People Are Posting Their Dogs’ Look-Alikes For An Online Challenge (92 Pics)

We spend so much time with our best four-legged friends that sometimes, we don’t really see the obvious. What if you have been bamboozled all this time, and this little doggo dog of yours is a spitting image of Freddie Mercury, or Baby Yoda, or the Grinch?

People on the popular Facebook group known as The Dogspotting Society are sharing pics of their bestest boys and girls for the new #LookAlikeChallenge. 4.4K people and counting have already joined the challenge and the results are totally hilarious. Who could have known that dogs are even capable of having so many faces?

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From resembling a whole different animal and looking like a cartoon character, to pulling the look of a Korean boy band and personifying a meme itself, these dogs are full-on doppelgangers of the dog world. So scroll down, upvote your faves, and don’t forget to check other wholesome Dogspotting challenges here (#SmilingDogChallenge), here (#GuiltyDogChallenge), and here (#‎DidntWantADogchallenge‬).

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#1 So Fluffy

Image credits: Heather Boyd

#2 Look Away

Image credits: Rachel Robinette

#3 Stevie Nyx Gives The Meanest Stink Eye Of All Time. For Lots Of Different Reasons. This Time She Was Tired Of Me Taking Pics. She Hates The Paparazzi

Image credits: Carissa Larkin

Bored Panda reached out to Forest Lehrman, the owner of Bowie, a 4-year-old Italian greyhound who is the look-alike of Sid. Forest’s post on #LookAlikeChallenge went viral, attracting 4.4k likes and expressions. “Bowie is the most ridiculous dog I have ever encountered and I’m a groomer of 2 decades so I meet a lot of dogs.”

In fact, “Bowie gets ‘Sid the sloth’ everywhere he goes and whenever I post pics on social media. It never fails with that big derpy nose, long neck, and crazy-looking teeth.” Forest also said that Bowie has infinite goofy expressions, smiles on command, and can jump unearthly high.

#4 Little Seal

Image credits: Judy Fletcher

#5 Sid

Image credits: Forest Lehrman

Forest said that only a few dogs indeed have many faces and characters. “I have one dog who would probably match up with Ben Stein because she always has the same mundane expression and exact same bark pitch.”

Meanwhile, with Bowie, it’s a whole different story. “Bowie, on the other hand, is like a human trapped in a dog suit. You know just what he’s thinking at any given moment simply by his expressions and they are guaranteed to make you spit out your coffee in laughter.”

#6 Krystoff Looks Like Richard Gere

Image credits: Kimberly Collopy

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#7 Toothless

Image credits: Sydnie Nichole Allen

#8 Dobby And Bella

Image credits: Autumn VerDuin

#9 Kuzco The Porg

Image credits: Nancy Northern

#10 He’s A Rescue And When We Had His Dna Done, Were Astounded He Wasn’t Part Pug Part Grinch

Image credits: Beth Bartlett

#11 Two Legged Maggie May

Image credits: Jaclyn Trinkl

#12 Got That Look

Image credits: Sianna Staggers

#13 Titan The Husky Shark

Image credits: Tayler Hill

#14 The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Image credits: Bryan Albright

#15 You All Said It Here First Hairrison Furd

Image credits: Erica Santos

#16 It’s The Expressions For Me

Image credits: Kate Shopper

#17 Porter Is Loving All The Attention! I Told Him He Was Gonna Have To Hire His Own Publicist

Image credits: Tessa Marie

#18 My Girl Has This One Down

Image credits: Martin Mortimer

#19 Brother From Another Mother

Image credits: Kelsey Prichard

#20 Basher Looks Like Snoop When He Wears His Hoodie

Image credits: Michelle Rigatoni

#21 I Am Told That Aadi Looks Like Scrat All The Time. If Anything, I Think Scrat Looks Like Aardi

Image credits: Corrine Approbato

#22 I Knew I’ve Seen This Before

Image credits: Jessica Bronson

#23 Puffy And Comfy

Image credits: Kelly McCaffrey

#24 I Am Convinced I Have A Meerkat Not A Dachshund

Image credits: Cami Stebane

#25 And Her Name Is Charlie!

Image credits: Keren Weinstock

#26 Do We Look Alike?

Image credits: Charice Fca Cha

#27 Change My Mind

Image credits: Hollister Cutshall

#28 Yipyip!!!

Image credits: Nica Mapeso

#29 Tiny Baby Hippo

Image credits: Kristen Horn

#30 This Is Herbie. I Can’t Decide Who He Looks Like More. Young Freddie Mercury Or Rick James

Image credits: Caroline Pin Pushion Cook

#31 Anita Foxy Loxy!

Here is Anita Foxy Loxy. She is a mix of German Shephard and ??? I was hoping fox, but found out they can’t mate with dogs like coyotes and wolves can. She was a senior dog when we adopted her at 8 – 10 years old, 2 years ago, so now approximately 11

Image credits: Jen Kaufman

#32 Strike A Pose

Image credits: Jen Gibson

#33 Creepy Really…. She’s Only 13 Pounds

Image credits: Leslie Danger

#34 Oh, Bother!

Image credits: Monica Magoon

#35 Baby Seal

Image credits: Jodie Forrest

#36 Ever Since My Dog Was A Puppy, My Oldest Sister Always Says That He Looks Like John Travolta

Image credits: Jacky Alejandra

#37 Hope U Enjoy Fig’s Take

Image credits: Karlie Rader

#38 He Doesn’t Always Look Like Pennywise But Still Always Looks Goofy

Image credits: Emily Muckey

#39 Just Needs Some Mayo On The Hair

Image credits: Edd Watkinson

#40 Baby Yoda

Image credits: Kelsey Marie

#41 Falkor

Image credits: Brittney Schroder

#42 Darwin & Mini Moo

Image credits: Alejandro Flores

#43 What?

Image credits: Ally Small

#44 I No Longer Have This Dog In My Possession, But My Mom Does

He was born deaf with blue eyes, broken pupils, and the most neurotic personality I have ever seen in a dog. He is the definition of a hot mess. Everyone meet Chaos
Honorary mention: people always say he looks like a baby pig too.

Image credits: Christopher James

#45 He’s Got Something Planned

Image credits: Sophia Lynch

#46 Shameless

Image credits: Hannah Slocum

#47 Comb Over

Image credits: Cara Cavenaugh Woodard

#48 Nailed It

Image credits: Alexandra Zapata-Castellon

#49 9.9 Out Of 10. Her Form Needs Some Work

Image credits: Jessie McElmeel

#50 Dumbo Boy

Image credits: Mattia Amoruso

#51 Brutus Is Slowly Looking More Like Clint Eastwood In His Old Age

Image credits: Anjacember Rowe

#52 This Was My Pretty Leila, She Was The Daughter Of Rod Stewart. She Passed Away On 2017

Image credits: Jesús Muñiz

#53 It’s Uncanny!

Image credits: Grace Katherine

#54 Maggie Was Made For This

Image credits: Kim Massey Williams

#55 An Oldie But A Goodie. Rudy Resembles Walter When You Don’t Throw His Toy Fast Enough

Image credits: Dana Carlson

#56 Solid Grumpy Face

Image credits: Brittany Nicole Richards

#57 E.T.

Image credits: Ashley Spaulding

#58 Can’t Even Tell Them Apart

Image credits: Erin Hoffman Leidlein

#59 My Kanga-Ruby

Image credits: Kathryn Wright

#60 Dog Or Chewbacca?

Image credits: Kelsey Sigler

#61 Luckily, Mr. Jones Grew Into Those Eyes

Image credits: Mary Martinez

#62 Anubis, Egyptian Jackal God Of Death & Juni. That’s Settling

Image credits: Meaghan Ferneau

#63 His Name Is Vinnie He Is 5months Old. He Is A Cross Between A Minature English Bull Terrier And A French Bulldog

Image credits: Sara Kate

#64 Spittin’ Image

Image credits: Meghan Baroody

#65 Niko & Bolt

Image credits: Stephanie Ricciardulli

#66 I Can’t Stop Laughing At This

Image credits: Julie Lanagan

#67 Layla Wanted To Give The Look Alike

Image credits: Kimberly Ann

#68 Wow Orc vs. Hydrangea The English Bulldog… Can You Tell Which Is Which???

Image credits: Mandi Bonney

#69 I Have The Off Brand Homeward Bound Crew

Image credits: Madelynn Pultz

#70 Argus Can’t Bend His Rear Right Leg Due To An Old Pre-Rescue Break As A Stray, So His Sits Always Have A Sexy Angelina Jolie Vibe

Image credits: Deana Barger

#71 Sweet Baby

Image credits: Izzy Torres

#72 The Real Life Dug Of Disney’s Up

Image credits: Katrina Salvador-De Giorgi

#73 Just Two Cinnamon Rolls Chilling On The Couch

Image credits: Jayden Amelia Pájaro

#74 That One Time My Dog Saw A Fly And He Turned Into Crazy Eyes

Image credits: Nicki Hoey

#75 Phil

Image credits: Kelsey Prichard

#76 When Your Sister Is Getting In Trouble For The Mess You Made

Image credits: Ellisa Thompson

#77 I Mean, Frank Rocks It Better, But Can’t Deny The Resemblance

Image credits: Cheryl De Ree

#78 My Late Mayer Bee Was Meme Girl Twin

Image credits: Cherie Holcombe Windham

#79 I Pity The Fool

Image credits: Bianca Escamilla

#80 Neuman As Sam Elliott

Image credits: Clint Popp

#81 Stella Blue Is 100% Cow. Fat And Sassy And Always Grazing. She Even Dressed As One For Halloween

Image credits: Kelli Konczak

#82 Snuffleupagus And My Boy, Moose

Image credits: Deb Shestko Powers

#83 That Look

Image credits: Amanda Marie Culler

#84 This House Is A Friggin Prison!

Image credits: Shannon Mundy

#85 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Image credits: Chelsea Kalasinsky

#86 I See No Difference

Image credits: Leah Powell

#87 This Is My Chihuahua Lucky!

Image credits: Savannah Lynn Preston

#88 Butters vs. Stanley

Image credits: Kassy D Devine

#89 Is Henry More Scooby Or Scrappy?

Image credits: Megan Rae Wenk

#90 Molly Was Not A Fan Of This Haircut

Image credits: Lindsey Schreimann

#91 Archo’s Lookalike, Duke, From The Secret Life Of Pets

Image credits: Alana Rodriguez


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