People Are Sharing Pics Of ‘Liminal Spaces’ That Are Slightly Unsettling But Familiar (56 Pics)

If you ever find yourself in a space that brings up a feeling of ‘not knowing what’s up but something’s definitely up’ you may have encountered a liminal space. Obsessed over by fans who chase the unsettling feel, liminal spaces have become somewhat of a mysterious phenomenon surfing around the internet.

According to Imgur user RobJustice, “The liminal space is the ‘crossing over’ space, a space where you have left something behind, yet you are not yet fully in something else. It’s a transition space.”

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And thanks to the r/LiminalSpace subreddit with 237k members, we now have some of the most captivating examples to rest (or stress) our eyes on. From bowling alleys and abandoned buildings to almost surreal window views and places that feel strangely familiar although you have never been there, it’s hard not to stare for more.

And let us know how you feel about these liminal spaces in the comments below!

#1 A Phone Box In Snow

Image credits: DirectorAgentCoulson

#2 Uniformed Forest

Image credits: Noob66662

#3 Picture I Took A Few Years Ago In Poland

Image credits: mike_buurmeijer

#4 Well, That’s Not A Good Sign…

Image credits: Alaeriia

#5 Google Maps Said This Is Where I Can Find Taco Bell, And I Just Realized That The Last Car I Saw Was An Hour Ago…

Image credits: itsMoSmith

#6 This Memory Belongs To Everybody And Nobody

Image credits: Zayyded

#7 It’s Christmas Eve And You’re All Alone

Image credits: Ricecakes4

#8 Stay On The Light. They Won’t Be Able To Get You If You’re On The Light

Image credits: SpaceLiminalBot

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#9 Pool Tunnels

Image credits: pepc360

#10 Lemme Get Some Uhhhhhhh

Image credits: Zenci3169

#11 2020

Image credits: lxidbixl

#12 No No No. Not Good

Image credits: hhaydxn

#13 The Entrance To The Infinity Pool. Once You Enter, There Is No Going Back

Image credits: Javik2188

#14 View From The Laundry Room Looks Fake

Image credits: platypuskid2

#15 The Oval Office Between Us Presidents

Image credits: bianca_B17

#16 The Liquid Void

Image credits: angrybirds65

#17 Blue Aesthetic

#18 Aesthetic Liminality

Image credits: Yorke_Mercury

#19 My Grandmother’s Basement

Image credits: KingOfLeBrocean

#20 Don’t Turn The Corner

Image credits: MadDogHarris

#21 Empty Aquarium Restaurant, Made Me Feel Sad And Empty For Some Reason

Image credits: macthecat22

#22 Sandy Desert

#23 It’s Not Safe To Go Outside But Inside Feels Haunted

Image credits: ccurtiswriting

#24 Feels Like I Shouldn’t Turn Around. Just Keep Walking

Image credits: ProgrammerOld4219

#25 The Lower I Go, The Higher The Water Gets

Image credits: ChillaxinEskimo

#26 An Old Pic I Forgot I Had On My Phone

Image credits: RobinTheWizard

#27 Only A Faint Hum And My Footsteps Can Be Heard.

Image credits: Mr_PoodlePants

#28 No No No No No No No

Image credits: SpaceLiminalBot

#29 Bliss

Image credits: Primitive_Object

#30 The Exam Will Take Place Down The Hall And To The Left, Good Luck

Image credits: amerett0

#31 Found An Artist Doing Some Pure Liminal

Image credits: Euqiom

#32 Driving To The Airport

Image credits: PeteDelkus

#33 A Nice Place To Make A Best Friend That You’ll Never See Again

Image credits: Letseatsomeants

#34 Railway

#35 Hello? I’m Here For The Conference

Image credits: Clueless0404

#36 8821

Image credits: manofroseorchuck

#37 Empty Poolroom

Image credits: zweg_g0d_supreme

#38 Waiting The Turn

Image credits: krugerlive

#39 The International Space Station At Night

Image credits: Vmoney1337

#40 Elevator

#41 My Friend Was Tested For Covid, This Is The Room He Waited In

Image credits:

#42 Liminal Space

Image credits: SpaceLiminalBot

#43 Dust And Laundry

Image credits: Saul_Soto

#44 Around The Corner

Image credits: nicolastkyo

#45 Oz

Image credits: Benedict_the_egg

#46 Nightclub

Image credits: SpaceLiminalBot

#47 Those Stairs Could Lead Anywhere Or Nowhere At All.

Image credits: fmara

#48 Soil

Image credits: SpaceLiminalBot

#49 The Infinity Room In The House On The Rock, Located Between The Cities Dodgeville And Spring Green, Wisconsin. The Room Is 218 Feet Long

Image credits: liminalsource

#50 Marte Marte Architects Presents Dramatic Exhibition Hall In Red And Black

Image credits: Faruk Pinjo

#51 A Hallway

Image credits: [deleted]

#52 Pov: You Lost Your Mom On The Aquarium

Image credits: SpaceLiminalBot

#53 Tunnel

#54 Empty Labs

Image credits: slatsandflaps

#55 My Swimsuit’s Still Dripping Water!

Image credits:

#56 Anchorage Grand Hotel

Image credits: jixie007


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