People Are Sharing Photos Of Magical Nature Cabins That Are Perfect For Escaping The City (117 Pics)

No internet. No neighbors. Just miles and miles of trees, hills, and lakes. Sounds so relaxing, doesn’t it? We all sometimes need to unwind, and nature can provide the perfect environment for it. Peaceful yet engaging. All you need is a place to sleep. Sure, a tent might do but if you own a patch of land, why not put a cabin on it?

If you’re up for the challenge or simply want to drool at gorgeous places from around the world, then the subreddit Cabin Erotica (I’m paraphrasing the name a bit) is what you need. Created in 2012, this online community unites 321k people, and has plenty of dreamy woodsy abodes for every taste; big or small, luxurious or simple, it’s there.

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Here are some of the all-time most-upvoted ones.

#1 Scandinavian Cabin

Image credits: Succttucc

#2 A Witchy Treehouse In Pacific Northwest

Image credits: karmagheden

#3 Cabin Located On A Beach In Northern Norway

Image credits: jackwilson787

#4 Great Cabin In Iceland

Image credits: -sUBzERoo-

#5 This Cabin In Washington State

Image credits: mtlgrems

#6 I Love The Aesthetic Lines From Cabin To Deck

Image credits: Chickenfeet2000

#7 In The Woods

Image credits: liongene

#8 “The A Frame” Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

Image credits: grantmacd18

#9 Winter Tree Cabin

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Succttucc

#10 The Netherlands Always Amaze Me!

Image credits: nico_shoot

#11 Comfy

Image credits: xenopsyllaCheopis

#12 This Cabin In The Faroe Islands

Image credits: mtlgrems

#13 My Little Cabin In Alaska. It’s 2 Days Old. Using It For Nightly Rentals (I’m Living In A Dry Cabin) And Hope One Day I’ll Be Able To Call This Home

Image credits: matty_c

#14 Cabin, Lake And The Best Friend

Image credits: Perk8one

#15 It Might Be Small, But It’s All Mine And I Built It

Image credits: designgoddess

#16 Beautiful Cabin In Franklin Falls Trail In Washington State

Image credits: Bingbong2187

#17 I’ve Wanted To Build A Cottage In The Woods For Years, And Today My Dream Was Finally Met

Image credits: AwkwardMethod

#18 Have Been Spending All Quarantine Getting This Beauty Back In Shape. Finally Ready For Our First Bonfire And Overnight In Wilmington, Vt

Image credits: Brewtopian

#19 This Cozy Winter Cabin In Finland

Image credits: karmagheden

#20 Diamond Cabin In A Pacific Northwest Rainforest – Design By Jacob Witzling And Sara Underwood

Image credits: StenPU

#21 This Cabin In Belgium

Image credits: mtlgrems

#22 Fire Watch Cabin

Image credits: classic729

#23 This Cabin In Inverness, California

Image credits: mtlgrems

#24 The Airbnb My Wife And I Are Spending The Weekend At, Victoria Australia. It’s So Cute!

Image credits: psirhcillius

#25 Perfect For Self Isolation

Image credits: DoctorSchulz

#26 A Truely Photogenic Cabin In Washington

Image credits: -sUBzERoo-

#27 Black A Frame Cabin

Image credits: Wmasch

#28 Iceland

Image credits: MariaP9

#29 Restored Stone Cottage From Around 1800, Norway

Image credits: hbbot

#30 I Finally Got My Cottage Built. It’s Small At 220’ With A Bathroom On The Back And Will Comfortably Sleep 6 (Including A Round Bed In Rapunzels Tower)

Image credits: AwkwardMethod

#31 Elevated A Frame

Image credits: Succttucc

#32 Modern Treehouse Cabin In Hangzhou, China

Image credits: DanielInternets

#33 Some Cruck Frame Awesomeness For You

Image credits: HiFiSi

#34 Reclaimed Cabin

Image credits:

#35 The Perfect Place To Enjoy The Autumn Colours

Image credits: dannygreen_90

#36 This Cabin In Lake Tahoe, California

Image credits: mtlgrems

#37 Alaskan Cabin On A Clear Night

Image credits: ConHolz

#38 This Cabin In Finland

Image credits:

#39 A Crazy Modern A-Frame Cabin. That’s One Place To Park A Car!

Image credits: JerseyGuyonReddit

#40 Small Cabin In The Forest, Somewhere In Canada

Image credits: dodov21

#41 This Floating Cabin In Sweden

Image credits: mtlgrems

#42 Hatchers Pass, Alaska Rental Cabin

Image credits: LANCEINAK

#43 Log Cabin With Stone Chimney

Image credits: CountryAndTrucks

#44 This Cabin In Asheville, North Carolina

Image credits: mtlgrems

#45 Our Little Blue Triangle In The Trees – Alpine A-Frame Wilmington Vt

Image credits: Brewtopian

#46 A Fall Cabin On Mirror Lake In Alaska

Image credits: viewswithellen

#47 The Highlight Of My And My Husband’s Honeymoon – Maine, October 2019

Image credits: mistymountainhopsss

#48 This Is My Take On An Elvish Cottage. Cozy And Quiet And Named Elvyn After My Oldest Son

Image credits: AwkwardMethod

#49 Little Witch Cabin In Enchanted Forest

Image credits: Buzzkill_13

#50 Quirky But Cosy. Isle Of Mull, Scotland

Image credits: allthebigmountains

#51 Cozy Cabin Interior

Image credits: forestpunk

#52 Cozy Little Cabin

Image credits: karmagheden

#53 Valley Cabin

Image credits: Succttucc

#54 Cozy Cabin Located In Cazadero, California

Image credits: commonvanilla

#55 Not Quite Sure If This Rises To The Level Of This Subreddit, But I Have Spent Two Years Working On It And An Damn Proud Of The Outcome

Image credits: HeadyTeddy

#56 Cozy A-Frame Right In The Middle Of Mt. Rainier National Park

Image credits: Topo_Chica

#57 The View Out My Window At 6 Am This Morning In My Cabin Built In 1922. Life Is Good

Image credits: fleurdi

#58 Fairy Tale Cabin

Image credits: chefranden

#59 This Is My Home In Sweden

Image credits: FlorrePK

#60 Best Place To Be In Germany

Image credits: nico_shoot

#61 Just Got The Keys To Our Cabin (Wa State) After 2yr Construction!

Image credits: ski-dad

#62 This Log Cabin In Scotland

Image credits: mtlgrems

#63 Inside Out

Image credits: ET_zero

#64 A Coffee On That Deck Would Be Most Welcome

Image credits: HiFiSi

#65 A Nice Little Room In Essex

Image credits: BasedOnAir

#66 Finally All Moved In And Settled In Our 100 Year Old Cabin On Top Of A Mountain In Tennessee

Image credits: GrayBuffalo

#67 Such A Cute Little A-Frame Cabin In The Woods! Located In Switzerland

Image credits: JerseyGuyonReddit

#68 Just Outside Zenica, Bosnia

Image credits: Tassiloruns

#69 My New Cabin In Tn

Image credits: clearedspace

#70 Any Info On This Cabin?

Image credits: BloodSoakedDoilies

#71 Trehyttene, Norway

Image credits: erdeebee

#72 Deep In The Woods

Image credits: erdeebee

#73 Floating In Ontario

Image credits: erdeebee

#74 I Never Would Have Guessed That This Is In China! Stunning Layout

Image credits: JerseyGuyonReddit

#75 A Snowy A-Frame In Alaska

Image credits: viewswithellen

#76 My Cozy Cabin In The Snow, Gulf Islands, British Columbia

Image credits: istiophorus88

#77 Stone Cabin

Image credits:

#78 This Is A Prime Location In Washington State. Gotta Love Rainy Days!

Image credits: JerseyGuyonReddit

#79 This Cabin In South Carolina

Image credits: mtlgrems

#80 Cabin In Vermont

Image credits: erdeebee

#81 Nothing Cozier

Image credits: codedinblood

#82 Our Tiny Cabin In North Georgia

Image credits: teamwaffle

#83 My Cozy Colorado Cabin Just Before Sunrise

Image credits: BeaverMoonHollow

#84 Cabin Hideaway At Lake George, NY

Image credits: karmagheden

#85 First Vt Autumn In Our Little A-Frame

Image credits: Brewtopian

#86 My Finished Cabin In Mongolia

Image credits: ichzarealhitler

#87 The Front Porch Is Looking Pretty Sweet This Year

Image credits: Compressorman

#88 First Snow Of The Season In Western Montana

Image credits: Salvethymus

#89 Tiny A-Frame Cabin Built For $700 (Missoula, Montana)

Image credits: rsdirtsquatch

#90 New Deck Is Looking Awesome! Alberta, Canada

Image credits: DrMarkGrant

#91 My Parents North Carolina Cabin. It Looks Simultaneously Spooky And Cozy In The Fog

Image credits: MoneyShreddersGoRrrb

#92 This Cabin In The Adirondack Mountains

Image credits: mtlgrems

#93 Modern Cabin

Image credits: psycot

#94 Can’t Beat The Views From Our Cabin In The San Juan Islands

Image credits: Wrenagade-tomato

#95 Gorgeous A-Frame Cabin In The Catskills!

Image credits: JerseyGuyonReddit

#96 This Treehouse Cabin In Georgia

Image credits: mtlgrems

#97 A Deck With A View To Die For

Image credits: Nicolebirdybearr

#98 My Little Log Cabin In The Appalachians

Image credits: Jimbohlia

#99 Beside The Lake

Image credits: dannygreen_90

#100 Forest Cabin

Image credits: mynulhassan78

#101 A-Frame I Designed

Image credits: aviel08

#102 An Awesome Cabin In The Catskills, NY

Image credits: GhengisKale

#103 Some Back Water Awesomeness

Image credits: HiFiSi

#104 View From Our Lofted Bedroom. Our Fixer Upper Log Cabin

Image credits: heidifasting

#105 Lovely Fall Colours And My Tiny Cabin. Cerkno, Slovenia

Image credits: Hyp3ri0n3

#106 A Gorgeous Prefab Cabin That Opens Up From The Middle

Image credits: perfect_wonders

#107 Sparked Up An Interior Photo For Y’all This Time. Jamaica Vermont – Oc

Image credits: Vermont_Chalet

#108 This Cabin In North Carolina

Image credits: mtlgrems

#109 My Family’s Little Cabin With About 11 Acres Of Land

Image credits: Nuttcrackerr_

#110 My Little Slice Of Heaven To Get Away From The City With My Dog, In North Ga

Image credits: jurek911

#111 My Secret Hideout Back In Canada, Miss It A Lot Since Moving To Germany

Image credits: Boerboelwrangler

#112 Our Living Room

Image credits: BobBelcherSaysIdiot

#113 Was Told To Post Here. This Is An Elevated Cabin/Cottage Near Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Image credits: COOKIEDD

#114 This Tiny Cabin At Lake Nojiri, Shinano, Japan

Image credits: karmagheden

#115 The Inside Of Our Cozy A-Frame Cabin

Image credits:

#116 High In The Sky

Image credits: -sUBzERoo-

#117 A 7 Year Labor Of Love, This Wall Of My Small Cabin In The Ohio River Valley Is Complete

Image credits: PlaneMeasurement


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