and microchipped yesterday, so he’s now OFFICIALLY MY CAT and I couldn’t be happier.

Image credits: Sheree Bedford

#126 My Lap, My Front Porch, Not My Cat? This Little Guy Just Hobbled Up To Me On 3 Legs And Got In My Lap

Image credits: Michelle Wooton

#127 This Isn’t Even My Cat. It’s My Cats Friend “Brown Cat” Who Got In A Fight (I Think W A Dog)

He’s super old, super scraggly, but he’s friends w my cat so we got him hooked up at the vet and he’s in his little cone for 10 days. I GOT YOUR BACK BROWN CAT Only set me back a few hundred dollars

Image credits: Morgan Sager

#128 My Living Room, My Gray Cat, Not My Cat In The Box

Image credits: Christi Henson-Elliott

#129 My House, My Bed, Not My Cat

Walked into my room to find a cat that is not mine sleeping on my bed. She was polite enough to sleep on the blanket provided for my cat.

Image credits: Natalia McMillan

#130 My Deck,not My Cats. Mom Was Dropped And Had 7 Little Ones.

Image credits: Jennifer Scheller

#131 The Little Black Kitty Belongs – The Stern-Faced Cats To The Right Have Never Been Seen Before Or Since! Who Are You???

Image credits: Darlene Jensen

#132 This Cat Is Not My Cat. I Don’t Own A Cat

He/she appeared at the very beginning of lockdown and started lying in the garden with me every day. For 6 weeks it spent every night at my house, and was waiting at the door, meowing to be let in when I got home from work. I didn’t feed it at all. It slept on my pillow on my bed, and is the friendliest cat ever. To be let out to pee it pats my face with its paw to wake me up. It’s still here, but I now feed it. Its not a stray, but it won’t leave I think I’ve accidentally stolen someone’s cat, but I didn’t mean to. Sorry

Image credits: Heather Symons

#133 Laying On My Bed And Heard A Noise… Turned My Head And Saw This. I Don’t Own And Cat. And I Don’t Know How They Got In Or How Long They’ve Been There!

Image credits: Chantelle Wenham Spencer

#134 My House, Not My Cat In My Office Not Sure How She Got In But She Won’t Leave!

Image credits: Rebecca Rose Goss

#135 My House, Not My Cat

Just moved in to a student house a week ago and I’ve already become best friends with this wonderful one. Has a collar with a little bell on it and a tag that has a phone number and a message to not feed her. Haven’t fed her yet and she still comes by every night and has a lil snooze with me

Image credits: Sam Horsley

#136 That’s My Car…. But That Is Not My Cat

Well, I got off to a rough start this morning.. left my dome light on overnight, had to call roadside out to jump me. Went back in the house, leaving my car door ajar….came back out to meet the roadside tech, looked in the car and jumped out of my skin…. there was a critter in my car. It was this kitty, one of the local strays. So I grabbed a towel from the back, and thankfully she froze instead of fighting because I was able to get in the house with her and put her in a crate……

I guess shes my kitty now. Has her spay appt set up for Friday morning. I’ve named her Andromeda, “drama” for short. Making her the third I’ve personally adopted from my neighborhood and the fifth total I’ve found homes for.

Image credits: Blair Allison

#137 My House, Not My Cat

I live on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey. Turkey has an abundance of street cats and dogs. On the whole these animals are looked after well by the local authorities, restaurants and residents. Just over a year ago this calico cat started to appear on our terrace. She was timid and occasionally aggressive and I did not encourage her, as quite frankly, I’m not a cat person. We were also visited by a large male tabby that was always aggressive and we nicknamed him Terrorist Cat. After shooing him off the terrace on one occasion and returning inside the house, I looked to see he’d jumped on to the window ledge and was snarling at me through the window. When I banged on the glass to scare him away, he turned and pressed his butthole against the pane. Terrorist Cat terrorised the calico cat and she would run to our terrace to hide. She became a daily visitor but I was reluctant. Cat person I may not be, but seeing her pathetic face pressed up against the glass kitchen door, I put down water and scraps, which she devoured. This fast became a nightly ritual. At the end of February this year, we had to return to the UK for 3 weeks. During this time of course, Covid struck and we were forced to stay for 4 months before finally flying back to Turkey. We arrived at our house in the sticky heat of July at around 2am. The first thing to immediately greet us was the calico cat. Looking thinner and even more pathetic than usual, I had nothing to offer her but then found a forgotten tin of salmon in the back of the cupboard. Here we are 5 months later. She’s called Yama now (Turkish for ‘patch’ ). Has rather expensive cat food twice a day and makes herself completely at home. I dont allow her in the house (I’m not a cat person after all) but yesterday me and my husband were checking out warm cat houses so that she can be cosy during the winter. I AM NOT A CAT PERSON.OK.

Image credits: Aisha Ali

#138 My House, Not My Cat! He Enters The House By The Street, Climbing The Wall

Image credits: Elise Diana

#139 Does This Work In Reverse??? That’s My Cat, But That’s Not My House

Image credits: Andrea Lynne

#140 Just Wanted To Update Everyone On My “Not My Cat”. Cleo, Who Showed Up Outside Before Halloween Has Made Herself Right At Home And Is Now Officially My Cat, Well, My Daughter’s Cat

Image credits: Melissa Cook Doucette

#141 Omg This Is Ridiculous!

Just found neighbour’s cat (Toby) on my kitchen counter. He he’s the only one in the house that doesn’t obey to the one simple rule I’ve set: if your paws touch poop then you’re not allowed on the surfaces where I eat and cook Obviously I had to take this pic before trying to explain it to him Ouch… He’s sooo cute

Image credits: Erica Scandella

#142 My Apartment, Not My Cat

I live on the third floor of an apartment building and one of my roommates heard meowing at our back door and this sweetheart, Fern, bolted in. She was very sweet but was definitely worried. I am getting my own cat next week so we had everything to take care of her while she was visiting. Thankfully her “full” name was on her collar and we were able to match it to the last name of someone who lives in our building and return her to her rightful home. Our best guess is they left their backdoor open and she somehow wandered to ours. Fern is super sweet and I miss her already.

Image credits: Leah Kogan

#143 My Bed, Not My Cat. Sleeps On My Side Of The Bed, Licks Her Butt On My Husband’s Side

Image credits: Ling Ling Holm

#144 You Guys. I Just Got This Text About Brown Cat. Not Only Is He Doing An Actual Cuddle, But It’s With The Person That Tried To Throw Away His Butter

Image credits: Morgan Sager

#145 I Might Not Be Your Cat Now But I’m Working On It!

Image credits: Aileen Fornuto

#146 Excuse Me Sir But You’re Not My Cat And This Is Not Your House, It’s Mine

He’s baaaack. This is the second time he infiltrated my house this morning. The forth photo is me discovering him in my bedroom rolling around in a pile of my cats toys, he then tried to steal the valerian skunk toy.

Image credits: Becca Victoria

#147 Saw A Grey Cat Wander Into My Bedroom Out Of The Corner Of My Eye… I Don’t Own A Grey Cat

Image credits: Stacey Barton

#148 My Sofa, My House,not My Cat. My Daughters Have Named Him Bob And Comes To Visit Most Days

Image credits: Mandy May

#149 This Little Dude Showed Up To My House In April, Heard A Tiny Mew Under My BBQ Grill, He Was In Rough Shape. Now He’s My Little Disney Boy And A Great Big Brother To His Baby Cat October. This Is Rory

Image credits: Jesse M. Westerfield

#150 My Car…. Not My Cat

Image credits: Heather Ferguson

#151 My Kitchen, Not My Cat…… Well, The Little Black One Is. Little Freddie Flew In Between These Guys And Body Checked Them When She Saw They Were Coming In To Visit. P.s. No One Likes My Cornbread

Image credits: Kellie Swift

#152 When You Get The Treats Out For Your Three Cats And A Fourth Appears! My House, Guess Which Isn’t My Cat

Image credits: Sarah Gee-Gee Medic

#153 He Followed Me Inside When I Told Him It Was Dinner Time. I’m Shook. He Ate And Is Now Just Hanging Out. This Child Is Feral And Hates Humans. I Can’t Wrap My Mind Around It

Image credits: Mariah Shay

#154 This Is Orin Star Stealer – He’s Not My Cat, But I Might Be His Human

I live rurally and we have feral cats around. I TNR them and leave them alone. A while back a black one started showing up and basically moved onto the porch. I named him Salem Moonbeam. Salem was fierce about protecting his land and basically kept all other cats at bay. This dude started showing up occasionally at the very edge of the property and is/was very skittish. Salem suffered a toe pad injury that saw him kept in kitty jail for THREE months. (It kept reopening so he was put on lockdown for the duration of the healing.) and Orin started coming on the property more and more. One day we turned into the property and he was sleeping in driveway and my wife says, “I think that cat lives here.” I spent months trying to trap him to get him fixed (he was mostly invisible, but spraying everything.) finally I trapped him and got him fixed. He screamed like a wild thing and acted completely unhinged. I figured I’d never see him again. But apparently he and Salem had become friends because one afternoon when I held the door to allow Salem indoors for the evening Orin scuttled in behind him. Scared and hiding. I let him stay and once the house settled he crawled up on my lap and turned into a completely different cat! First thing in the morning he reverts to a wild thing and takes off as soon as the door opens. He makes his way all over our street and he won’t be pet outdoors. It’s as if he is reminding me that he is not my cat. However, when the evening starts to creep in he takes any opportunity to run through the door. It’s fine with me. He loves the fosters and gets along with everyone indoors so…

Image credits: Sonya Luckette

#155 My Villa, Not My Cat

A few years ago my family and I stayed in a beautiful villa in Tuscany. This little kitten followed us home from the village and just… never left

Image credits: Ruth Hannah

#156 My House Not My Cat In May … Now Not My House – His House In November

Image credits: Helen Wilson

#157 I Have A ‘My Cat, Not My House’ Situation

This is Oliver, most definitely my cat – this is Oliver visiting my neighbour, Laura’s house! I only discovered that he was visiting the neighbours and pretending he was a stray when I was in Paris and a local-to-me cat rescue called me to ask ‘is this your cat? He’s been doing this for months apparently, and Laura wanted to ensure he wasn’t a stray!! She now messages me with photos of his visits – and at least I know where he’s going!

Image credits: Carolanne Ellis Brewer

#158 My House, Not My Cat

Guess what GPS Bengal kitty ended up @ my house again? I’m super glad to be able to help him get back home! Which he is now, again. We’re thinking it’s a thing. I’m on his route. He’s gorgeous

Image credits: Peggy Mazo Bailey

#159 My Garage, Not My Cat…my House, Not My Cat…my House Again, Now My Cat

Momma (that’s what we’ve named her), is waiting to get into the vet. She’s got thumbs. Like multiple thumbs that she holds our hands with…Anyone know about this??!!

Image credits: Elizabeth Annie

#160 My Apartment, Not My Cat

My quotes on video calls with work this week: “Hey, yeah, sorry about the cats bum in the picture.” “Sorry, my camera stopped working, the cat pulled it out.” “Sorry for the crash, the cat fell off the shelf over my monitor.” “No, no. I don’t have a cat.” My actual view when I look up from my monitor now…

Image credits: Ivan Heneghan


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